Secret Societies and NWO


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Secret Societies and NWO

I would like to have a serious discussion about Secret Societies. I would like to open this discussion by presenting a brief history of the current societies. Unfortunately I will be on the road next week. Therefore, I invite all that have this information to begin posting it. When I have time, I will add to it. Next week I will put my spin on things.

I would like to collect and post a list of Members in the Bohemian Grove, Skull Bones, CFR

I also would like to start a discussion on occultism in these societies and how they tie to German societies from the 1700's through the Nazi movement, world bank and Federal reserve.

Also, I would like a serious discussion on the NWO, the Bushes, Masons, Knights Templar and other Illuminati factions.

I know there are those here who have a lot to share. I would like to invite those who do not believe in this to review this information and poke holes in it. Anything goes. Let?s not call each other names, but keep an open mind to the way things are. If those of us who have tendency to see these things are wrong, point it out so we can sleep better at night. The only request I have is that you document what you say or provide some other evidence to represent your opinion.

I feel it is a very topical discussion with the state of world affairs. Also, if I remember right, JT said he thought the war in 2015 was an attempt by the NWO to take over.

So let's discuss.



The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it.

President John F. Kennedy
Address to newspaper publishers
April 27, 1961


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Re: Secret Societies and NWO

I posted this on another thread (TTF Freedom Fighters) but thought it would be appropriate here as well. The real power of those behind the governments comes from their control of the money supply and credit. A fair amount of what I've read points to the NWO types taking over the world by bankrupting the middle class, making them dependent on the government for handouts and jobs. In light of the tighter bankruptcy laws currently being passed by Congress and expected to be signed by Bush, enslavement looks closer than before. If you want some info on the impact of the new bankruptcy laws let me know. A lot of people are going to get caught up in that one.


P.S. Yeah, it's a long article on the Illuminati, but read it anyway.

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Re: Secret Societies and NWO

Nice articles you post CaryP. Didn't get the time to read them all yet but they seem interesting so far. This one was particulary of my interest. Anyone got some articles or good examples on the various occult symbolism used within USA in various ways like on the dollar bill, government logos, buildings & architecture, and things like that? Also symbolism used in foreign countries for that matter. I posted a few example images in a different thread on this.

Oh , and maybe some of the admins could move this thread into the new "The Conspiracy Forum" ?

Thanks God FREEMASONS weren't lumped in that section or I would have to launch into my "that is just BS dialogue" that being a 32DEGREE SCOTTISH RITE and KNIGHT TEMPLAR, I just have to get into when the BROTHERHOD gets slandered, usually by folks who are not FREEMASONS now nor ever have been but I'm not finish with reviewing the postings, so with a little luck I won't have to get into it with another member(s).