Part # 2 - mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Febuary 02 to 10, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John T


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[01:00] (cerial): nature running its course !

[01:00] (AlexanderTT): good night Cyberbomb`sleep

[01:00] (AlexanderTT): yes verial

[01:00] (AlexanderTT): cerial

[01:00] (A51_Crash): I thought they delayed the Twin Towers by 2 years?

[01:00] (cerial):

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[01:00] (cerial): alex .. is there anything u want to tell us that hasn't been asked ?

[01:01] (AlexanderTT): you may be able to delay the war A51_Crash, but it will only make it worse when it comes

[01:01] (AlexanderTT): yes cerial, I have a lot to tell that hasnt been asked

[01:01] (A51_Crash): what type?

[01:01] (SnowFireWatches): is my last wustion one you cannot answer?

[01:01] (AlexanderTT): this is why I hope you will ask the right questions

[01:01] (A51_Crash): Of questions

[01:01] (A51_Crash): or carnt you say?

[01:02] (Lynne_Sny): I am wondering if hindsight played any part in our having been honored by John and Alex's visit?

[01:02] (SnowFireWatches): <SnowFireWatches> prior to pres-2008's takeover, there is civil war going on - how much of the US military is devoted to that earlier part of the war?

[01:02] (BizzoPlz): The third antichrist is said to be living in the U.S right now, know anything about that?

[01:02] (A51_Crash): btw just call me Ben or Benji

[01:03] (cerial): are these questions related to the worlds/US affairs ?

[01:03] (A51_Crash): They are many Anti-Christs

[01:03] (BizzoPlz): of Hitler proportion?

[01:03] (A51_Crash): depends

[01:03] (A51_Crash): how u see it

[01:03] (cerial): or more to do with the issue of TT ?

[01:03] (SnowFireWatches): cerial - do I need education? please pm me

[01:03] (A51_Crash): u do an Action and it causes an effect

[01:03] (BizzoPlz): this was according to nostradamus

[01:04] (A51_Crash): if they link together

[01:04] (cerial): no snow .. u are ok in my books !

[01:04] (A51_Crash): education?

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[01:04] (josephc): alex: Can you reveal any more on information on the farmer-General?

[01:05] (A51_Crash): farmer general?

[01:05] (cerial): alex .. have u noticed many differences between ur recorded history and the acual world u see ?

[01:05] (AlexanderTT): these are still , non-benefitial questions

[01:05] (AlexanderTT): no cerial, I have seen no difference

[01:05] (A51_Crash): How does the war end?

[01:05] (Lynne_Sny): What avenue would you like to explore?

[01:05] (Phoenix): What groups in our present day would best help our cause in the Constitutional War?

[01:06] (A51_Crash): and are new tech brought into help it

[01:06] (DeadMercenary): off the top of my head first question that comes to mind with a war is equipment

[01:06] (DeadMercenary): how are the 2 sides equiped

[01:07] (BizzoPlz): I don't understand the need for these games. Why must we ask questions in order for you to reveal information?

[01:07] (DeadMercenary): and will that change at all

[01:07] (Thelper): If I was you id actually build some building in the wildnesh but well hidden ones like undergournd

[01:07] (AlexanderTT): We are equipped with the same

[01:07] (DeadMercenary): how would we be able to get our hands on tanks that easily

[01:07] (A51_Crash): which are the best places to avoid detection/strikes on the planet at war?

[01:07] (DeadMercenary): and things like that

[01:07] (cerial): alex .. ur mission .. we know why ur here ... to gather info and to do something else .. care to elaborate ?

[01:07] (AlexanderTT): DeadMercenary, many military units defect to our side

[01:08] (josephc): I guess my question, similar to bizzo, is what is your motivation behind trying to "make us think of a good/beneficial question"?

[01:08] (AlexanderTT): cerial, I am here to locate somebody, this is why I am here in this room right now

[01:08] (A51_Crash): cool

[01:08] (Opmmur): Is the war Fema and The common people?

[01:08] (cerial): and this person will fit certain critera ?

[01:08] (SnowFireWatches): may i ask if thisperson is from your time or our time?

[01:08] (Lynne_Sny): TLN

[01:08] (DeadMercenary): ok then, what causes the government to start gunning down innocent people

[01:08] (AlexanderTT): this person, I will recognixe by the questions he asks me

[01:09] (A51_Crash): which are the best places to avoid detection/strikes on the planet at war?

[01:09] (AlexanderTT): they want complete control DeadMercenary

[01:09] (cerial): such as if he can help u in the future ?

[01:09] (josephc): what is the purpose of bringing someone with you?

[01:09] (Thelper): take no money with u , take items u can use to distill water, keep warm and dont take anything they can trace with

[01:09] (AlexanderTT): that would be one of the questions yes

[01:09] (AlexanderTT): he knows I am comming and he is expecting me

[01:09] (cerial): will this person have certain skills ?

[01:10] (josephc): is he a timetraveller? is this a 'rescue'?

[01:10] (AlexanderTT): this person will be very important to you and me

[01:10] (SnowFireWatches): is he from the future too alex?

[01:10] (A51_Crash): also is it possible to allience all the peoples of "democracy" from the globe through communication and take back control?

[01:10] (A51_Crash): as one force

[01:11] (DeadMercenary): sickens me when i hear things like this, if it is true i cant believe somone would sink so low

[01:11] (josephc): how does this person know? he must be from your time? or some way to communicate through time to noify him...

[01:11] (cerial): DeadMercenary ... look at the patriot act .. it robbing ppl of their rights !

[01:11] (DeadMercenary): ive known that

[01:11] (Phoenix): Did he come back in time to the 1980's?

[01:11] (AlexanderTT): josephc, I meet people everyday who knows who I am and has been waiting to talk to me

[01:11] (josephc): interesting.

[01:12] (AlexanderTT): this is not a rescue mission

[01:12] (A51_Crash): also is it possible to allience all the peoples of "democracy" from the globe through communication and take back control?

[01:12] (josephc): so this person in particular, how does he know you are coming for him?

[01:12] (AlexanderTT): we were unable to do this A51_Crash, but maybe you can

[01:12] (A51_Crash):

[01:13] (AlexanderTT): I do not know that josephc, I just follow orders

[01:13] (cerial): so ur looking for someone who can help both us and u ?

[01:13] (A51_Crash): Just need to keep commucation lines and contacts open then

[01:13] (AlexanderTT): yes, I am looking for possibly the most important human to ever live

[01:13] (cerial): right !

[01:13] (DeadMercenary): alex can i msg u?

[01:13] (josephc): why is he so important?

[01:13] (SnowFireWatches): after you take him to your time will someone be bringing him back - the person yu are looking for?

[01:14] (A51_Crash): He is this "room" or so?

[01:14] (Lynne_Sny): At least this person will be spared the hurrur of war.

[01:14] (Lynne_Sny): horror

[01:14] (A51_Crash): we can do something about it

[01:14] (A51_Crash): just have to kick it into action

[01:15] (Phoenix): This person lives in the US?

[01:15] (AlexanderTT): I do not know where he currently lives

[01:15] (Phoenix): ok

[01:15] (AlexanderTT): he was last seen in italy I think

[01:15] (A51_Crash): what is his role?

[01:15] (josephc): <josephc> why is he so important?

[01:15] (SnowFireWatches): is going to return from your time to our time?

[01:16] (AlexanderTT): let me help point you all to the right questions....

[01:16] (A51_Crash): rome eh

[01:16] (Phoenix): Is he a religios person like a pope? Or a military person?

[01:16] (SnowFireWatches): is he going to go with you of hisown free will?

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[01:17] (AlexanderTT): has anyone in here heard of ancient technology that could have exceeded our own?

[01:17] (A51_Crash): yes

[01:17] (Phoenix): yes

[01:17] (SnowFireWatches): yes!

[01:17] (A51_Crash): several

[01:17] (Opmmur): YES

[01:17] (josephc): yes, by zacahriah name one researcher.

[01:17] (A51_Crash): one whacked the planet of the axis a little

[01:17] (Lynne_Sny): They have to do with the distruction of Atlantis

[01:17] (AlexanderTT): and what if someone from a period long ago, was still alive today?

[01:18] (cerial): ah

[01:18] (SnowFireWatches): whew

[01:18] (cerial): and ur here to find them ?

[01:18] (AlexanderTT): someone who had knowledge beyond your dreams

[01:18] (Phoenix): As in continued living or time traveled?

[01:18] (josephc): knowledge of creation?

[01:18] (SnowFireWatches): well - let me asked why he has to be taken from this time to your time - is he in danger now?

[01:18] (A51_Crash): Hu/Draco wars?

[01:19] (AlexanderTT): I am telling you this know because with little effort you could probably descover who I am looking for, and maybe assist me in locating him

[01:19] (Thelper): alex

[01:19] (Phoenix): ok

[01:19] (DeadMercenary): sounds like somone who would be silent about what they know

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[01:19] (A51_Crash): whats his rank in current?

[01:19] (cerial): indeed !

[01:19] (A51_Crash): Acheologist?

[01:19] (AlexanderTT): every worldline has to go through certain corrections of nature, yours is coming shortly, he does not survive this one

[01:19] (josephc): alex; i take it you just dont even respond to questions you dont feel are progressive to what you are trying to voice?

[01:20] (cerial): do u know where hes located ?

[01:20] (AlexanderTT): yes, josephc

[01:20] (SnowFireWatches): so it is a rescue mission after all

[01:20] (DeadMercenary): cerial, he said he doesnt know

[01:20] (A51_Crash): There is a base on the dark side of the moon

[01:20] (AlexanderTT): I do not, but he is looking for me

[01:20] (A51_Crash): I dont know him

[01:20] (A51_Crash): dosnt ring a bell

[01:21] (AlexanderTT): yes a rescue mission for all of us, if that's the way you want to see it

[01:21] (Phoenix): How does he know you are in this time period?

[01:21] (AlexanderTT): he knows a lot more about everything than I will ever know

[01:22] (josephc): he obviously has traveled through time before.

[01:22] (AlexanderTT): its hard to explain

[01:22] (Phoenix): ok

[01:22] (A51_Crash): goes backwards?

[01:22] (Phoenix): Is he known in history?

[01:22] (AlexanderTT): why do you say that josephc?

[01:22] (Lynne_Sny): Will we know of this person after you leave us?

[01:22] (AlexanderTT): yes i have read about him in text books

[01:23] (SnowFireWatches): i dont think so on the time travelling - couldnt he just jump ahead? Or maybe he is fighting with the rebels and dies?

[01:23] (AlexanderTT): i do not know Lynne_Sny

[01:23] (Phoenix): Does he go by several names or just one?

[01:23] (josephc): how has he survived throughout centuries of history if he is human, without being a TT'r.

[01:23] (josephc): ?

[01:23] (AlexanderTT): he changes his name with the different times

[01:23] (Phoenix): ok

[01:23] (A51_Crash): how do you keep tract of him then?

[01:23] (A51_Crash): track

[01:24] (AlexanderTT): josephc, this is why we want his help

[01:24] (josephc): so he is a timetraveller? maybe the first?

[01:24] (Phoenix): Does he always look the same?

[01:24] (AlexanderTT): yes

[01:24] (josephc): hmm.

[01:24] (AlexanderTT): he is human and cannot change forms

[01:24] (A51_Crash): he in any role?

[01:24] (BizzoPlz): reincarnation or cryogenics?

[01:24] (Phoenix): ok

[01:24] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[01:24] (josephc): is he responsible for how humans were 'created'?

[01:24] (cerial): so this person is someone who has lived for millenia ?

[01:24] (DeadMercenary): just taking a guess off the top of my head josephc, (this is just the philosphy i like best) its only the physical body that dies

[01:24] (josephc): nevermind.

[01:25] (Thelper): so little they know

[01:25] (Thelper): dead clap clap

[01:25] (AlexanderTT): no he still has the same body he did , thousands of years ago

[01:25] (Phoenix): Is he a military leader?

[01:25] (AlexanderTT): thelper, you know who I am speaking of, please don't tell, I want them to figure it out

[01:26] (Thelper): k

[01:26] (Lynne_Sny): Since he seems to never age he should be easy to find

[01:26] (AlexanderTT): you would think so would you , Lynne_Sny

[01:26] (Thelper): im busy writing a code anwyay

[01:26] (SnowFireWatches): so how many thousands are we talking - alex - is he three thousand years in our history - further?

[01:26] (Phoenix): deas clap clap hmm

[01:26] (Jek2u): Sorry, I just got there but this sounds like something I briefly remember reading about...Thoth

[01:26] (SnowFireWatches): is he in the eden story

[01:26] (cerial): i read somewhere that our origins are described on standing stones buried beneeth a peninsula by the dead sea

[01:26] (DeadMercenary): heh lynne, if u were god, would u tell people u were god?

[01:26] (SnowFireWatches): lucifer?

[01:26] (DeadMercenary): would u really want that kind of attention?

[01:26] (Lynne_Sny): No <DeadMercenary>

[01:27] (AlexanderTT): he is not god

[01:27] (AlexanderTT): he is a man

[01:27] (DeadMercenary): i know that

[01:27] (DeadMercenary): im using it as an example

[01:27] (AlexanderTT): a very intelligent man

[01:27] (A51_Crash): Yu?

