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USO's and The Government USO's and The Government
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Aliens and UFOlogy They came from outer space... Abductions, flying saucers and little green men.

Tags: ufo sightings, ufos, usos


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Default USO's and The Government
Now, I know most of you folks out there have heard about USO's (Unidentified Submerged Objects), so I wanted to start up a thread about it. Feel free to discuss em here. These things have been sighted almost as much as UFO's and here lately these events have increased. With eyewitnesses from the L.A coastline seeing multiple ships emerging from the ocean, to the Navy's Operation Mainstay during WWII, these events are too numerous to be overlooked. With the Navy's Operation during WWII, several hundered sailors witness what appeared to be UFO's rising from the Pacific and apparantly observing these military manuvers. One retired sailor commented that they were attracted to the new USS Roosevelt, due to the fact that it was nuclear powered. Post your comments and findings here for this highly interesting topic.

"Knowing is half the battle..The other half is knowing that you might be wrong."

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Default Re: USO's and The Government
This is a great subject; something I haven't seen covered that much. If you think about it, under water would be the smartest place for a UFO/USO to hide because of how big an area they have at their disposal... They could sit miles and miles down and never be found.

I found an interesting video that was on the History Channel a while back about the subject:
THE HISTORY CHANNEL UFO Files: Deep Sea UFOs - Google Video
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Default Re: USO's and The Government
Underwater would likewise be the most likely place to find some unknown form of intelligent life to develop. The oceans of earth present a much larger habitat than the landmasses with more available resources and arguably less relative competion. We can take that a step further in looking at how the neuron functions.

The electrical communication of neurons is achieved through the unequal distribution of electrolytes on either side of the cell membrane, refered to as the mebrane potential. Outside of the membrane, the primary cation capacitating this action is Na+, the related anion being Cl-. Add those two together in water (NaCl + H20) in the proper concentration and you have the ocean. We land animals were forced to evolve a sort of internal ocean in order to function up here, a process that could potentially be argued to have put us behind in the evolutionary race. If we humans had a counterpart in the deep sea, it is likely that they would be quite a ways ahead of us in terms of advancement.

In fact, a deep sea intelligence would require little more than a brain, a simple digestive system, a couple of sensory organs and some means of propulsion. Take the squid, for instance, and you can see what I'm getting at. If we go by the old model of brain to body mass ratio as an indicator of intelligence, known squids are relatively close to that of humans and dolphins. Of course, you have to take into account that the large majority of a squid's brain is devoted to photoreceptors, but imagine that brain being structured in a manner more closely resembling our own.

If you ask me, the UFOs seen flying above the earth are more likely to have originated far beneath the ocean than to have come from Mars or some distant star. It makes sense, then, that they would occasionally be seen taking off. Ia Cthulhu ftagn, I say.
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Default Re: USO's and The Government
Makes me wonder why we haven't found any underwater UFO shipwrecks...
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Default Re: USO's and The Government
Maybe that always going underwater exempt them in a certain point of view, from having "ground landing sites", and by the way "ground shipwrecks". I mean, if it's the case, they only need to plunge underwater, there are no theoretical risk of shipwreck, until they approach too much from the coast, or decide to visit a landmass. I must admit ... eventually, they could have problems when plunging, and break their ship...that would be a wreck....

By the way, we would be suposed to find some underwater shipwreck. But there's not a lot of people looking underwater. It would be easier for the army, gouv. etc, to keep it secret, right ?

This was not a theory, it was thought

On some web sites, they talk about the ships passing directly through thick ice caps. Just like if they had an ability to melt ice almost instantly, and pass through it.

Maybe the UFO crashes we actually know, are in a certain way, ...USO

Interesting subject... "Captain Nemo"
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