Recent Helium balloon hoax


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Recent Helium balloon hoax

Does anyone think that is a big scam to cover real UFO's in the air in that area, nobody seems to mention the balloon looks like a UFO.

its almost like the bad guys want to condition people to think if they see something similar they will blow it off to be a big balloon and I bet they become popular to the point people want to buy similar balloons in stores to have some kind of UFO fun and make more hoax's.

any opinions?
I've seen it on TV, it looked like an acciddent, but the fact a guy made some air ballon shaped like a UFO is strange, let alone all the mess it created. Did they found the kid who was missing ? What was he supposed to do with the balloon anyway ?

If I remember, they said it looked like a UFO, but nothing more, they talked about the missing kid.

yeah they found the kid in the attic of the house, Numenorean its funny its been on the news all over here in the USA, that says something, I met a guy from england who corroborated some black ops stuff with me and I remember him telling there was no coverage in europe at all back when the chicago o'hare UFO appeared but in the USA it was national news, so that confirms cover ups are a constant and very questionable and come in many forms.