[01:27] (Lynne_Sny): <DeadMercenary>, if I was I would most likely meet the same fait as Jesus

[01:27] (DeadMercenary): thats why u cant tell people what u know

[01:27] (DeadMercenary): it scares people

[01:28] (SnowFireWatches): i can only think of three "historical" person who didnt "die"

[01:28] (Phoenix): Does he look old or young?

[01:28] (SnowFireWatches): moses, enoch and ezekiel

[01:28] (cerial): alex ... how was this person descovered in ur time ?

[01:28] (AlexanderTT): i have read many stories about him, since I have been here, and I must say you have it all wrong about him, he was not an alchemist

[01:28] (AlexanderTT): my that be a clue

[01:28] (Phoenix): ok

[01:28] (SnowFireWatches): nostradamus?

[01:28] (A51_Crash): whats an Alchemist?

[01:28] (AlexanderTT): a chemist

[01:29] (Phoenix): The person, our time call him an Alchemist though he wasn't

[01:29] (DeadMercenary): blah, said it before i did

[01:29] (AlexanderTT): they were called alchemist hundreds of years ago

[01:29] (cerial): anything to gold !

[01:29] (josephc): newton?

[01:29] (A51_Crash): Hinestine

[01:29] (Phoenix): Who is a famous alchemist of our time who was said never to have died?

[01:29] (AlexanderTT): cerial, I think you know

[01:29] (AlexanderTT): please pm me cerial

[01:29] (Phoenix): I remember reading about him but forgot his name

[01:29] (Lynne_Sny): Was it considered he could do magic?


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[01:30] (SnowFireWatches): i am afraid i dont know pheonix but i love this exercise :)

[01:30] (SnowFireWatches): oh dear - i dont want it be aleister crowley

[01:30] (AlexanderTT): his vast knowledge is needed in my time

[01:30] (Phoenix): hee hee at snowfire

[01:30] (Lynne_Sny): The magic thing?

[01:31] (DeadMercenary): the bigger question on my mind is, is he able to remember everything that you want him to, or is the information locked in his mind somewhere

[01:31] (Phoenix): Last seen in Italy

[01:31] (Opmmur): Calagus or Delagus?

[01:31] (AlexanderTT): he remembers

[01:31] (Phoenix): Did you know about this being seen in Itally from the papers?

[01:32] (SnowFireWatches): thats one of the things made me say nostradamus

[01:32] (Lynne_Sny): Is he famous?

[01:33] (SnowFireWatches): am i gone?

[01:33] (A51_Crash): Nope

[01:34] (SnowFireWatches): ok - the silnce fooled me

[01:34] (Phoenix): Was his name at one point Nicolar Flamel?

[01:34] (Phoenix): Nicolas

[01:34] (DeadMercenary): heh

[01:34] (AlexanderTT): please provide a url pheonix, I have a different name, but it might be him

[01:35] (DeadMercenary): alex, would u be as so kind to just give us part of his name?

[01:35] (Phoenix):

[01:35] (josephc): alex: this man, ho can he live in different worldlines? how are you sure he is in this partuclar worldline? does he also exist in many worldlines?

[01:35] (Lynne_Sny): Ahh Nicholas Flamel: The Immortal French Alchemist.

[01:36] (AlexanderTT): no phoenix

[01:36] (Phoenix): I swear if it hadn't been luck and coencidence I would never be able to impress these time travelers

[01:36] (Phoenix): ok

[01:36] (Phoenix): thank you

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[01:37] ••• Shaun__ has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[01:37] (Shaun__): hi everyone

[01:37] (SnowFireWatches): is this person refered to in the bible?

[01:37] (A51_Crash): Hi There

[01:38] (cerial): hey Shaun__

[01:38] (SnowFireWatches): hi

[01:38] (Thelper): I know who he speaks of

[01:38] (Phoenix): Was he know as Saint-Germain?

[01:38] (cerial): who ?

[01:38] (DeadMercenary): why do u absolutely need this persons knowledge?

[01:38] (Lynne_Sny): Since you don't want this in the open may I pm you Alex?

[01:38] (Thelper): cant say

[01:38] (Thelper): told not too

[01:38] (cerial): really ?

[01:38] (SnowFireWatches): very interesting thelper - care to provide any clues

[01:39] (AlexanderTT): let me check on that name pheonix

[01:39] (Phoenix): ok

[01:39] (Lynne_Sny): Siddhartha Gautama

[01:39] (A51_Crash): There was a saint whos body didnt rot and kept in tact

[01:39] (Thelper): hmm look for names a picture in history with amazing discoveries

[01:39] (Thelper): match them up to date

[01:39] (Thelper): all i can give you

[01:39] (Lynne_Sny): It is said he has lived for thousands of years

[01:39] (AlexanderTT): no, not him

[01:39] (AlexanderTT): he was a baron at one time though

[01:40] (Phoenix): ok thank Alexander

[01:40] (A51_Crash): Red Barron?

[01:40] (Thelper): alex

[01:40] (Thelper): can i at least tell them?

[01:40] (Lynne_Sny): Siddhartha Gautama

[01:40] (Thelper): why he important?

[01:40] (Thelper): they wont believe it anway

[01:40] (Thelper): so oh well well he discovered immortality

[01:40] (Phoenix): that would help Alex if Thelper said at least that much

[01:41] (A51_Crash): PoPe

[01:41] (AlexanderTT): thelper feel free

[01:41] (Phoenix): well he just told

[01:41] (Phoenix): hmmm

[01:41] (Thelper): just did wont give name thou not there time to know

[01:41] (AlexanderTT): yes he is immortal

[01:41] (Thelper): he wasnt born immortal thou

[01:41] (AlexanderTT): no he wasnt

[01:41] (Thelper): he not a god if that what ppl thinking

[01:42] (A51_Crash): who?

[01:42] (DeadMercenary): if hes immortal then how did he not make through the coming years?

[01:42] (AlexanderTT): no he is not a god

[01:42] (Thelper): by immortal we dont mean, if he shoot or blown to bit he remakes himself like a T1000 haa haa haa

[01:42] (Phoenix): Was he born in the middle east?

[01:42] (AlexanderTT): i dont think he can servive murder , such as bombs and warheads, and gun shot to the head, he just does not age

[01:43] (Opmmur): Is this person a good or bad person?

[01:43] (Thelper): just he figured out how stop aging process

[01:43] (Lynne_Sny): Did he live in Atlantis?

[01:43] (cerial): a good person i believe !

[01:43] (Thelper): he figured out how to stop aging process

[01:43] (AlexanderTT): he lived in atlantis at one time I do believe

[01:43] (DeadMercenary): i donno about u but, i would not want to live that long

[01:43] (A51_Crash): yeah block the genetic growth and confuse the DNA

[01:43] (AlexanderTT): he is a very good person, and we need his knowledge

[01:44] (DeadMercenary): u still havn't said for what

[01:44] (AlexanderTT): i do not know for what, I am just following orders

[01:44] (Thelper): isnt he alive in your timeline?

[01:44] (cerial): no Thelper .. he was killed

[01:45] (AlexanderTT): thelper, do you have it documented in your history, what he was needed for , I am curious also

[01:45] (Thelper): alex shss

[01:45] (AlexanderTT): he is not killed untill around 2015, that is why I need to find him now

[01:45] (josephc): "A man who knows everything and who never dies," said Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain

[01:46] (AlexanderTT): a url please, josephc

[01:46] (Thelper): he not from USA that for sure

[01:46] (josephc): Comte Saint-Germain: The Immortal German Alchemist.

[01:46] (cerial): Thelper .. check my PM ":)

[01:47] (Lynne_Sny): Was his first name ever Alex, Alex?

[01:47] (Phoenix): Was he called a Melchizedek at one point in time?

[01:47] (Lynne_Sny): I guess not

[01:48] (AlexanderTT): yes I think that is him, I do not know for sure I will read it in more detail but it sounds like him!!

[01:48] (AlexanderTT): saint-germain that is

[01:48] (Phoenix): ok

[01:48] (josephc): But the feature in Saint-Germain's personage that is hardest to believe is his astounding longevity. The musician Rameau and Madam de Gergy (with the latter of whom, according to the memoirs of Casanova, he was still dining about 1775) both assert that they met him at Venice in 1710, under the name of the Marquis de Montferrat. Both of them agree that he then had the appearance of a man of between forty and fifty years old. If their re

[01:48] (Phoenix): anyone got pictures of this guy?

[01:49] (Opmmur): Maybe

[01:49] (josephc): Later, Madam de Gergy told Madam de Pompadour that she had received from Saint-Germain at Venice an elixir that enabled her to preserve, for a long time and without the smallest change, the appearance of a woman of twenty-five. A gift as precious as this could not be forgotten! It is also true, however, that Saint-Germain, when questioned by Madam de Pompadour on the subject of his meeting with Madam de Gergy fifty years earlier and of

[01:49] (AlexanderTT): yes he was aloud to have pictures taken of him in the 1970's

[01:49] (josephc): marvelous elixir?

[01:49] *** Jek2u Quit (Quit: Leaving)

[01:49] (Lynne_Sny):

[01:50] (Phoenix): His name isn't St Germain right now.

[01:50] (Lynne_Sny): Wrong site, sorry

[01:50] (josephc): Louis XV's friendship for him was well known. It was easy, therefore, for the Comtesse d'Adhemar to arrange a meeting with Marie Antoinette, who immediately asked Saint-Germain if he was going to settle in Paris again. "A century will pass," was his reply, "before I come here again."

[01:51] (josephc): hmm.

[01:51] (Phoenix): Was he very popular icon in the 1970's?

[01:51] (SnowFireWatches): who was he then?

[01:51] (AlexanderTT): he aloud himself to be interviewd on T.V. about his immortality, no one believed him though

[01:51] (SnowFireWatches): timothy leary?

[01:52] (Lynne_Sny): We have to guess <SnowFireWatches>

[01:52] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa im guessing but i feel pretty lame

[01:53] (Phoenix): Is his name Kirby?

[01:53] (Phoenix): Jack Kerby?

[01:53] (AlexanderTT): i am going to eat now , I will return shortly, but this will aid you in your search, supposedly he could change lead into gold and the byproduct of that was something that gave him immortality

[01:54] (Phoenix): ok

[01:54] * AlexanderTT will return shortly

[01:54] (cerial): :)

[01:54] (A51_Crash): :p

[01:55] (Shaun__): lead into gold + immortality byproduct

[01:55] (Shaun__): which is nice

[01:56] (Phoenix): yeah huh

[01:56] (Lynne_Sny): be back later, hopefully if someone stumbles on his name it won't ne etited ouy.

[01:56] (Phoenix): gives you your source of income and health care too

[01:56] (A51_Crash): hehe

[01:56] (Phoenix): :p

[01:56] (Shaun__): heh

[01:56] (josephc): Sondra: Babaji is my Guru. He is amazing, he is beyond everything. Babaji is a Mahavatar. He is not born of a woman. He materialized his body in 1970 and dematerialized in 1984. It is like Meichizedek in the Bible, if you read Hebrew 7, it said, 'He has no father, be has no mother, he is a priest for all time." and he had no lineage. Well if you really read that, you know that this is possible, and so what my teacher Shri Shastriji (B

[01:56] *** Lynne_Sny is now known as Lynne_Sny_Sleeping

[01:57] (Phoenix): Anything on a TV interview of him josephc?

[01:58] (josephc): i am trying...

[01:58] (Phoenix): me too

[01:59] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Didn't Alex state that he had no idea who this man is?


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[02:00] (scififan28): he only had "orders" to find him rite?

[02:01] (Phoenix): He must know who he is if he can say who he is not

[02:01] (Thelper): I told him

[02:01] (Phoenix): And say that Thelper know and to keep quite

[02:01] (Phoenix): see

[02:01] (Thelper): lot you dont know

[02:02] (Thelper): but the war to come is true

[02:02] (Thelper): trust me on that

[02:02] (scififan28): thelper: is this someone the average person would know or hear? or requires some education or history??

[02:02] (Thelper): I wasnt meant to show myself

[02:03] (Thelper): I was here to aid other TT in low timelines

[02:03] (Thelper): lower

[02:03] (SnowFireWatches): when did alexlearn ofthis person in thefuture or on this trip?

[02:03] (Thelper): you need this war to advance to the better

[02:03] (Thelper): ok

[02:03] (SnowFireWatches): very interesting

[02:03] (Thelper): it maybe bad but now in my time we are all one, with same language

[02:03] (Thelper): not seperate

[02:04] (A51_Crash): sounds like you conformed

[02:04] (Thelper): And I find it hard to speak your language

[02:04] *** demontmplr has left #timetravellersinn

[02:04] (A51_Crash): which timeline you from?

[02:04] (SnowFireWatches): what is the closest thing we have to your form of govt thelper?

[02:04] (Thelper): 4089

[02:05] (Thelper): humans arnt just on earth in my time

[02:05] (Shaun__): can you show us some of your language?

[02:05] (SnowFireWatches): you type it pretty well thelper

[02:05] (A51_Crash): You know of the Alpha Draconis?

