Starlite's suggestion of a fundraiser

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idea 1:
get 10 people with vehicles to test the hdr over various local vortex sites on days of full moons.

idea 2:
build microblackholes of titor's machine

idea 3:
build radiant electrical systems for spacetime curvature effects

idea 4:
build einstein's intermediate axis theorm idea of ordered energy influence upon matter for field effects

idea 5:
build gibbs various portal designs upon stable vortex locations

idea 6:
build tesla longitudinal electricity transformers to power rife machines and other various plasma systems

idea 7:
rebuild dr.z's brossard experiment vehicle

idea 8:
build NP's idea for a magnetic monopole antigravity system

idea 9:
build NP's idea for a psychic amplifier system

idea 10:
build high power version of timeflip's delta-T antenna.

idea 11:
build montauk alien chair thought pickup device

idea 12:
build haarp phased RF array

idea 13:
build tesla's scale model of wardenclyffe tower on vortex location with earth ground.

build eugene podknekltov's gravity beam generator

build tom bearden's MEG device and perfect to remain in resonance with static load.

build high voltage version of bedini backpopper circuit battery charger

build linear electron accelerator to make lithium-6. Bob lazar's hydrogen hydride material for gas storage.

build joe papp noble gas engine using only air and radiant circuitry

build stage4 joecell setups

build griggs hydrosonic pump cavitation heater for free energy heat

build nikolai kozyrev's time energy gyroscope and torsion beam balance detector

build gibbs' liquid co2 electric current chambers to create time distortions

build gibbs' laser and tesla coil time machine

build david anderson's laser time machine

build NP's FTL communication system
Or you could put all of these on the list, in a museum and charge a dollar and a half just to see em'