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Prince of Persi

There is action, drama, terror and frustration involved in the new Prince of Persia series. But there is also Time Travel. Infact Time Travel is the only thing it is about. That and can a person alter his fate through Time Travel. In the first Prince of Persia:Sands of Time. You accidently unlock the hourglass that holds the sands. Releasing a terrible power. You gain the ability to slow, rewind and alter time around you. You use this to Face the errors of your ways an prevent the sands form being opened in the first place.

In the second, Prince of Persia:Warrior Withen. You , after undoing what you had done are now being hunted by the dahaka a creature created when you prevented the sands from being opened and altered your fate. This create is invincible, and exists for only one reason. To kill you, as your fate had been written. You see you were suppose to die in the original. You did not, now fate is fixing the mishape. You actually time travel between times, you are trying to prevent the sands from being created in the first place and in doing so preventing your death and the creation of the Dahaka...All very interesting stuff.
Prince of Persi

Yeah PoP is awesome. I was a big fan of the original and have Sands of Time for PC. My only complaint is that despite the great graphics and killer moves and fantastic storyline, it was just way too easy to complete. The game should have either been longer or harder IMO, especially being a single player only game.
Other than the difficulty issue it was truly an innovative game and one of the best to surface in quite awhile.
I have yet to play the latest PoP.