[02:05] (Thelper): no I cant it not a form of speaking

[02:05] (Thelper): ok

[02:05] * AlexanderTT is back

[02:05] (Phoenix): Do you have an Imperial Federation of Jupiter Thelper?

[02:05] (Thelper): think of 2000 year of evolution

[02:05] (cerial): wb alex :)

[02:05] (SnowFireWatches): its telepathic?

[02:05] (Thelper): bingo

[02:05] (cerial): hehe

[02:06] (A51_Crash): You know of the Alpha Dracos?

[02:06] (Shaun__): how was there evolution?

[02:06] (Thelper): let jsut say what u see in movies

[02:06] (Thelper): can be down

[02:06] (SnowFireWatches): can you answer any of my previous questions?

[02:06] (Thelper): done

[02:06] (Shaun__): genetic enginering?

[02:06] (DeadMercenary): heh shaun there is always evolution every day, its jsut very very slow

[02:06] (Thelper): alex look u did u blew my cover haa haa haa

[02:06] (Thelper): im just lieing

[02:06] (Thelper): k

[02:06] (Thelper): im joke

[02:06] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa

[02:07] (Phoenix): :p

[02:07] (SnowFireWatches): shame on you

[02:07] (Shaun__): heh

[02:07] (AlexanderTT): thelper, it will be ok my friend, maybe you can find the help you need in my time, if you so desire it

[02:07] (Phoenix): But you know who Alexander is talking about

[02:07] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): cerial, I am here to locate somebody, this is why I am here in this room right now

[02:07] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): this person, I will recognixe by the questions he asks me

[02:08] (A51_Crash): You here to find some 1 in this room?

[02:08] (Thelper): yes that is needed

[02:08] (SnowFireWatches): no i think he said we may help to locate this person

[02:08] (Thelper): this timeline dont have long left before the shift

[02:08] (AlexanderTT): and I must say this, everything you think you know about this person i am looking for is wring

[02:08] (Shaun__): evolution requires the "survival of the fittest thingmy" so I'm guessing telepathy has to be some accident :)

[02:08] (AlexanderTT): wrong

[02:09] (Thelper): shaun we do not die of

[02:09] (Thelper): we start a new path a better

[02:09] (Thelper): one

[02:09] (SnowFireWatches): i dont know anything so i am on "open"

[02:09] (cerial): dominator > partnership

[02:10] (A51_Crash): its funny tho ya get lodsa warnings from different sources but govs dont lisen

[02:10] (Phoenix): I think Alexander is referingto the information written about this person is wrong

[02:10] (SnowFireWatches): this person who allowed himself to be interviewed - i do feel like i have a vague recollection of that

[02:10] (Thelper): Alex are you sure this is secure?

[02:10] (Thelper): we should really use code system

[02:10] (Thelper): well if i give u my location Alex ill send it in code ok?

[02:10] (Phoenix): I wasn't born tell 1972 snow fire

[02:11] (AlexanderTT): thelper, you know as well as I do , nothing I say will change there future, but I am concerned about individuals security

[02:11] (SnowFireWatches): im old we were all except kpax divuging our ages earlier

[02:11] (SnowFireWatches): my daughter was born in 1972

[02:11] (DeadMercenary): heh, thats something ive realized for a while now, nothing will change by this, its just fun listening to what is coming

[02:11] (Shaun__): I'm about twice as old as I should be :)

[02:11] (Phoenix): What station was was the interview on SnowFire?

[02:11] *** josephc Quit (Quit:)

[02:11] (DeadMercenary): and i try to not let it affect me

[02:12] *** Rabidus has left #timetravellersinn

[02:12] (Thelper): im glad this world so skeptical or we would nt be safe

[02:12] (SnowFireWatches): you know i amthinking this was like a 60 minutes or something like that

[02:12] (Phoenix): ok

[02:12] (A51_Crash): im gonna take over meh country and everything else before it can take over me :p

[02:12] (SnowFireWatches): 60 minutes was the only news mag on tv back then

[02:12] (Thelper): you have this choice

[02:12] (Shaun__): has anyone asked their one question yet? I got here late *ducks*

[02:13] (AlexanderTT): no they have not Shaun__

[02:13] (Shaun__): ahh, I'm still thinking on that one

[02:13] (Thelper): over throw your goverment before it get to strong but, then u risking cuzing what we claim or wait and see a worser out come it up too you.

[02:13] (SnowFireWatches): i am thinking the govt is pretty darn stron

[02:13] (SnowFireWatches): already

[02:14] (A51_Crash): strength in numbers

[02:14] (AlexanderTT): it will be stronger when it enslaves you

[02:14] (A51_Crash): without numbers they are nothing

[02:14] (DeadMercenary): its pretty much done that, just hasnt seemed like it

[02:14] (cerial): did u get to see "bowling for columbine" yet alex ?

[02:14] (DeadMercenary): because its done in different forms

[02:14] (A51_Crash): yeah with banks and jobs :p

[02:14] (AlexanderTT): not yet, however I did se the one

[02:14] (A51_Crash): forces you to do things u think u wanna do

[02:15] (Thelper): Alex it very hard for them believe in Timetravel thou if they look at the research beening down now they see it possible, and u have to think it this way if it was invented then we would be here now no?

[02:15] (AlexanderTT): i agree thelper

[02:15] (A51_Crash): So how does this war finish

[02:15] (Shaun__): I wonder what the real motivating fear is behind controlling everyone (not the fake reasons we are given?)

[02:15] (AlexanderTT): i have never questioned there skepticism

[02:15] (Shaun__): I hope that made sense

[02:15] (DeadMercenary): nothing is unbelievable, its either ture or false

[02:16] (Thelper): Alex in your timeline you have developed atom tranportation?

[02:16] (Phoenix): Thelper are you a member of the time travel forum?

[02:16] (DeadMercenary): true*

[02:16] (Thelper): maybe

[02:16] (AlexanderTT): yes we have, if i understand you correctly

[02:16] (Thelper): it perfected?

[02:17] (AlexanderTT): no not yet

[02:17] (Thelper): ours is

[02:17] (A51_Crash): how did u create all these things if u were using up all your resorces?

[02:17] (Thelper): what problems you having?

[02:17] (cerial): cool !

[02:17] (Thelper): crash a war doesnt destory everything

[02:17] (Thelper): there plent left to rebuild

[02:17] (AlexanderTT): we do not the computing power needed to transport living things yet

[02:17] (Thelper): plenty

[02:17] (A51_Crash): depends on the war

[02:17] (DeadMercenary): crash there have been plans to mine things off the planet if need be

[02:18] (cerial): helium 3 per chance ?

[02:18] (Phoenix): hmmm I found something on censorship related to a 1970 interview on immortality

[02:18] (A51_Crash): yeah if u get to the planets inner circle u will find matericals such as gold

[02:18] (A51_Crash): also u can use the heat as a power sorce

[02:18] (SnowFireWatches): tell pheonix

[02:18] (A51_Crash): could put the planet in knee deep of gold

[02:18] (Phoenix): ah dead end

[02:18] (DeadMercenary): i worded that wrong

[02:18] (A51_Crash): if ya prepared to get it

[02:19] (AlexanderTT): a type one civilization does not worry about resources, and I believe thelper is in a type 1 maybe a type 2

[02:19] *** josephc has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:19] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v josephc

[02:19] (cerial): wb josephc

[02:19] (josephc): thx

[02:19] (josephc): brb

[02:19] (cerial): hehe

[02:20] (A51_Crash): whats a type 2 do?

[02:20] (AlexanderTT): nobody has brought up the obvious questions yet , in regards to the new information I have given

[02:20] (Thelper): well look forward to it cuz in year 4089 it how we get around... our best discovery is the ability to use the principles of timetravel to move from planet to planet using advance large wormhole gates i call them wormhole cuz what it looks like haa haa haa, this timeline has such simple language and abreviations

[02:20] (AlexanderTT): a type 2 civilization has complete control over there solar system

[02:20] (cerial): how did u discover this person ?

[02:20] (Thelper): yes and alex there is other life

[02:20] (A51_Crash): and a type 3?

[02:21] (A51_Crash): u said u were messin around

[02:21] (Thelper): type 3 is not us yet I would say spirit

[02:21] (AlexanderTT): type 3 is completely united in one consciousness and they can travel the universe at will

[02:21] (A51_Crash): yeah there is other life forms :p

[02:21] (cerial): wow

[02:21] (Thelper): entering the spiritually dimensions would be type 3 no?

[02:22] (A51_Crash): how many types are they

[02:22] (AlexanderTT): yes I would agree

[02:22] (AlexanderTT): 3 types

[02:22] (Thelper): we biot yet perfect that but we have entered a parall dimention which was not good idea

[02:22] (AlexanderTT): type 3 is the untimate fate for humanity if they are aloud to live that long

[02:22] (Shaun__): merlin :)

[02:22] (Thelper): not all life is good

[02:22] (Thelper): we found that out

[02:22] (Thelper): experimenting

[02:22] (Shaun__): no wai he wasn't an alchemist

[02:23] (SnowFireWatches): Alex how do you happen to know this person is not mythical?

[02:23] (A51_Crash): not all life is good what u mean by that?

[02:23] (AlexanderTT): thelper, have you done research on anti-life yet?

[02:23] (Shaun__): :p

[02:23] (Thelper): anti-life is spirit forms energy? ghosts? I belive so

[02:24] (AlexanderTT): oh , i see, we have theories that anti-life moves backwards in time

[02:24] (cerial): like anti time ?

[02:24] (A51_Crash): So met any aliens yet

[02:24] (Thelper): finally form at end of the timeline I believe is our ascension into spirit beings

[02:24] (Thelper): well that my opinion haa haa haa

[02:24] (cerial): hehe

[02:25] (A51_Crash): So met any aliens yet

[02:25] (Thelper): crash yes there is other life out there

[02:25] (A51_Crash): same guys that are comming here?

[02:25] (AlexanderTT): intelligent life?

[02:25] (Phoenix): How many types? From where?

[02:25] (Thelper): and dimentional life also, as I stated we stuck our nose were it not wanted I believe thats your saying?

[02:25] (Thelper): yes intelligent

[02:25] (cerial): indeed

[02:25] (SnowFireWatches): so 2060 years in the future still no real answers about life after death thelper?

[02:26] (Thelper): idea yes

[02:26] (SnowFireWatches): answers no?

[02:26] (cerial): well what do u wnat to here .. there is live after death ?

[02:26] (AlexanderTT): SnowFireWatches. how can you experiment from a place you cannot return?

[02:26] (A51_Crash): so which races ya met up with?

[02:26] (Thelper): we believe we might of accidently lost ships to spiritually dimentions

[02:26] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa - i just want to know the truthbud, like everyone of us

[02:26] (Phoenix): By being able to return Alexander

[02:27] (Thelper): it believe we cant yet

[02:27] (Thelper): some reason

[02:27] (AlexanderTT): yes, but we can't do that

[02:27] (cerial): i'm happy till i die .. if there's something there .. cool .. if not .. oh well!!!

[02:27] (A51_Crash): so which races ya met up with?

[02:27] (Phoenix): Are you so sure?

[02:27] (AlexanderTT): only one did, and I am not the son of god

[02:27] (Thelper): and yes my timelines believe in higher beings what your call gods, I dont understand this timeline fights over same god?

[02:27] (Phoenix): ah beliefs, I will leave them to the person having them

[02:28] (A51_Crash): people kick up religion wars

[02:28] (A51_Crash): or wars

[02:28] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa ok lets go back to the alchemist/not then

[02:28] (Thelper): alexander im i correct that your timeline has learnt to live with god rather than fight also?

[02:28] (AlexanderTT): thelper, you must remember that they are still very barbaric

[02:28] (A51_Crash): then try use got to justify them

[02:28] (A51_Crash): then try use god to justify them

[02:28] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa

[02:28] (Thelper): reason why we believe so strongly is we have seen evidence of spiritualy worlds

[02:29] (AlexanderTT): yes, we live together in peace and with God

[02:29] (A51_Crash): yeah gods sound

[02:29] (cerial): bi believe that god/heaven is jus another demension !

[02:29] (Thelper): quatum computers help to advance your timeline alot

[02:29] (cerial): i even


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[02:30] (Phoenix): No one has found this 1970 interview? I know I can't.

[02:30] (Thelper): i believe you are now working on inventing one?

[02:30] (cerial): yes

[02:30] (AlexanderTT): thelper, also, they are about to begin there change into a type 1 civilization, where I am from we are still trying to obtain this goal

[02:30] (cerial): HP are working on it at the mo !

[02:30] (Thelper): Alex I have read that this timeline

[02:30] (A51_Crash): Night all

[02:30] (Thelper): is now working on one

[02:31] (Thelper): already

[02:31] (SnowFireWatches): alex, you are only 20 years past a nuclear holocost that you asked for - and we are barbaric? I am not saying we aren't - but you arent that far removed are you?

