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This guy Wolftrxa did a really god job with the stabilization. Used to think that the motion of this video's bigfoot was way too far from 'human' movement, but now that i can focus only on it (and not in the whole landscape as in the original video), it looks much more familiar. In some documentary a couple of years ago, some scientist studying this video said the movement of the creature was imposible for a human being. Why? the part when bigfoot looks at the camera. A human can spin the neck to look back... a primate can't. Thats the argument this guy used to 'prove' that this video was real (when the creature looks back, it spins all the upper body, not only the neck).
The funny thing is that, when i look at this stabilized version, i can clearly see it spining the neck BEFORE it spins the whole upper body.
Maybe that's the proof to debunk the video... none of its movements look "imposible" to do for a human anymore.

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Great find. I had never paid much attention to the film before. The biggest problem I have with the whole bigfoot phenomena is the complete and utter lack of fossil record or skeletal remains. While I realize that large mammal skeletons are rare finds, the fact remains that they do exist and have been found. Except for bigfoot. And maybe D. B. Cooper.

With regard to the film itself, I ran it frame by frame and the most striking thing I found was how fake the feet of the creature look. The hairline is far too even and the soles look a little too clean for an adult creature that spends it life traipsing barefoot through muddy woods. Just thought I?d throw my two cents in.

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Look at the feet!! Is it me, or does the palms of his feet look white? Like the souls of some type of moccassin? Then there is a large dark stripe down the back of the creature, could be the way the guy got into the costume, if it is a human.

Remember, the jaw is larger, so when it does turn, the jaw hits the chest, which caused the whole body to turn too. That's what the scientist also said, or somone when I saw the UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES show.

Anyway, talke a closer look at the balls of the feet. Scroll click by click.

EDIT: Just saw your post on the feet thing. Glad someone did.
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I couldn't get the video to play. IMO, it was a toss up as to if the original was faked or not. People involved with it admitted to it being a fake. But there is always something deep down that makes you want to believe.

I don't deny the possibility of the existence on BF. But I do hope a BF would never be found for the sake that we humans would take it apart piece by piece because of our own sick curiosity. BF is a mystery best left unfounded.

I remember a program a couple of years ago where F/X specialists were making a BF suit to debunk the BC film. What got me on that one was that they were using modern special f/x technologies (things that weren't used until about 20 years ago) to say once and for all that it was a fake.

You can't put your finger on it either way. But the film gave us one hell of a show, didn't it?


I just noticed something that may make this video real. Look at the chest, this is a female bigfoot. Is it me, or am I seeing breasts on this thing?

Also, if you frame-by-frame it, take a look at the thighs. It bounces up and down like muscle does; the fur does too. Then the shape of the head as it turns, look at the face and the top of its head.