Photon Unification


Photon Unification

Photons are the supposed carriers of the Electromagnetic force, and they travel at the speed of light. They are the particle form of light, and also have a wave form. How about photons carrying the gravitational force? The reason for this is because the force of Gravity seems to travel at the speed of light, and it also is proposed to have a wave-form!

Anyway, I was going to propose that the curving of space-time is due to the photon density, thus telling that Electromagnetism also curves space-time due to the amount of photons being absorbed by an object depending on where it is. One might say that curved space-time is due to the gain in energy depending on the point.(you gain more with the closer you get) Thus unifying Gravity and EM!


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Photon Unification

Originally posted by iooqxpooi@Sep 8 2004, 06:29 AM
(maybe photons are points in space-time!)
Well they are a wave which does have a wave length and amplitude. Point's don't have length by definition.