slowing down the speed of light? to go faster than it?


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slowing down the speed of light? to go faster than it?

"Danish physicists performed an experiment where they slowed light down to only 38 miles per hour (about 57 km/hr) by sending a beam through a molecule made of sodium atoms cooled to near absolute zero (- 273 degrees C or - 460 degrees F) "

My question is if you slow the beam down on on moving vehicle and travel faster tham 38 mph you would be traveling faster than the light passing through the sodium atom, right? =so would thare be a delay on what you see if you could some way look through the sodium (sorta like like a tv) so in other words you would be distorting time?

or am i just talking ****? lol :D

Im new to this forum HELLO 2 ALL @ TTF
at last i found others who have a genuine curiousity about tt

I also have a theory about time speeding up naturaly.
It is a fact that the universe is 'expanding' and it has been proven that the 'expantion' is Not at a constant speed it is in fact increasing. before i learned this i thaught that evryting was traveling at a constant speed (the speed of light) Just a thaught anyway......


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Re: slowing down the speed of light? to go faster than it?

I believe you are talking about Bose-Einstein Condensates, physicists have slowed light down by firing photons through a BEC.

Here's an url for your viewing pleasure ->

Slowing the light down doesn't mean if you travel faster than the slowed light you'll experience strange effects, even the theorised time-travel lol

186,282.4 miles per second is the fastest anything can physically move through our universe.. now there is something that can be faster and that's the expansion of the universe itself.

Now here's a question.. does light itself experience the passage of time ?

Hope that gives you some more ideas ;)