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Jul 25, 2013
Some are listed earlier in this thread.

But they're ALL hoaxers.
ALL of them.

But you know, Harte, people will argue and say no, I don't agree so you are automatically a liar. Even if the hoaxer doxxed people, threatened people, and verbally abused people, doubters will stand up for the fantasy with tooth and nail. I've given up trying to convince people. I even had a recent paranormal experience, but I just choose not to share so much information anymore. Not worth it.


Senior Member
Oct 28, 2011
How many hoaxer have there been? I only know of Harriet.
Many, this kind of place is a magnet for them....

The only people I every gave any credit too was Titor of course and the qronos duo, I mean damn... qronos14 and 16 did not get everything they talked about exactly right but they nailed an economic prediction to the decimal point. back in 07 when one of them stated how high the dow index would go then the crash... I checked it on wiki and was stunned. I went back to TTI because RMT was always busting everyones balls including qronos but... He made some specific assertions about what he would do if the DOW did has qronos said it would... I rubbed it all over his face but he came up with every excuse in the world to insist he was right … intellectually dishonest that one.

But yeah we get hoaxers all the time... never seen on here that made me honestly wonder if they were real. But who knows....

I know my rife machines aint no hoax but thats not related to time travel.