social engineering


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Jul 1, 2020
I had trouble searching for good friends too help me.Man this world today so many people work against you because they are programmed by fear too obey the rules .They would be scared too come on Darknet that why people in 2020 haven't gotten no where its fear of the unknown too think outside of box and take risk .Plus humans that are incharge keep the other humans distracted by working so trap is set too keep humanoid slave in box too make the slave loss confidence.Alot humans are slaves too wife demanding money is what i observe why humans can't get on Darknet too free themselves too me that why 2020 been such a fucked up year.Human kind can't get along too work together too end problems going on in this world.So everything is censored by AI Computer system on Clearnet so they get banned everytime they plan against Government a revolution a new idea too create a better world gets censored by Facebook if humans can get rid of the distractions on get on Darknet they can't be spyed on not worrying about controllers finding out there plan too overthrow them .The Dark ones in Government will never get info online who planned the elite too break in too Area 51.Please go after Kim on Facebook she is agent of the Government all she does is preach if you disobey the rules of Government your going too hell .Get some really good people online together too let Kim know we will not tolerate your abuse of power thinking you have right too enslave people just because of money .There 50% of the human population that works for the corrupt Government.Its like humans are wearing chains around them with there minds trapped they are struck being forced too obey tyrannical rules or they will die like animals being executed in jail.And Government get too play God too write the rules too decide what is right and what is wrong and those who don't obey get too die for no reason.That stuff i have seen in the real world.Its like the Government has taken over the clearnet and everyone has too obey the Government or the Government will knock on your door too arrest you for speaking words against them.I felt like the humans that went against me where possessed by doctrines of devils and every word i say is being twisted and the enemy is using people against me too get me killed. Darknet it prevents psychopaths from spying on my internet connection too figureout what i am doing because the enemy can't analyze the traffic on what i do on internet too figureout what exactly what i am doing.Plus Tor comes in handy using and clearnet sites without being tracked by AI give them no info too be used against me too be falsely locked up in prison because they don't like being exposed. Voldermort can't keep racetrack maintained because people are not going too work for the guy because he works everyone for free so Voldermort has no help too maintain 3/8 of mile racetrack too fix building water and electric and roofing repair and Cleaning up nasty trash plus all chains and pieces of metal in yard and hooking up power meters and plumbing its impossible for Voldermort too keep up with Trillion things too do at 3/8 of million racetrack plus how he acts he doesn't pay people so no one wants too work with the guy.So no help no friends Voldermort racetrack will fall apart his whole system will collapse without friends his life falls apart because he has no hope too keep his track and system alive.Plus you are after him Emma Marks he doomed.My idea is too hit Kim human fat body with switch of poison ivy or a paddle i prefer.The Truth is as good as i am its impossible for. me too get whole track cleaned up like a dog chasing its tail.
Yep After you seen Darknet humans like Voldermort have no info about what they are in for.That why Voldermort AKA Whitey Taylor was a failure he had money but lack of wisdom making him vulnerable too be controlled by Kim.While Voldermort was social engineering people the woman social engineering him his vibes attract the type of humans just like Voldermort.Voldermort was always in hurry he forgot too do maintenance on his vehicles which leaves him vulnerable too lose his stuff .hahahaha ? these humans that become rich become extremely stupid they are most irresponsible people in universe.If i was Voldermort i would not get in such a hurry and make sure machines are fixed .Voldermort Text and drives