T.I.M.E. A time traveler's story.

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T.I.M.E. A time traveler's story.

So what is it about?


<span style=\'font-family:\'Times New Roman\'\'>It is the year 3015, where the world has drastically changed after a World War 3(nuclear war) from the present world. Time traveling has been experienced for over 1000 years now, but in 3004 it was finally mastered and controlled. T.I.M.E. an agency that for over 10 years has taken care of events that have greatly affected humanity for the worse. But a guy discovers that one of the new guys at the agency had evil intentions which were that, if he reaches his 1000th kill he will become totally powerful, dominating the world. The guy that knows this, knows it because his future self came letting him know about it. His future self also told him ?beware his last kill?. At the end he finally kills the guy. It ends when a kid finds a book written by the main character and the beginning said what the starting of the book said, and at the end it said ?We shall think, though, was all of this fantasy? Or was it actually given to us by Alex Maverik??.