[02:31] (A51_Crash): Im gonna get some sleep

[02:31] (Thelper): snow u must understand

[02:31] (Phoenix): night Crash

[02:31] (AlexanderTT): thelper, more important are the organic computers

[02:31] (Thelper): if you been to hell

[02:31] (Thelper): you see the world differently

[02:31] (A51_Crash): This planet wont change without a fire never has never will (so far)

[02:31] (Thelper): after

[02:31] (AlexanderTT): the fire is coming crash

[02:31] (cerial): i've heard about orgainic computing

[02:32] (A51_Crash): Night pheonix, and everyone

[02:32] (cerial): interesting stuff

[02:32] (A51_Crash): late here

[02:32] (Shaun__): nite

[02:32] *** atn57 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:32] ••• atn57 has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[02:32] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v atn57

[02:32] (SnowFireWatches): night crash

[02:32] (AlexanderTT): living , breathing processors and chips

[02:32] (cerial): yep

[02:32] *** A51_Crash Quit (Quit)

[02:32] (atn57): Hello everyone

[02:32] (AlexanderTT): we are starting to use them

[02:32] (Shaun__): hi

[02:32] (Phoenix): hi atn

[02:32] (Thelper): alex when you reach that stage make sure you have a safety

[02:33] (AlexanderTT): I will probably not live that long thelper

[02:33] (DeadMercenary): aight im gonna go, i have enough to ponder about

[02:33] (Thelper): organic means, that it can think, hence has emotions

[02:33] (Thelper): so if it running weapons?

[02:33] (Thelper): hmm

[02:33] (Thelper): has bad moods

[02:33] (Thelper): figure

[02:33] (Thelper): i shouldnt say that

[02:33] (Phoenix): Alexander is this person you seek the opportunity you were refering to when you first started posting?

[02:33] (Thelper): u have learn from own mistakes

[02:33] (AlexanderTT): thelper, this is a problem we have addressed, we do not allow them to control anything like that

[02:33] *** DeadMercenary Quit (Quit)

[02:34] (AlexanderTT): yes pheonix

[02:34] (Phoenix): ok

[02:34] (Thelper): I dont know all your history

[02:34] (Thelper): it was 2000yrs + ago

[02:34] (Thelper): so sorry if I seems rude

[02:34] (Thelper): do u have the ability to speak telepathy?

[02:34] (AlexanderTT): thelper imagine how hard it is for me, they want to know about football games that happened 30+ years ago

[02:35] (Phoenix): hee hee hee

[02:35] (SnowFireWatches): that is just a few of us alex

[02:35] (Thelper): cuz then we could just talk wihtout the computer

[02:35] (AlexanderTT): that has not been proven yet, thelper, but we are trying

[02:35] (Phoenix): Who needs proof just do it

[02:35] *** thanatos1 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:35] (AlexanderTT): thelper, any helpful knowledge of telepathy would be appreciated, my superiors would like to know

[02:36] (SnowFireWatches): i hope not - i would rather listen in on their conversation

[02:36] (Phoenix): I have done it before so have my friends

[02:36] (Phoenix): me too

[02:36] (Thelper): you all have the ability just not evolved into some of you person have some parts of it

[02:36] (Phoenix): I want to see

[02:36] (atn57): alex do you remember any great authors in your time?

[02:36] (Thelper): u read about ppl cing things etc that is part in our time there is no crim

[02:36] (Thelper): we are past that

[02:36] (Phoenix): yeah it doesn't work so good a lot of the time

[02:36] (AlexanderTT): yes atn57

[02:36] (Phoenix): just bits a pieces mostly

[02:37] (Phoenix): and accidents

[02:37] (SnowFireWatches): thelper can you answer a question about your government in your future?

[02:37] (Phoenix): being transfered

[02:37] (SnowFireWatches): you say you are "allone" all one language

[02:37] (totally): Hello everyone

[02:37] (AlexanderTT): thelper doesnt have what you would call a government

[02:37] (atn57): hello

[02:37] (Phoenix): hi totally

[02:37] (Shaun__): hi

[02:37] *** m0s3s has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:37] (SnowFireWatches): discribe your government -relate to some of our forms of govt if you can?

[02:38] (m0s3s): is jv here?

[02:38] (Thelper): goverment?

[02:38] (cerial): hehehe

[02:38] (Thelper): government?

[02:38] (SnowFireWatches): okay do you all still eat?

[02:38] (cerial): more "everyone lives" ??

[02:38] (Thelper): we all decide out comes

[02:38] (SnowFireWatches): do people work?

[02:38] (Thelper): we are all mentally connected

[02:38] (SnowFireWatches): does everyone have everything equally?

[02:39] (totally): Thelper's from the future?

[02:39] (Shaun__): oh you said the "have" word

[02:39] (SnowFireWatches): yes 4000 something

[02:39] (Shaun__): materialistic

[02:39] (Thelper): money doesnt exist

[02:39] (SnowFireWatches): that is not my point

[02:39] (Thelper): by that time we advance for better of mankind

[02:39] (SnowFireWatches): i want to know if everyone needs are met equally

[02:39] (Shaun__): have equal opertunities etc?

[02:39] (AlexanderTT): money will not exist after 2067

[02:39] (Thelper): yes

[02:40] (AlexanderTT): i even know this

[02:40] (Phoenix): is it credit or just no system of accounting

[02:40] (SnowFireWatches): i am notworried about money

[02:40] (cerial): thats such a good thing to hear !!!

[02:40] (Thelper): as I said better of mankind

[02:40] (SnowFireWatches): in alex society if a man wont work hemay not eat

[02:41] (Shaun__): so is it all peace and positive growth from alex's to you time thelper?

[02:41] (SnowFireWatches): fair enough

[02:41] (Shaun__): your I mean

[02:41] (SnowFireWatches): right?

[02:41] (scififan28): almost impossible to imagine a future were any person does something to "better mankind"

[02:41] (Phoenix): Thelper doe everyone equally have the same type of house clothes food ect?

[02:41] (cerial): does it matter ?

[02:41] (AlexanderTT): pheonix is refering to utopia thelper

[02:41] (Phoenix): not to me

[02:41] (Thelper): if u want something u will be given it we work to advance further into space we have more than one planet u relised and planet called X i believe here u name X? is livable somewhat like earth

[02:41] (Thelper): yes

[02:42] (Phoenix): I don't care about equality. I care about mutual service towards the good of everyone.

[02:42] (scififan28): theres truely a planet x?

[02:42] (SnowFireWatches): yes sounds good pheonix

[02:42] (Thelper): and yes there is other life, them disks u see are from another time/galaxity which was already at lvl 2 at the time

[02:42] (AlexanderTT): yes, but it will not bring distruction

[02:43] (Shaun__): two time travellers from different times is more than my tiny brain can handle

[02:43] (Phoenix): hee hee

[02:43] (Phoenix): So who is this Alchemist not Alchemist guy?

[02:43] (AlexanderTT): believe it or not, but I can relate to thelper easier than I can all of you

[02:43] (SnowFireWatches): in thelper society there are no outcasts?

[02:43] (SnowFireWatches): no "rebels"

[02:43] (SnowFireWatches): ?

[02:43] (cerial): Planet X, Nibiru, Ancient Astronauts, NASA, UFO's << this X ???

[02:44] (Phoenix): I can believe it Alexander

[02:44] (Thelper): Alexander?

[02:44] (SnowFireWatches): i can tell just listening to you

[02:44] (Thelper): c404? your timeline crude method

[02:44] (cerial): is that hard to believe .. a society with out rules .. one that lets u become the person ur ment to be ?????

[02:45] (Thelper): onyl reason TT will now show selfs is cuz your reaching your shift that what we call it

[02:45] (Phoenix): Thelper what is your method of time travel? What is it called in one word?

[02:45] (Thelper): it when a civ moves to next stage

[02:45] (AlexanderTT): yes the C404

[02:45] (SnowFireWatches): no it is not hard to believe it is something wonderful to look forward to

[02:45] (Phoenix): like Alexander uses a C404

[02:45] (SnowFireWatches): besides - as i have stated - i think capitalism sucks

[02:46] (Thelper): isnt that gravity distortion using 2 kerr black holes, or that later model? u have balance your gravity so not to be crushed right?

[02:46] (cerial): indeed snow

[02:46] (SnowFireWatches): i am a socialist for lack of anything better to be

[02:46] (AlexanderTT): yes, he is right, you are all going to make a change , this is why the war is coming

[02:46] (cerial): we need to get rid of greed !

[02:46] (SnowFireWatches): except maybe a rebel

[02:46] (AlexanderTT): yes thelper

[02:46] (AlexanderTT): it seems crude to you dont it?

[02:46] (Thelper): yes

[02:46] (Phoenix): What do you use Thelper?

[02:46] (AlexanderTT): i know, but we are trying to travel worldlines to the best of our ability so far

[02:47] (Thelper): flying one

[02:47] (cerial): always learning

[02:47] (Phoenix): What is it called?

[02:47] (AlexanderTT): thelper can time-shift while in motion

[02:47] (Thelper): cloaking is possible

[02:47] (Thelper): in the future

[02:47] (AlexanderTT): well, we proved that in this time thelper

[02:47] (Thelper): so we jump into your space and land cloaked

[02:47] (Thelper): so not dected

[02:48] (Shaun__): are there any capitalist nations left in your time alex?

[02:48] (AlexanderTT): no Shaun__

[02:48] (Thelper): but my ship is damaged

[02:48] (Shaun__): nice

[02:48] (Opmmur): When you Time Travel is this part of the crop circles found in feilds?

[02:49] (Thelper): and I had to use self destruct because the cloacking device didnt work

[02:49] (Thelper): else someone c this space craft sitting in a field

[02:49] (AlexanderTT): Opmmur, remember when I said we try to arrive in a field?

[02:49] (AlexanderTT): no it does not cause crop circles, but ti does cause a crater

[02:49] (Thelper): how it works is it send it create small blackhole which wipes it exsistance

[02:50] (cerial): wow

[02:50] (Thelper): we can not leave any trance of technology to ppl not ready for it

[02:50] (Thelper): alex does your craft have self destruct

[02:50] (Thelper): if u can jump

[02:50] (AlexanderTT): this is similar to how the C404 destructs

[02:50] (Thelper): yes must not jsut blow it up

[02:51] (cerial): ic

[02:51] (Thelper): got to erace it

[02:51] (AlexanderTT): yes, however if the C404 destructs it will take a whole 5 or 6 city blocks with it

[02:51] (Thelper): hmm not good

[02:51] (cerial): no

[02:51] (Thelper): u will make better advances

[02:51] (Thelper): in future

[02:51] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Then u will be stuck to relive again your past

[02:51] (Thelper): to cleaner self destruct

[02:51] (AlexanderTT): yes we are working on it

[02:52] (Thelper): atm im collectin all data on this history and event leading up

[02:52] (scififan28): are the craters like this: a crater about 1 foot deep, 8 feet in diameter, with a hole in the centre about 3 feet deep

[02:52] (SnowFireWatches): thelper have youtold us already why you are in our time? do you have mission like Alex?

[02:52] (Thelper): incase some how I am able to leave this timeline

[02:52] (AlexanderTT): i woul say so scififan28

[02:53] (Thelper): well actually it to help another TT

[02:53] (AlexanderTT): why?

[02:53] (Shaun__): thelper, you should have arranged to leave a time capsule of information in a safe place before hand :)

[02:53] (SnowFireWatches): the one you dialoging with or another one or any one?

[02:54] (scififan28): I was doing some research and I saw something about unexplained craters forming in the past 30 years, but it mostly says in the UK

[02:55] (SnowFireWatches): interesting sci fi

[02:55] (SnowFireWatches): thelper - are youhere to help alex, another TT, or any TT?

[02:56] (scififan28): look up on google: unexplained craters and plenty of stuff pops up

[02:56] (SnowFireWatches): hmmm whichway did they go?

[02:56] *** Opmmur Quit (Ping timeout)

[02:56] *** atn57 Quit (Ping timeout)

[02:57] (AlexanderTT): you will all be able to see the crater left behind by the C404 I will give excat coordinates of my jump

[02:57] *** atn57 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:57] ••• atn57 has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[02:57] (SnowFireWatches): that will be intersting

[02:57] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v atn57

[02:57] (Shaun__): thanks

[02:57] (SnowFireWatches): didwe lose thelper?

[02:57] (scififan28): sure will be

[02:58] (SnowFireWatches): then you can compare them shaun

[02:58] (SnowFireWatches): no reason why TT arent landing all over the place

[02:58] (AlexanderTT): the tornado sirens are going off now

[02:58] (blinkage): hello all

[02:58] (Shaun__): true, there's a lot of nice secluded sites in scotland

[02:58] (SnowFireWatches): hi blink

[02:59] (blinkage): I see we have another one here today

[02:59] (scififan28): Alex what do you mean?

[02:59] (Phoenix): Tornado sirens are going off right now where you are at Alexander?

[02:59] (SnowFireWatches): yes this has been a good read - youwill enjoy the log

[02:59] (AlexanderTT): yes!

[02:59] *** Professor has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[02:59] (AlexanderTT): not to worry though, i am checking my GPS, i am fine

[02:59] (Phoenix): Ok


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[03:00] (Thelper): k

[03:00] *** Professor Quit (Quit:)

[03:00] *** Professor has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:00] *** cerial sets mode: +o Professor

[03:00] (cerial): wb prof

[03:00] (AlexanderTT): oh my GOD!!

[03:00] (blinkage): Thelper: when are you from?

[03:00] (Phoenix): What?

