Roman was a fake


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Roman was a fake

Remember Roman from 2035 (or so he claimed to say) I was reading the posts and I came across

No, it is still just Russia and most of the inhabitants of former countries such as Belarus and Latvia are quite happy to be ruled by Russia.

I am Russian (born in Latvia but still Russian) 75% Russian (grandfather was polish and went to fight for Russian army in WW2) well I live in Canada now, but I still know a lot about Latvia Ukraine and Russia, anyways he says Latvia is happy to be ruled by russia ya thats bull I went to Latvia to visit my grandparents and Aunt and there there is Fachism towards Russians since it's mostly Latvians now (used to be half and half) and most of the Russian tv is gone and they are trying to pull back from Russia so I would doubt that they'd be happy to be ruled by Russia.

P.S. No i am not a comunist