Psychic Dreams


Psychic Dreams

When I was younger I like to study dream interpretation so I kept a journal of dreams. Eventually I came to feel that interpretation was just a pseudoscience (B.S. to be more specific) but I did notice in my journal that often about 3 months after the time of certain dreams very similiar real world events would occur. These were never predictions of major events, just mundane activities. They were also never completely accurate but were very close. For examle:

I once dreamed that some friends and I were in an elaborate and unfamiliar building. We were impressed with the architecture especially the ceiling.

About three months later a group of friends and I went to a comedy show at the city auditorium. This was the first time I had ever been there. We were impressed with the art deco appearence of the place, especially the ceilings.

I dreamed that I was in my dormroom with a friend name Jay T. Suddenly another friend named Steve came in and announced that he was going to join the army. We were suprised. He asked if I wanted to join too, I said no because I didn't want to get an army haircut.

A few months later I was in my dormroom with a friend name Jay T, but not the same one as the dream (the first names were the same but the last names were different even though both started with T). Steve came in and said that his pilot slot had been eliminated because of defense cuts. This was the early 90's and such cuts were common among ROTC units. He said that he had decided to quit airforce ROTC and join the army reserves. He did and now he is a Captain in the army. He said that I should join too so that I could clean up my image. ( I had long hair past my shoulders back then:))

Anyway, nothing earthshattering here, just a few dreams that seem to be pretty close predictions to real events.


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Re: Psychic Dreams

This is a subject of particular interest to me, and I hope you will consider my attempt to explain it.Imagine your own consciousness as a finite thing held within an infinite container - the universe. Imagine, now, that your consciousness holds within itself a mirror image of that infinity. That image is experience. In the process of sorting through infinite experience, the finite consciousness perpetuates the illusions of space and time, of objectivity.

In a dream, there is no outward experience of the mind's universal container, only introspection upon its image. During this introspection, the universe becomes the finite body and the mind becomes its infinite container; The mechanisms are, essentially, reversed. The illusory chains that bind us from knowing the "future" are removed and placed upon the outward universe.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of dreams, it is a rare and difficult accomplishment to actually hold any measure of control over them. As such, human glimpses of truth outside the bonds of waking life often seem random or trivial, as you describe.


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Re: Psychic Dreams

I am quite familiar with precognative dreams. I have had them myself since I was a little girl , And I pay very close attention to my dreams now.

Like yours mine are never the exact same as what really happens, But the theme/ meaning of the dream is the same.

Sounds to me like you are having precognative dreams. Have you ever tried to interpret your dreams right after you have them or anthing like that? You might want to look into them.