[03:01] (AlexanderTT): thelper i think i know who you are

[03:01] (SnowFireWatches): thelp is there some reason you cannot answer my question - like it is too stupid? haa haa haa

[03:01] (AlexanderTT): thelper you must know that if you are frank, I will kill you

[03:01] *** Professor is now known as Guest40397

[03:01] (AlexanderTT): do not search me out, i am reay for you

[03:01] *** Guest40397 Quit (Quit

[03:01] (cerial): what the ...

[03:02] (SnowFireWatches): oh my

[03:02] (Thelper): who is frank?

[03:02] *** Opmmur has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:02] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +o Opmmur

[03:02] (cerial): wb prof

[03:02] (cerial): again !

[03:02] (AlexanderTT): i do not know for sure if you are him, but if you are I must warn you

[03:02] (Thelper): who is he

[03:03] (Thelper): I can help you find him if u wish to kill?

[03:03] (AlexanderTT): someone sent to kill all TT's

[03:03] (SnowFireWatches): yeah who is frank?

[03:03] (Thelper): which timeline?

[03:03] (SnowFireWatches): from when alex?

[03:03] (AlexanderTT): all of them

[03:03] (blinkage): how is australia at this time, Thelper ?

[03:03] (Thelper): but which one he from are they hostile to us?

[03:04] (AlexanderTT): we do not know excatly where he is from

[03:04] *** LoStEt has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:04] (Thelper): ip is different

[03:04] (Thelper): hmm

[03:04] (Thelper): he have advance weapons?

[03:04] (Shaun__): who? did I miss a chunck of text or something?

[03:04] (Thelper): is he human?

[03:04] (AlexanderTT): yes

[03:04] (Phoenix): Does he have a last name or is it just Frank?

[03:04] (AlexanderTT): he has technology that we have never seen

[03:05] (AlexanderTT): frank is the name given to me by someone here in this worldline that know of him

[03:05] (Phoenix): ok

[03:05] *** LoStEt Quit (Quit)

[03:05] (AlexanderTT): he has no name where I am from but I and every other TT knows about him

[03:05] *** LoStEt has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:05] (Thelper): he must be from timelines like mine hmm when i return I will tell about him we have a method of find ppl in timelines if u have his details we can find him and get rid of the nusiance

[03:05] (cerial): wow

[03:06] (Phoenix): yeah Thelper

[03:06] (scififan28):

[03:06] (SnowFireWatches): if you remove him will he be gone from alltime lines?

[03:06] (Shaun__): isn't that somewhat futile if there are so many timelines?

[03:07] (Thelper): im sure are advancement is superior to his, we are able to destory a timeline if needed, if it conflicts with others

[03:07] (AlexanderTT): no, he has multiplied himself, to complete his mission

[03:07] (blinkage): frank is some sort of temporal-corps law man?

[03:07] (Phoenix): It is Jonfr

[03:07] (cerial): we are able to destory a timeline if needed << ahhh .. what now ??!?!?!

[03:07] (Thelper): does frank have method of tracking also?

[03:07] (blinkage): oh damn guys, where is mr.Anderson?

[03:08] (AlexanderTT): thelper youmust understand me, he is beyond our capabilities, maybe you have corrected this problem in your time but he is still a threat to me

[03:08] (Thelper): yes my timeline does not know of a frank threat maybe in historys

[03:08] *** PredatorPt has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:08] (AlexanderTT): I hope he was stopped

[03:08] (AlexanderTT): but you must understand my fear of you right no

[03:08] (PredatorPt): hi

[03:08] (AlexanderTT): now

[03:09] (Thelper): but yes I help to keep timelines in order I was sent here make sure u find your target as it help advance us.. k i c

[03:09] (AlexanderTT): that's what scares me thelper, how do I know you are telling the truth

[03:09] *** OmegaKnight has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:10] *** ketnan has joined #timetravellersinn

[03:10] (Thelper): how do i know your not frank himself haa haa haa it stalemate haa haa haa, sigh and i didnt keep my guns did u keep yours which ones early modules of photon guns? or somethign else?

[03:11] (AlexanderTT): no, thelper we still use simple projectiles

[03:11] (cerial): the best kind !

[03:11] (cerial):

[03:11] (Phoenix): How does someone from the past know someone from the future is telling the truth where have I run into that problem before?

[03:11] (blinkage): Thelper: photon guns?

[03:12] (SnowFireWatches): i hope that was joke sounded too hokey

[03:12] (Thelper): well u do know photons by now right well u can harest it as weapons

[03:12] (Phoenix): Does not sound that hooky to me

[03:12] (AlexanderTT): phoenix, please ask falsezen about frank, she was who warned me, it took me awhile to figure out who "frank" was I had not heard that name before

[03:13] (SnowFireWatches): well ok i defer to you

[03:13] (Phoenix): Ok Alex

[03:13] (SnowFireWatches): sounded like a joke to me sorry

[03:13] (Thelper): why is frank killing TT?

[03:13] (cerial): frank is the UK's drug advice hotline too !!!

[03:13] (Thelper): does he have reason

[03:14] (SnowFireWatches): a;wx ahve you already lost TT to frank?

[03:14] (SnowFireWatches): laex

[03:14] (SnowFireWatches): ugh

[03:14] (AlexanderTT): I do not know

[03:14] (Thelper): who told u about frank?

[03:14] (SnowFireWatches): Then why are you so convinced he is real ?

[03:14] (Thelper): was it briefing?

[03:15] (AlexanderTT): that's why 12 was sent, yes I was briefed on him but he was not called frank

[03:15] (SnowFireWatches): ok

[03:16] (SnowFireWatches): i used to live in ft payne alabama alex

[03:16] (cerial): which time is he from alex ?

[03:16] (AlexanderTT): i do not know who he is or why he is killing, but I know I was told to watch out for him , and then someone of this timeline told me to stay away from "frank" and then described the person I know about

[03:16] (AlexanderTT): I love alabama

[03:17] (cerial): disregard my lat question !

[03:17] (SnowFireWatches): lived on lookoutmountain

[03:17] (cerial): last !

[03:17] (Thelper): so frank is in this timeline?

[03:17] (AlexanderTT): frank is in all timelines according to my superiors

[03:18] (AlexanderTT): i am using the name frank, as reference that might not be his name at all

[03:19] (Phoenix): Are there certain characterists you are suppose to look out for to know that it is Frank?

[03:19] (LoStEt): AlexanderTT who was the person responsible for making time traveling possible?

[03:19] (Phoenix): Other than he kills all TTs

[03:19] (AlexanderTT): supposedly he will claim he is a TT from the future come to help me

[03:19] (Phoenix): hmmm

[03:19] (cerial): right

[03:19] (cerial): well then !

[03:20] (cerial): me thinks the man denys too much !

[03:20] (cerial):

[03:20] (AlexanderTT): this will be so he can meet me in person of course

[03:20] (Thelper): if this frank exist it could be problem

[03:20] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Thank You, Alex!!!!!

[03:21] (Phoenix): Thank you??

[03:21] (AlexanderTT): what did I do Lynne_Sny_Sleeping?

[03:21] (Thelper): if all TT die then we wont advance as much

[03:21] (Thelper): cuz most the knowledge was gained by TTing

[03:21] (cerial): really ?

[03:21] (Thelper): yes

[03:21] (AlexanderTT): interesting how you know the reasoning behind killing TT'rs

[03:21] (Thelper): our advancement speed up greatly when TT is possible

[03:21] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): You gave me the impatince to go to my spirit guide for the answers!

[03:22] (Phoenix): Thelper do you know of an RHB from 2005?

[03:22] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Thank You!

[03:22] (Thelper): alex if i was assassin

[03:22] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Now I know what I have to do.

[03:22] (Thelper): i would not even let u know

[03:22] (Thelper): i know of reasons y

[03:22] (SnowFireWatches): but you have already advanced

[03:22] (Thelper): it wuld be normal joe

[03:22] (SnowFireWatches): can it change the future?

[03:22] (Thelper): helping u

[03:22] (Thelper): till he gains your trust

[03:22] (SnowFireWatches) your future?

[03:22] (Thelper): I was sent back to protect someone

[03:22] (Thelper): a TT

[03:23] (blinkage): how come you write in SMS lingo Thelper?

[03:23] (Thelper): i dont care if it you but whoever it is I must keep alive

[03:23] (AlexanderTT): my mission is imparitive that is why there are 12 of us

[03:23] (Thelper): cuz I do not know your language

[03:23] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): I will contact you sometime during the war. Be cool

[03:23] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Later

[03:23] (Thelper): but alex im not frank

[03:24] (Phoenix): You have done a alot of research on the guy you are suppose to find Alexander?

[03:24] (Thelper): if u had ability to telepath u could c that

[03:24] (AlexanderTT): well, lets just say, I will keep my eyes open

[03:24] (cerial): hehe

[03:24] (Phoenix): ok

[03:24] (SnowFireWatches): bye lyne

[03:24] (AlexanderTT): if you are not, I will take you with me to my home, so you can get help

[03:24] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): Maybe I can change your experience a bit

[03:24] (Phoenix): bye Lyne

[03:25] (Lynne_Sny_Sleeping): End the war sooner

[03:25] (blinkage): I find it strange that you should pick up on SMS lingo, when learning a language Thelper...

[03:25] (Thelper): your war starts 2005

[03:25] (Thelper): civil

[03:25] (AlexanderTT): thelper it has already started to you and me

[03:25] (AlexanderTT): they just cant see it yet

[03:25] (cerial): and europe Thelper ??

[03:25] (SnowFireWatches): kynne it sounds like you arent coming back

[03:25] (SnowFireWatches): i would like your emial?

[03:26] (PredatorPt): AlenxanderTT, how do a world/timeline that just suffered a nuclear war find the resources to start time travelling?

[03:26] *** ismaanati Quit (Quit: wei)

[03:27] (AlexanderTT): phoenix can I talk to you privately

[03:27] (Thelper): europe has it own problems I wasnt sent back to tell you anything just meant get home my new mission before I destory ship cuz in my time we can communicate with our timeline cuz the theory that they dispear is wrong

[03:27] (AlexanderTT): pm me

[03:27] (Phoenix): yes

[03:27] (Thelper): u can get back to your timeline in my timeline

[03:27] (Thelper): but my new mission is to find way home

[03:27] (AlexanderTT): thelper I will help you get back home if you need the help

[03:28] (SnowFireWatches): i must have missed this part are you stuck in this timeline thelper?

[03:28] (Thelper): is your timeline safe now i mean radition it suffered did u clean it?

[03:28] (AlexanderTT): we are trying to

[03:28] (AlexanderTT): we have descovered new ways

[03:28] (AlexanderTT): to clean it up

[03:29] (SnowFireWatches): i thought you could only jump so far alex? can you get him back to 4000+?


[03:29] (cerial): THANKS:)

[03:29] (blinkage): question, what does a kerr black hole look like?

[03:29] (Shaun__): mine is regged

[03:29] (Thelper): have u tryed looking at it at a atoms point view and try finding what get rid the radition particals in my timeline it was invented long ago im sure you on right track


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[03:30] (cerial): its the ppl without + i'm talking to Shaun__

[03:30] (Shaun__): I have no +

[03:30] (blinkage): hello? TT's

[03:30] (cerial): -NickServ- The nickname shaun_ is not registered.

[03:31] (cerial): reg again pls :)

[03:31] (Shaun__): shaun__

[03:31] (blinkage): hmm... i'm guessing someone is googleing

[03:31] (LoStEt): why do we need to reg?

[03:31] (Thelper): hmm ok

[03:32] (cerial): u just do LoStEt

[03:32] (cerial): :)

[03:32] (cerial): chan rules

[03:32] (PredatorPt): cerial - Am I registered?

[03:32] (cerial): Shaun__ .. did u enter the auth code yet ?

[03:32] (blinkage): Thelper: how do you travel in time?

[03:32] (Thelper): I might go into your time but alex before I can even think about telling u future discoveries I must contact my timeline and ask permission it is evryone decision not mine...

[03:33] (Thelper): but I will helpin making communiction device

[03:33] (LoStEt): ok iam reg..give me the voice

[03:33] (AlexanderTT): thelper, we don't have rules, becuase we know that all wil happen on one worldline or another

[03:33] (cerial): PredatorPt ...u need to Auth the registation !

[03:33] (blinkage): Thelper: how do you travel in time?

[03:34] (Thelper): blink to explain it u would not understand instead think about the old c404 method and work from there

[03:34] (blinkage): yes I have, and the c404 method is flawed!

[03:34] (Thelper): plus unlike alex im told not to defuldge information that can

[03:34] (Thelper): u say that?

[03:34] (Thelper): how u know

[03:34] (LoStEt): why do u think we wouldnt understand?..

[03:34] (AlexanderTT): no blinkage, you just havent received all of the information on how the C404 works

[03:35] (Thelper): it stuff u not even discovered yet like

[03:35] (Thelper): yeah

[03:35] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[03:35] (blinkage): It works by the tippler sinusoid principle

[03:35] (Thelper): by my time we have alto better methods

[03:36] (blinkage): and the way you are using it contradicts the very foundation of the Tippler theory

[03:36] (AlexanderTT): blinkage I am going to say somethin very important, and I hope you remember this

[03:36] (blinkage): SO, care to explain how you get around this?

