Swine Flu Vaccine

Will you get the swine flu vaccine ?

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Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

The twins' daycare was awash in the swine flu. Lots of kids...all over this town have it. The hospitals wont test for it unless you are a checked in patient at the ER. I wont get a shot because I have a good immune system and I will just get some other flu anyway. The doc says the twins should get it because they were preemies.....:eek: Lst year was hell for ear infections so I just might do it.
Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

We have an outbreak where I live on the West coast.

It's very hush hush, but I work in a call center with over 600 employees, and we've already had to have an ambulance come for one that threw up all over her desk. We have about 6 others working with h1n1 because they don't want to get written up for too many sick days.

I had it too, I worked with it. It's sad really.

I will not get vaccinated because even though I had it, it wasn't that bad. I was just sick. I got it from my mom, who's diabetic, and she's just fine.

I'm just worried about the others I work with who are being made to work with fear of being written up for too many sick days, it's already spreading. It's also being kept hush hush that we're working with infected people.
Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

Hello all.
I definitely will not get the vaccination. I had a talk with my doctors and they fully support me in this decision. There is something wrong with the whole scenario at least as far as I can judge it.
Best regards
Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

unfortunately my 6 year old autistic son caught it, and no one in else in my family caught it although we were all exposed to him. he was given a prescription for tamiflu and it went away after about 6 days and he could not go back to school for a week after his doctor visit.

I realized the companies that manufacture the vaccine (and I happen to work at one of them, cant say more without risking my job but when I do lose the job I will give much more not that it matters cause I see through the smoke screen) are just tools and the the news media is focusing on them to distract the public from asking the real questions, which are, why did the government/big business know in advance the "pandemic" was coming, enough so to give $150 million dollar "grants" for the vaccine manufacturer's to build facilities to manufacture the vaccines in time for the coming pandemic??

it is obvious the media is part of the scam and the elite or government or whoever is controlling them and making the scam huge.

I am swimming in the conspiracy and have felt it first hand, the media is the weapon of mass distraction indeed and the scum we call the "elite" that control the government are to thank for it if you ask me.
Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

So, rich people and the elites are getting even more money, again. This isn't really a surprise, they can make profit out of everything, they just have to tell us what we need/want.
Re: Swine Flu Vaccine

yeah that is my take on it, In the last david wilcock interview on C2C he mentions they are trying thier last ditch efforts for control and forsee's them failing, I hope he is right.