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is this real or fake?


Mexican TV revealed an almost unbelievable story that in May, 2007, a baby ‘alien’ was found alive by a farmer in Mexico, according to news from, after the discovery the farmer drowned it in a ditch out of fear.Is it a real alien or just an elaborate hoax to explain the mysterious death? The tests revealed that although it has some similar joints to humans, its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard; also its teeth do not have any roots like humans. The farmer said that he had to hold it underwater for hours.

The scientists said that the creature was very intelligent.According to the report by there are frequent UFO sightings and reports of crop circles in the area where the creature was found. Perhaps it was left behind deliberately by aliens.
This creature isn't human, and it definitely doesn't look like a dog or any other small animal. From what we know, governments like to hide the truth about UFOs and ETs, so it's kinda unlikely that they didn't visit the farmer to get their hands on this thing and hide it from everyone. I guess the picture was taken before the gov took it back or something...

Here's a link with much more information:

It looks like the farmer died not so long after the discovery. Sounds familiar.
Lopez himself died in a very hot car fire, hotter than it should have been, according to some. This death, which was either an accident, inept pyromania, or even a lightning strike, is attributed to a “revenge attack”. Understandable as that would be, given the publicity alone, the tale has apparently now moved into the Speculate First And Think Afterwards Zone. Crop circles, abandoned alien babies, and other theories are no more than one would expect from a sector not famous for either its imagination or its rhetoric.
The creature has a large brain pan, and looks like a sawn off version of just about any science fiction movie with a low budget where the producer knows someone with a lot of store dummies. Like Roswell, this morphology is pretty common for people who aren’t trying too hard with their hoaxes, but more elaborate. The Roswell bodies were interesting, because there was absolutely no muscular or other differentiation between individuals, which is almost impossible, genetically, except in insects.
Apparently it took Lopez a long time to drown this creature. He had to hold it underwater three times. This is where the story gets hazy. Even allowing for the natural charm and social skills of human beings (which will no doubt endear them to the inhabitants of the universe for millions of years to come), picking up a baby something or other and drowning it is a bit extreme as a method of dealing with a situation like this.
Well, some elements of this story make it sound believable, others don't. I'm not sure, but my common sense tells me it's likely a clever hoax. The only thing that bothers me is the farmer's death.

What do you think ?