[03:37] (LoStEt): Thelper are you a TT from alex and titor timeline?

[03:37] (AlexanderTT): infinite should not be a stopping point for you equations, infinite can be succssesfully calculated

[03:37] (Thelper): I believe could be but not his time

[03:37] (SnowFireWatches): future way out here in 4000+ lstet

[03:37] *** PredatorPt has left #TimeTravellersInn

[03:37] *** PredatorPt has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:38] (Shaun__): x/0 = infinity :p

[03:38] (blinkage): a politicians answer

[03:38] *** PhoenixLa has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:38] *** cerial sets mode: +v PredatorPt

[03:38] *** Phoenix Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[03:38] (blinkage): does any of you know of what limitation im refering to?

[03:38] (AlexanderTT): no blinkage it is the answer to every time travel equation so far that does not work

[03:39] *** Shaun__ has left #timetravellersinn

[03:39] *** Shaun__ has joined #timetravellersinn

[03:39] ••• Shaun__ has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[03:39] *** LoStEt has left #TimeTravellersInn

[03:39] *** cerial sets mode: +v Shaun__

[03:39] *** LoStEt has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:40] (blinkage): No, Alexander. You are not so familiar with how your c404 operates?

[03:40] (AlexanderTT): i am more familier than you think, but not familiar enough to make one

[03:40] (cerial): anyone that has reg'ed need to AUTH their nick .. info on this is in the mail u get from dalnet

[03:41] (blinkage): so you are using 4 microsigularities for increased precision, right?

[03:41] (blinkage): hence the number 4

[03:41] (blinkage): or so i've have read in my logs

[03:42] *** OmegaKnight has left #TimeTravellersInn

[03:42] (AlexanderTT): no mine uses 2 microsingularities

[03:42] *** OmegaKnight has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:42] (blinkage): hmm...

[03:42] (AlexanderTT): the D101 experimental is using 4 I do not know why 4 though

[03:43] (Thelper): care there accident with a later d version

[03:43] (Thelper): not much damange only minal

[03:44] (AlexanderTT): yes, it would seem they are getting careless with the D model's

[03:44] (AlexanderTT): they are trying to travel to far forward

[03:45] (PredatorPt): Thelper, are you a TT from Titor's and Alexander timeline?

[03:45] (cerial): no PredatorPt

[03:45] (cerial): hes from far in the future !

[03:46] (AlexanderTT): wow this tornado gets really close to my house, interesting

[03:46] (blinkage): is tippler a famous person in your time?

[03:46] (AlexanderTT): its fixin to pass by

[03:47] (PredatorPt): ok cerial

[03:47] (AlexanderTT): tippler is not as famous as hawking

[03:47] (AlexanderTT): hawking does not believe in TT and he will disprove himself in the near future

[03:47] (blinkage): but still it's tipplers principle that is being used to warp time...

[03:48] (SnowFireWatches): ive been in a tornado - no fun - take cover - seriously

[03:48] (SnowFireWatches): hey!

[03:48] (SnowFireWatches): haeking

[03:48] (Thelper): hmm long u survive the storm

[03:48] (Thelper): thou

[03:48] (SnowFireWatches): hawking pheonis youknow what im thinking

[03:48] *** cerial sets mode: +v LoStEt

[03:49] (SnowFireWatches): may i pm you alex/

[03:49] (AlexanderTT): it just passed heres the rain

[03:49] (SnowFireWatches): or i cando it here but it off topic

[03:49] (SnowFireWatches): good glad you are safe

[03:49] (AlexanderTT): why GPS was beeping like crazy there for awhile

[03:49] (blinkage): well im off

[03:49] (SnowFireWatches): bye blink

[03:49] (Shaun__): bye

[03:49] (PredatorPt): bye

[03:49] (blinkage): can't get any straight answers anyway

[03:50] (SnowFireWatches): alex may i realte a story that involves hawking and get your opinion?

[03:50] (SnowFireWatches): or perhaps you have laredy read it in the forum?

[03:51] (AlexanderTT): sure snow

[03:51] (AlexanderTT): sorry if i am disconnected but its lightning really bad right now

[03:51] (SnowFireWatches): perhap i will get the link its not too long and then you can jut read it there hang on

[03:51] (SnowFireWatches): brb

[03:52] (AlexanderTT): I would love to post equations from my manual but I have been informed not to

[03:52] (PredatorPt): AlexanderTT, how do a world/timeline that suffered a nuclear war find the resources to start time travelling? Or the will?

[03:52] (Thelper): not all is destroyed

[03:52] (Thelper): and to rebuild time travel is best option no?

[03:52] (totally): Alexander, any biological weapons being used in the war?

[03:53] (SnowFireWatches): this is what drew me to the forum -

[03:53] (Thelper): yes

[03:53] (Thelper): they fuk you water supply

[03:53] (Thelper): USA has them

[03:53] (Thelper): now

[03:53] (AlexanderTT): yes, both sides use them duing the civil war

[03:53] (SnowFireWatches): rather than go through retyping if you just read my story there and offer your comments on what happened?

[03:53] (Thelper): the non lethal are bad

[03:54] (AlexanderTT): yes SnowFireWatches. he will die several times to you

[03:55] (AlexanderTT): I have advanced knowledge of the resoning behind this but I will not explain

[03:55] (totally): Should we expect a pandemic?

[03:55] (AlexanderTT): steven hawking is alive and will be for awhile

[03:56] (LoStEt): AlexanderTT or Thelper..what kind of airplanes..exists in the future?

[03:56] (SnowFireWatches): tell me what my experience was

[03:56] (SnowFireWatches): my timeline was changed?

[03:56] (SnowFireWatches): and i have a memory?

[03:57] (SnowFireWatches): was he "rescued"

[03:57] (totally): Anyway, I'm off to bed :) Good night everyone

[03:57] (Shaun__): nite

[03:57] (PredatorPt): bye

[03:57] *** Ziggy has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:57] (AlexanderTT): SnowFireWatches, the one I am here to find rescued him if you would call it "rescue"

[03:58] *** JediStryker has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[03:58] (SnowFireWatches): changed the timeline

[03:58] (SnowFireWatches): okay i had that posted as apoossiblity

[03:58] (SnowFireWatches): what i want to understand is why i now about it?

[03:58] *** jondz has joined #timetravellersinn

[03:58] ••• jondz has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[03:58] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v jondz

[03:59] (SnowFireWatches): shouldnt i still be in the timeline where he died? two years ago?

[03:59] (Thelper): in some timeline u are the guy he came to get

[03:59] (Thelper): think of it that way


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[04:00] *** OmegaKnight Quit (Quit:)

[04:00] (SnowFireWatches): im sorry that went over my head

[04:01] (cerial): ah right Thelper

[04:01] (cerial): but not this one !

[04:01] (cerial): 04:01] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[04:01] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa

[04:01] (SnowFireWatches): that does not mae sense to me im sorry

[04:02] *** aguynwgalaxy has joined #timetravellersinn

[04:02] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v aguynwgalaxy

[04:02] *** DeadMercenary has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:02] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v DeadMercenary

[04:02] (cerial): he means that in one timeline u are the person that alex came back to get ...

[04:02] (cerial): u have the knowledge

[04:02] (AlexanderTT): SnowFireWatches, none of this can make sense to any of you, you are all still thinking to linear

[04:02] *** xEdgex has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:02] (SnowFireWatches): well that may be an answer but not to the question i am asking

[04:03] (cerial): all things have happened already ..

[04:03] (SnowFireWatches): but not in one time line - in different ones

[04:03] (SnowFireWatches): right?

[04:03] (Shaun__): and also they have not

[04:03] (cerial): every expierence has already been played out

[04:04] (SnowFireWatches): was i in a differnt timeline when i mentally recorded the death of steven hawking?

[04:04] (AlexanderTT): SnowFireWatches, you do not remain on this worldline

[04:04] (SnowFireWatches): or did someone change the past in "my" timeline

[04:04] (aguynwgalaxy): AlexanderTT on forum you said on forum one question to be answered %100 straight forward. i have just one. i would like a head start on where to team up with others that faught along your side. so i can join them in there stance. how would i do this cause im near chicago

[04:05] (AlexanderTT): this is a question, worthy of my time

[04:05] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[04:05] (SnowFireWatches): hmmmm

[04:05] (cerial): hehe

[04:05] (cerial): i can;t ask that ... me being in ireland an all !

[04:05] (AlexanderTT): start talking to people right now about the war, you can find the people who will believe it

[04:05] (SnowFireWatches): maybe when you are bored with nothing to do you can help me understand what i experienced

[04:05] (AlexanderTT): stay in contact with them, and make plans with them, to be carried out when the time comes

[04:06] (Ziggy): You can take a boat cerial and come on over!

[04:06] (AlexanderTT): also, leave after the election and com south

[04:06] (Thelper): it ashame we all must die including me cuz im stuck in this timeline for now

[04:06] (aguynwgalaxy): how far south georgia south or florida south

[04:06] (JediStryker): If multiple worldlines exist, and are being created all the time, then we are all the product of splits upon splits upon splits of reality. That being the case, SFW, the possibility is that you somehow have memories from a previous reality that you "came into being" from; one where Professor Hawking died.

[04:06] (AlexanderTT): remember the confederate states?

[04:07] (AlexanderTT): that far south

[04:07] (aguynwgalaxy): ok, ill check into that

[04:07] (AlexanderTT): JediStryker, but hawking will be a special case

[04:07] (Shaun__): yeah worldline is a deceptive term, it's more of a worldsquiggle

[04:07] (JediStryker): Why should he be any different?

[04:08] (cerial): JediStryker .. all worldlines have been created already ? alex ?

[04:08] (AlexanderTT): you will all hear of his death and then be seen he is still alive

[04:08] (Thelper): no u can create new ones

[04:08] (Thelper): as well

[04:08] (AlexanderTT): no, more are being made

[04:08] (cerial): right

[04:08] (cerial): or turned on ?

[04:08] (JediStryker): Just by going back in time you would create a new timeline.

[04:08] *** Stonedog has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:08] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Stonedog

[04:09] (AlexanderTT): but they are being created in a way that can be calculated

[04:09] (Thelper): true depdends on your method however

[04:09] (SnowFireWatches): well i was hoping the two experinced rimetravellers here could explain to me how/why that is possible - that i have a memory - of something that happenin a different timeline?

[04:09] (AlexanderTT): we all do SnowFireWatches

[04:09] (Shaun__): they clone hawkins?

[04:09] (SnowFireWatches): are all the "me's" connected in some way?

[04:09] (AlexanderTT): some are smaller than others

[04:09] (AlexanderTT): yes SnowFireWatches, they are

[04:09] (JediStryker): If you believe in String Theory, then everything is connected.

[04:09] *** PamelaM has joined #TimetravellersInn

[04:09] (Thelper): cuz u are connected i believe to all yous in all timeline and sometimes a connection can be made

[04:09] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v PamelaM

[04:10] (cerial): heya pam

[04:10] (PamelaM): hi

[04:10] (AlexanderTT): wow i have never seen this chat so large

[04:10] (Shaun__): hi

[04:10] (josephc): hello

[04:10] (AlexanderTT): hello pamela

[04:10] (cerial): ur a popular guy alex !

[04:10] (PredatorPt): haa haa haa

[04:10] (PamelaM): Hello Alex got your PM

[04:10] (AlexanderTT): well I would hope so

[04:10] (PamelaM): wow there is a lot of people here

[04:10] *** W4RL[]RD has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:10] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v W4RL[]RD

[04:11] (cerial): i wonder how many are spooks !?!??!?!

[04:11] (SnowFireWatches): thanks you and that part about your "target" being the one that "rescued" hawkings is fascinating - topic for another time thanks again

[04:11] (josephc): hmm.

[04:11] (AlexanderTT): anytime SnowFireWatches

[04:11] (AlexanderTT): remember this for food to think about

[04:11] (JediStryker): I believe that the theory behind multiple realities is that individual electrons exist in different states at the same time; this means that the electrons that make you up also exist in other states that make up a whole 'nother person. So, SFW, perhaps some of those electrons shifted and gave you memories from another timeline?

[04:11] (AlexanderTT): i must be found in order to complete my mission

[04:11] (cerial): deju vu alex ??

[04:11] (JediStryker): I know that I am not a TT, but perhaps my insight can be helpful. :)

[04:12] (cerial): u must be found alex ??

[04:12] (AlexanderTT): yes I must be found, but that is another secret for another time

[04:12] *** atn57 Quit (Ping timeout)

[04:12] (Thelper): I know why

[04:12] *** LoStEt Quit (Quit)

[04:12] (W4RL[]RD): Alexander, what is this I hear about other "time travellers" send by your government to take out the "rebels" aka you?

[04:13] (aguynwgalaxy): found by citizins or by goverment?

[04:13] (Thelper): it not his goverment

[04:13] (SnowFireWatches): by "the target"

[04:13] *** Fullwave has joined #timetravellersinn

[04:13] (AlexanderTT): i have no knowledge of TT'rs sent to stop the resistance

[04:13] (Thelper): it a dirrect timeline we believe it may not even be totally human

[04:13] (W4RL[]RD): alright

[04:13] (PamelaM): There are other time travelers here to get alex?

