Paranormalis ends in a year?

alpha centauri

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I was in conversation with @Mayhem, when I told him I have a number of notes. Some of those notes contain details of future events. On one of those notes is a scribble saying that paranormalis ceases within this year.

First as I've already stated it wasn't a prediction and anyway I believe it is so. I have additional information but I do not wish to share, to save @Num7 any possible alarm.

I am also interested. Does somebody know to much about time-travel?

Can you post your notes, so we can see all of your predictions? In this way, we will see in the future, whether you told the truth or not.


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Can I reiterate that's as far as I know it's not a prediction, it was scribbled on top of my field notes with a date November 29th, @Num7 name, explosive diarrhoea, forum cessation and a question mark.


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Beans and diarrohea ( latin : diarrea ) , I cannot think of a more explosive combination