The bangor ghost: my christmas encounter.

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Dec 27, 2018
I have never heard of it before but my parents moved to Bangor California about a half decade back. I visitted on Christmas eve and they told me all about what they call the Bangor Banshee.

On Christmas eve I arrived mid morning and we went around doing normal Christmas eve activities, socializing and such. The plan was that I would arrive Christmas eve, stay through Christmas and drive home Wednesday (today at the time of writing) Being that I live several hours away I drove in the early morning to get to my parents house by sunup Christmas eve. After some small talk my dad asked if I heard any weird noises during my drive.

I told him I hadn’t heard anything abnormal, it was a fairly boring drive.
He nodded and then asked if I saw any weird animals or something on the road.
I answered about the same, I told him I had seen some roadkill, a deer but that was it.
He nodded and dropped the conversation
After that I wanted to know why he asked such weird questions out of the blue and I asked him why he asked.
He told me that at night and early mornings sometimes they hear a crazy noise, a noise on the wind which sounds like a group of people crying out in pain. A noise which he had searched the internet for but never heard anything similar to before. He told me that it was the sound of a spirit which haunts the highway which the whole town branches off from.

If I'm being honest I thought my dad was just being paranoid he is a man who has live in the city his whole life and that he probably wasn’t used to whatever sounds the country makes. I told him it was probably an animal or something and change the topic.
The day went on and my mom asked me to pick up some milk from the local market. Out I went and when I arrived at the market I couldn’t get my dads story out of my head, so I asked the man if he had heard a weird sound at night.
The man behind the counter told me he hadn’t, I asked him if he believed the road was haunted, he told me “that’s what people say” I asked him what he thought. He told me he lived a few miles out of town and that he didn’t believe in ghosts but he's heard enough stories from the locals to make him question his skepticism. I thanked him, bought the milk and left.

Nothing else worth noting happened through the day, or that night. Or even on Christmas day but last night on christmas night my dad wakes me up at about 1am and asks me to step outside. I begin to ask him what this is about but he shushes me and tells me to listen and sure enough, through the dog barking and the trees ruffling you could hear it a scream or several, in the distance.

“what is that?” I asked. My dad shining a flashlight into the woods began walking to his truck and said “lets find out” got into his truck. In retrospect I honestly think he was waiting for me in to be up so he had somebody along with him and investigate.

I didn’t want to get into the truck but I didn’t want my dad to be disappointed in me do I get in. We rolled down the windows and drove up the road. My dads engine was loud and it drowned out the faint cry.

Once we reached the end of the dirt road my dad turned the truck off in order to listen again. When he did the headlights went off automatically. The night was completely silent and still for a moment.
Then the cry broke the silence. The piercing scream. It was so loud and the part that freaked me out most, it sounded as if it was coming from every direction. Infront, behind above, all around us. I yelled at my dad to get us out of here but its scream was so loud I could barely hear my own scream. My dad turned back on the truck and hit reverse and we sped full speed backwards. When my dad turned back on the truck the headlights came back on and just the shadowed shape of a figure was directly in front of us, not a person, just the shadow of a person cast on the forest floor. My dad drove in reverse at full speed for a moment and I lost site of the shadow then flipped around and floored it home. After a few moments the scream was gone.

When we got home me and my dad sat in silence in the truck for a moment, absorbing all we had just experienced. I finally broke it “what the hell was that”. My dad got out of the truck without saying a word and walked toward the house. I followed. We went inside and my dad went into his room, retrieved a shotgun and leaned it against the wall beside his chair. My mom came out of their room a and asked “did you find out what was making that sound?”
My dad said “just a couple animals fighting”

My dad and I didn’t go to sleep that night but we still haven’t discussed what happened, it scared me bad but my dad, I’ve never seen him ignore something like that. I heard there was a car accident that night four teenagers drive off the bridge and are in the ER I cant help but wonder if they crashed because they heard the same thing I heard and it scared them. Possibly causing the wreck. I just got home and I felt like telling somebody after ignoring it all day. Thanks for listening.