[04:13] (JediStryker): That would be a fairly pointless endeavor, anyhow.

[04:13] (W4RL[]RD): So a worldline is basically a dimention... unless you say there is a difference?

[04:13] (Thelper): no pam

[04:14] (Thelper): there is a special person in your timeline

[04:14] (SnowFireWatches): you are going love this log pamela - this has been one fascinating night

[04:14] (JediStryker): Any changes made would simply create a new timeline, not alter the timeline they came from.

[04:14] (Thelper): that is immortal

[04:14] (Thelper): that his timeline needs

[04:14] (Thelper): to help with current issues

[04:14] (PamelaM): can you send it to me firewatchers?

[04:14] (AlexanderTT): you would call it a demintion yes

[04:14] (SnowFireWatches): i can if you tell me how sorry a newbie to mirc

[04:14] (AlexanderTT): i have decided it was time to release the first of my secrets Pamela

[04:14] (PamelaM): what was it?

[04:15] (Thelper): well haa haa haa i sorta did it for ya

[04:15] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[04:15] (AlexanderTT): I am searching for someone

[04:15] (SnowFireWatches): yeah - who decided

[04:15] (AlexanderTT): youknew of this

[04:15] (PamelaM): did you find him?

[04:15] (W4RL[]RD): Alexander this better not be me, because I "KNOW" I'll be on all your wanted posters in 2038 ;)

[04:15] (AlexanderTT): no, not yet

[04:15] (JediStryker): Who is this person?

[04:15] (SnowFireWatches): i suggest ignore for warlord

[04:15] (JediStryker): I apologize, I came in late.

[04:16] (SnowFireWatches): sorry dud but we are having a diferent conversation tonight

[04:16] (W4RL[]RD): snow what else do you suggest? I'm very curious in all that you have to suggest

[04:16] (AlexanderTT): the one with all the answers JediStryker

[04:16] (PamelaM): azrual do you remember my email can you send me the log ?

[04:16] (cerial): PM me if u need info folks

[04:16] (PamelaM): God?

[04:16] (JediStryker): To what questions, Alex?

[04:16] *** Stonedog Quit (Quit)

[04:16] (AlexanderTT): no not god

[04:16] (Thelper): he knows your here right?

[04:16] (josephc): the first timetraveller, who is immortal

[04:16] (Thelper): not sure if a TT

[04:16] (PamelaM): he is the only one I know that has all the answers.

[04:16] (AlexanderTT): he is looking for me , he might be in this room, I do not know

[04:16] (Shaun__): alex is looking for someone with all the answers and we're looking for all the answers from alex!

[04:16] (Thelper): might just be genious

[04:17] (W4RL[]RD): er

[04:17] (AlexanderTT): well maybe not all but most

[04:17] (aguynwgalaxy): does he personaly know you?

[04:17] (W4RL[]RD): just read the topic... can I ask you something in private, alexander?

[04:17] *** Fullwave has left #timetravellersinn

[04:17] (W4RL[]RD): ok thanks

[04:17] (Thelper): alex did u set a place to meet him online?

[04:17] (JediStryker): I am actually looking for the questions. You cannot truly understand an answer before you understand the questions. So Douglas Adams taught us. ;)

[04:17] (AlexanderTT): thelper, I am still looking for him

[04:18] (PamelaM): Is he your friend?

[04:18] (aguynwgalaxy): AlexanderTT may i pm you?

[04:18] (JediStryker): This...immortal. How did you come to know of him?

[04:18] (SnowFireWatches): dont you mean waiting for him alex?

[04:18] (AlexanderTT): yes he is everyone's friend so-to-speak

[04:18] (josephc): did anyone find information on a 1970's TV interview where thisguy proclaims he is immortal?

[04:18] (AlexanderTT): i must take him back with me

[04:18] (PamelaM): no

[04:18] (SnowFireWatches): i am not going todo anymore research until i leave this chat

[04:18] (PamelaM): kidding..haa haa haa

[04:19] (Thelper): he has knowledge to cure flu 127?

[04:19] *** Fullwave has joined #timetravellersinn

[04:19] (Shaun__): I might have missed this being asked before but how are you going about finding him or causing him to find you?

[04:19] (AlexanderTT): and he has knowledge of a LOT more

[04:19] (JediStryker): Why would he want to go to the future?

[04:19] (josephc): he supposedly knows they are looking for him.

[04:19] (Thelper): he would been told

[04:19] (Thelper): by another TT

[04:20] (Thelper): that this time is when they come for him perhaps

[04:20] (josephc): are you eliding that heknows about the 'creation' of man?

[04:20] (josephc): eluding**

[04:20] (AlexanderTT): something like that, i guess

[04:20] (AlexanderTT): he just knows

[04:20] (Thelper): no

[04:20] (AlexanderTT): leave it at that

[04:20] (Thelper): he knows alot thou

[04:20] (PamelaM): if you take him we wont have him here.

[04:20] (Thelper): he going to die

[04:20] (Thelper): pam

[04:20] (Thelper): is y

[04:20] (aguynwgalaxy): alex can i msg you?

[04:20] (Thelper): must take him

[04:20] (josephc): he supposedly will die in 1025 in he does not take him

[04:20] (JediStryker): I wonder, is he somehow able to see into the other timelines? Does he connect with them somehow and come to knowledge through experiences on the other timelines?

[04:20] (josephc): 2015**

[04:20] (W4RL[]RD): Alexander, I've read on the message board that you have no knowledge of ET's... but if our current government has been defeated, who has the authority to "cover things up" on your world? Why would someone have clearance for this info and not someone else? Who gave anyone the right to assign "clearances" to others?

[04:20] (SnowFireWatches): if hedont take him he willdie in 2015

[04:20] (AlexanderTT): you dont need him, you are not ready for him, we are

[04:21] (W4RL[]RD): This goes right back into what our current government is doing and seems to start all over again

[04:21] (PamelaM): how do you know we are not?

[04:21] (Shaun__): perhaps the other TT was unsuccesful in convincing this person

[04:21] (SnowFireWatches): is he going to go of his own free will?

[04:21] (Thelper): he a secret them flying craft are TTs

[04:21] (Thelper): in 3000+ century

[04:21] (W4RL[]RD): But not all of them

[04:21] (Ziggy): You just can't take someone out of our timeline cause you think we don't deserve them.

[04:21] (AlexanderTT): because you have not gone through you change yet Pamela

[04:21] (PamelaM): how do you know Alex?

[04:22] (josephc): alex: how does this man travel throughout time? how has he bcome immortal?

[04:22] (AlexanderTT): the war will be the start of something so much grander , he will not survive , we must save him

[04:22] (W4RL[]RD): Alex, would you violate the free will of the entire population by removing someone from the wordline under your authority?

[04:22] (JediStryker): Is there anyway that this chat can be moderated? I mean, questions submitted and answered one at a time? No offense, but I find this chat system a bit disconcerting. :\

[04:22] (Shaun__): must be a learning experience we haven't had the experience to learn from yet :/

[04:22] (W4RL[]RD): And that desire to save him, is a bit selfish is it not?

[04:23] (Ziggy): That's just not right.

[04:23] (Thelper): they need him for flu 127

[04:23] (Ziggy): You are not God

[04:23] (Thelper): and other reason

[04:23] * Shaun__ 's head explodes

[04:23] (AlexanderTT): and many other things

[04:23] (PamelaM): what if he doesnt want to go?

[04:23] (PhoenixLa): It would benifit us too if we survive with the guy still in our time line later on

[04:23] (SnowFireWatches): may i ask if he does anything useful to us or detrimental to us between now and 2015?

[04:23] (AlexanderTT): he does, he knows we are looking for him

[04:23] *** Ziggy was kicked by cerial (show a bit of respect please

[04:23] (Thelper): he will want to go and does

[04:23] (JediStryker): If Alex takes him to the future from our timeline, theoretically we lose him. :(

[04:24] (m0s3s): who wouldnt want to go?

[04:24] (PhoenixLa): for a short period

[04:24] (AlexanderTT): no, your descendants gain him

[04:24] (PhoenixLa): but better that than for eternity

[04:24] (Thelper): yes

[04:24] (W4RL[]RD): The point is, Alexander would rather violate all our free wills.. it doesn't matter what our opinion is or what we want. It's only what HE wants and HIS world wants. This makes them service to self, and therefore they cannot be trusted with objectivity...

[04:24] *** Ziggy has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:24] ••• Ziggy has 1 kicks / 0 bankicks (F7 for info / F10 to clear)

[04:24] (cerial): we donlt need hin Jed

[04:24] (W4RL[]RD): But this is second nature if you open your mind:)

[04:24] (JediStryker): Not according to the theory of multiple timelines, Alex

[04:24] (Shaun__): if he can't contribute to us and just dies then his life is wasted anyway

[04:24] (Thelper): you dont understand

[04:24] (Ziggy): I was showing respect to God.

[04:24] (Thelper): how it works do you?

[04:24] (JediStryker): Any past you take him to will be a newly created timeline.

[04:24] (Thelper): if he saves him he will be alive in your timeline also

[04:24] (JediStryker): Not our own

[04:24] (Thelper): it balances it self out

[04:24] (JediStryker): How is that, Thelper?

[04:25] (josephc): i dont understand how they knew this person would be in this partuclar worldline.

[04:25] (PamelaM): Thelper you a time traveler?


[04:25] (AlexanderTT): you know so little of worldlines yet you ask such questions

[04:25] (Thelper): haa haa haa

[04:25] (JediStryker): To whom are you referring, Alex?

[04:25] (josephc): me! so please educate us.... please instead of having a hidden agenda of trying to make us 'think'

[04:25] (AlexanderTT): everyone here, we do not concern ouselves with paradoxes, nature balances them out

[04:26] (JediStryker): By creating new timelines

[04:26] (aguynwgalaxy): alex does this person know things subconciously?

[04:26] (Thelper): josephc it like 00.78 varaince now so in alex timeline he is dead from war so he came back to save him for both us understand yet?

[04:26] *** Iceshake has joined #timetravellersinn

[04:26] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Iceshake

[04:26] (JediStryker): I am not proposing a paradox, I am actually speaking of how they cannot exist.

[04:26] (AlexanderTT): this person knows excatly who he is and what he is going to do

[04:26] (cerial): the multiverse is .. at the end of the day .... netural

[04:26] (josephc): ok

[04:26] (AlexanderTT): correct cerial

[04:26] (PamelaM): thats your mission Alex to bring him back?

[04:27] (AlexanderTT): yes that is my secondary protocol, and I have a third if neccassary

[04:27] (josephc): alex, thelper: you two know each other and can verify eachs claims of TT?

[04:27] (SnowFireWatches): how does your timeline - alex - come to realize they need this person? Who tells you he is out there?

[04:28] (Thelper): probably a future timeline

[04:28] (Thelper): tells them

[04:28] (PredatorPt): good question SnowFire

[04:28] (AlexanderTT): i just follow orders

[04:28] (SnowFireWatches): no - actually for awhile tonight alex might have killed thelper and may yet if he is frank

[04:28] (Shaun__): yep good one

[04:28] (JediStryker): I agree that it is natural. What I am saying is that when someone goes back in time, they create a new timeline. They can never travel back into the same timeline, for the very act of going back in time creates a new timeline. Therefore, you could never take someone from this timeline back into the past of this timeline. You would be creating a new one each step back you took.

[04:28] (MadIce): Do you believe the collision of the branes of two parallel worlds caused the Big Bang, Alex? Just an idea proposed here: URL=

[04:29] (Thelper): u c TT is way of advancement u can go anywhere in time to gain knowledge u need for that advancement not only that but in my timeline we progressed to next lvl prob close to a lvl 3

[04:29] (AlexanderTT): JediStryker, you are missing the point that I (singularly) do not travel , multi me's travel

[04:29] (PamelaM): you mean if you go up to him and ask him to come back he will just say "Ok I have been waiting for you." ?

[04:29] (aguynwgalaxy): Alex may i ask if you can give this out how old this person is in our time?

[04:29] (Thelper): u can go back fix mistakes u have made using TT

[04:29] (Thelper): till u have perfect timeline

[04:29] (josephc): thousands of yrs old...

[04:29] (AlexanderTT): something like that Pamela

[04:29] (PamelaM): ok


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 05, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 05, 00:27, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[04:30] (AlexanderTT): please kick/ban fullwave he claims to be in government intelligence

[04:30] (JediStryker): I accept that to a point. However, you're implying that a you from another timeline could go back and appear in this one. I am saying that is not possible; by going back they CREATE a NEW timeline, they do not appear in an existing timeline.

[04:30] (Thelper): oh fuk really?

[04:30] (Thelper): wtf

[04:30] (PamelaM): Do you want me to post something on Anomalies web site for you to help you find him?

[04:30] *** cerial sets mode: +b *!*iij@*

[04:30] ••• (#TimeTravellersInn) Banned- Fullwave

[04:30] *** Fullwave was kicked by cerial (Blacklisted- the will of the people)

[04:30] (W4RL[]RD): But fullwave can't be.. he's in ohio state university

[04:30] (W4RL[]RD): he's a college kid

[04:30] (josephc): may I pm you pamela? i have a ?

