Paranormalis: Time Travelers that post here!

Nov 12, 2017
I've found lots of evidence in movies, literature, and have experienced an obvious timeline change, but the world isn't interested. My research is ignored by the masses, except maybe by one person who actually believes me. I believe that "evidence of time travel" is more significant than someone CLAIMING to be a time traveler. I believe the time travelers are hidden but their work is hidden in plain sight. It's out there, but people like me are called "crazy" for believing it.

There is one anonymous person who is angry with me because my logic and intellect tell me that most people who claim to be time travelers are not, yet when I present him with REAL WORLD EVIDENCE, he ignores me completely.
A great post indeed Prof. It's nice to know that this forum has real time travelers posting here. I invite any of those to contact me either in private or through the chat room to talk. As of today, I will be present in the chat room for one hour per day to talk to not only these elusive members..but also to chat with any member who is up for conversation. See ya there!
Great video :) maybe they do come to the forums but maybe they don’t want too much attention. There is a guy on YouTube who claims to be a time traveler . At first i didn’t pay attention to him at all since it is a time traveling video , that at first I I though he was joking or something . So of course out of curiosity I asked him questions of course . He does reply though but don’t want to give out too much . But lately because of something he said got my attention.
Can you tell us what it was that caught your attention please? :)..
It would also be useful if you could give us the name of the time travelling video clip which you discovered (y)
Hi I did post a threat about it today :) because I’m trying to get more info as well .