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I just rented the video game psychonauts today. Its about this psychic kid at a psychic summer camp. You have a bunch of powers at your disposal. Telekinesis Pyrokinesis, levitation, ect, ect. This game takes a different approach at psychics and things. I thought it was going to be more like psi-ops as far as the way your powers work, but its way different. With levitation this little psi ball pops up underneath you and you sort of roll around on it. When you jump you bounce really high and you can float back down. It isnt like you can just fly. Has anyone else here played it? Tell me what you think of it!


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Re: Psychonauts

I've heard about it, and it sounded really good. I guess the guy who made this game made a different one a while back and everyone loved it. Is it for the PS2, the XBox or the Gamecube? I might have to go check it out now that I've read this :)

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