[04:31] (Ziggy): OK I see how this works. If you're skeptical or have questions people don't agree with they kick you off or ban you. Cerial you're just mean

[04:31] (AlexanderTT): yes pamela please!!

[04:31] (Shaun__): well he's not a very bright one

[04:31] (PamelaM): yes josephc

[04:31] (SnowFireWatches): your are not supposed to cuss here thelper and they wont let me so dont make jealous

[04:31] (JediStryker): I haven't been kicked yet, Ziggy.

[04:31] (AlexanderTT): it is imparative that I locate him

[04:31] (PamelaM): pm me on what you want posted alex

[04:31] (aguynwgalaxy): Alex can i ask how old this person is in our time? currently

[04:31] (AlexanderTT): ok i will

[04:31] (Ziggy): I was kicked. I didn't do anything.

[04:31] (cerial): yes u did

[04:31] (Ziggy): what?

[04:32] (Thelper): let just say over 600yrs old

[04:32] (Thelper): he is immortal

[04:32] (JediStryker): Anyway, I will move on from the timeline debate, as it doesn't seem to be striking much interest. Alex, if this person knows so much, why should you have to go through this trouble to locate him? Why hasn't he/she come to you?

[04:32] (Thelper): can die but not of age

[04:32] (SnowFireWatches): only 600?

[04:32] (Thelper): and has suvived

[04:32] (Thelper): all plagues and deseases

[04:32] (AlexanderTT): he apeares to be younger each time he is recorded

[04:32] (AlexanderTT): right now he should look in his 30's

[04:32] (cerial): hmmm

[04:32] (cerial): am i him ?

[04:33] (Thelper): yeah like he not aging he is growing younger

[04:33] (PamelaM): haa haa haa

[04:33] (PamelaM): haa haa haa@cerial

[04:33] (Ziggy): Not likely too close minded

[04:33] (aguynwgalaxy): Alex may i pm you?

[04:33] (JediStryker): I feel sorry for his mother, then. She gave birth to a 630 year old man!

[04:33] (Thelper): you mianly need him for flu 127 cuz that is porblem now

[04:33] (AlexanderTT): it is not that easy to find someone when you dont know his name or location, and ther is a third party wanting to kill you both

[04:33] (Thelper): and he cures it

[04:34] (m0s3s): why do you add a 127 to the end of it?

[04:34] (cerial): no Ziggy .. i'm more opened minded than most .. i jus donlt tolerate ppl telling others that they're not god !

[04:34] (AlexanderTT): it is the mutated flu that John died from

[04:34] (Thelper): why is frank want kill him now also

[04:34] (Shaun__): can you tell us where he originated? or did I miss that one being askes as well.. sorry in advance

[04:34] (m0s3s): o so its a specific strain?

[04:34] (Thelper): yes

[04:34] (Ziggy): I only meant there's only one God.

[04:34] (Thelper): it cured in my time

[04:34] (cerial): not so Ziggy

[04:34] (AlexanderTT): we do not know, he might be a TT

[04:34] (JediStryker): But if this person knows everything, as I believe was mentioned, then why don't they know that they are being sought to be saved and contacted you, unless they don't want you to find them and WANT to die?

[04:35] (cerial): there may be may gods

[04:35] (cerial): or one

[04:35] (Shaun__): ahh

[04:35] (cerial): but i don't know

[04:35] (PredatorPt): I'm off! Good night ppl

[04:35] (Shaun__): nite

[04:35] (SnowFireWatches): so youknow then thelper that alex completes his mission

[04:35] (cerial): and don't claim too :)

[04:35] (Ziggy): There's only one true God huh Alex?

[04:35] (AlexanderTT): no he is not a god, he is human

[04:35] (SnowFireWatches): why do you need tohelp him?

[04:35] (PhoenixLa): night predator

[04:35] (Thelper): he not god

[04:35] *** PredatorPt Quit (Quit)

[04:35] (MadIce): In the multiverse several parallel universes with worldlines like ours exists. So, multiple time travellers should travel like you, correct? What if they they have a different "agenda" due to QM probablitly?

[04:35] (Thelper): he just very smart

[04:35] (Thelper): and have invented fountain youth u call it

[04:36] (AlexanderTT): MadIce, if they are from similar worldline they have similar agenda's , this is how it balances out

[04:36] (cerial): hmmm

[04:36] (PamelaM): He is a good person Alex? A saint or something?

[04:36] (AlexanderTT): yes a very good person

[04:36] (Thelper): alex frank must be from a Evil worldine

[04:36] (Shaun__): so you would also have to convice this person that your society is ready for his knowledge?

[04:36] (AlexanderTT): he has helped many

[04:36] (SnowFireWatches): thelper if the flu was cured in yourtimeline then alex completed his mission why do youneed to help him find his target?

[04:36] (Shaun__): convince even

[04:36] (JediStryker): Alex, are there an infinite amount of timelines?

[04:37] (Thelper): think about your question snow

[04:37] (AlexanderTT): infinity can be calculated, when you discover this your equations will allow time travel

[04:37] (josephc): i think you missed this alex and thelper.....<josephc> alex, thelper: you two know each other and can verify eachs claims of TT?

[04:37] (SnowFireWatches): i did

[04:37] (PamelaM): hold on a second Thelper is a time traveler on alex's team or what?

[04:37] (W4RL[]RD): <Fullwave> I work for II, Internet Intelligence. We gather the latest Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad postings and threats. Lately there has been a lot of referencing to how Osama will Martyr himself before the end of the Islamic year, February 21st. We are on HIGH alert in the intelligence community as of now. Lately there has been a lot of chatter among terrorists. Is there anything you can tell me that I can benefit from?

[04:37] (JediStryker): That...makes no sense to me, Alex, I apologize. You're saying that infinity can be quantified?

[04:37] (SnowFireWatches): so just point out my error in logic and we can move on

[04:37] (MadIce): Thanks for your your earlier answer, Alex.

[04:38] (cerial): infinity is jus a very big number ??

[04:38] (W4RL[]RD): he asked me to ask this

[04:38] (Ziggy): This is a gifted person. One that asked God for all the gifts. And was rewarded.

[04:38] (Thelper): hmm

[04:38] (AlexanderTT): JediStryker, infinity does not exist, there is numbers however too large for your math

[04:38] (Thelper): tell him it jsut all joke

[04:38] (cerial): Ziggy .. less of the religious talk pls

[04:38] (Thelper): we want them think it joke ok

[04:38] (Thelper): plz

[04:39] *** BlueRaid has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[04:39] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v BlueRaid

[04:39] (Thelper): if governement believe this they will go out way to find

[04:39] (MadIce): I've read that there would be 10e118 parallel universes with habitable worlds like hours. That doesn't sound inifinite.

[04:39] *** exospire has joined #timetravellersinn

[04:39] *** H1t|M4n sets mode: +v exospire

[04:39] (AlexanderTT): i agree thelper, but I must find him

[04:39] (exospire): hello

[04:39] (aguynwgalaxy): alex can i pm you?

[04:39] (Shaun__): hi

[04:39] (PhoenixLa): There are ways of algebraically treating these number alexander?

[04:40] (cerial): thats jus level II mutliverse MadIce

[04:40] (MadIce): No. Level III

[04:40] (AlexanderTT): pheonix, your treating infinity wrong, it can be calculated like a 4 or an 8

[04:40] (MadIce): You don't want to live n Level II

[04:40] (Ziggy): OK maybe he was just born with all the gifts. I'm not trying to be religious. Just stating my feelings. There are certain thing we call gifts. Do we give them to ourselves?

[04:41] (JediStryker): That is fallacy, Alex. 'Infinity' is not a number, it's a concept.

[04:41] (cerial): maybe Ziggy

[04:41] (PhoenixLa): infinity + infinity = 2 infinity?

[04:41] (Ziggy): Certainly this person is extraordinary

[04:41] (AlexanderTT): supposedly the one I am looking for is from ancient technology far surpassing our own

[04:41] (Ziggy): From Atlantis?

[04:42] (AlexanderTT): closer pheonix

[04:42] (Shaun__): phoenix just created another universe

[04:42] (Ziggy): I mean the world before our own

[04:42] (cerial): infinity is jus a term we give to a number we can;t comprehend !

[04:42] (SnowFireWatches): but thelper says he is 600 years old

[04:42] (cerial): or can;t put a value on

[04:43] (cerial): everything in finite

[04:43] (Ziggy): k way too young for that

[04:43] (cerial): infinity is not "real"

[04:43] (BlueRaid): Hi there Alex...may I ask a question?

[04:43] (JediStryker): That is actually untrue, cerial. Infinity is not a number that we cannot comprehend, it is a concept that states that numbers themselves continue without end. You can count forever, because numbers do not end.

[04:43] (josephc): ancient 'alien' technology? and i thought Alex said thousands of years old!?!?

[04:43] (Thelper): i said over

[04:43] (cerial): sorry jedi .. ur right

[04:44] (cerial): but they do end !

[04:44] (JediStryker): How could that be?

[04:44] (AlexanderTT): we do not know how old he is

[04:44] (xEdgex): ...

[04:44] (cerial): well apart from .3333333333333333333333333333333333333

[04:44] (cerial):

[04:44] (cerial): haa haa haa

[04:44] (SnowFireWatches): over 600

[04:44] (JediStryker): I could count forever, I just may not have names and concepts for numbers that we have not quantified yet?

[04:44] (SnowFireWatches): ok

[04:44] (Ziggy): So he could be "way" older than 600?

[04:44] (SnowFireWatches): is he still alive in your time thelper?

[04:44] (cerial): ancient 'alien' technology? <<< he said "from ancient technology"

[04:45] (Ziggy): there is a vast difference

[04:45] (josephc): ok thx.

[04:45] (Thelper): hw lived throught plagues that for sure and other dire times

[04:45] (Thelper): yes

[04:45] (SnowFireWatches): haa haa haa

[04:45] (BlueRaid): Alex, I read where you said you traveled most of the southeast on foot

[04:45] (BlueRaid): how does Tenness fare during the war?

[04:45] (BlueRaid): Tennessee

[04:45] (Shaun__): I think it means a mathametical infinity not a philosophical one

[04:45] (AlexanderTT): yes, not right now of course, I drive

[04:45] (JediStryker): Moving from mathematics now, I suppose, I have another question. If this man can and apparently has cured this virus, how did he do this in the first place, before Alex came to retrieve him?

[04:46] (PhoenixLa): Why does he get killed on nuke day? surely he would know where to go

[04:46] (Thelper): simple answer he didnt

[04:46] (Thelper): it balances out

[04:46] (JediStryker): I thought you said that he had, Thelper?

[04:46] (cerial): ok .. let alex answer before more quesitons

[04:46] (AlexanderTT): most of survived the war by chance

[04:46] (PhoenixLa): ok

[04:46] (MadIce): It balances out? With what?

[04:47] (Thelper): the whole superverse

[04:47] (Thelper): as stated

[04:47] (PamelaM): thelper what kind of time traveler are you what year did you come from?

[04:47] (AlexanderTT): MadIce, I could not possibly explain it to you, every thing you have every thought about how the universe works is wrong

[04:47] (JediStryker): In what manner would it 'balance out'? By the very fact that it creates new timelines, it is balancing itself out.

[04:48] (MadIce): Superverse? I recall universe and multiverse. I can cope with a Level IV one, but that's all I can go for.

[04:48] (Thelper): eveyrthing can happen that u can think of or imagine, so in one timeline or another he will be saved which will effect the close timeline to that timeline in same way....

[04:48] (Thelper): hence if he saved him

[04:48] *** DeadMercenary Quit (Quit)

[04:48] (Thelper): we will have him

[04:48] (Thelper): when we reach the timeline

[04:48] (cerial): see i doesn;t matter if alex gets him or not ... in another worldline he has ..

[04:48] (Thelper): that eh took him too

[04:48] (aguynwgalaxy): is the universe real or is it a screen made by the goverment. very weird question i know but hey we wouldnt have thought we would be traced by money

[04:48] (Shaun__): have you posted on the board btw thelper?

[04:48] (BlueRaid): it possible for you to tell us who the democrat will pick as his running mate in the election this year?

[04:48] (Thelper): so say he take him to 2065 when we reach that we will have him were if he didint none us would have his knowledge

[04:49] (Thelper): make sense?

[04:49] (JediStryker): No, not really.

[04:49] (AlexanderTT): ok I just recieved a call, from someone who has been waiting to meet me, I must go now

[04:49] (aguynwgalaxy): bye alex

[04:49] (m0s3s): cya

[04:49] (cerial): cya alex

[04:49] (SnowFireWatches): bye alex

[04:49] (jondz): bye

[04:49] (SnowFireWatches): thanks for your time

[04:49] (Shaun__): ok, thx for talking to us

[04:49] (JediStryker): Good-bye, Alex. Take care.

[04:50] (cerial): stay safe mate

[04:50] (MadIce): Cya

[04:50] (scififan28): take care

[04:50] (BlueRaid): goodnight Alex

[04:50] (AlexanderTT): i will return later tonight, if I can

[04:50] (PhoenixLa): night Alexander

[04:50] *** AlexanderTT Quit (Quit)


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Jun 11, 2004
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