The Day After Tomorrow

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Re: The Day After Tomorrow

If the greenland ice cap melted rising sea level by approx 6m then cities such as London and New York would be under water but thats only if the whole sheet goes. Another major effect of ice sheets is their ability to reflect solar radiation back into space (Albedo). With an expansion of ice caps over the northern hemisphere the amount of solar energy heating the earth would decrease, futher intensifying the new ice age, until it is possible that we eventually move into a snowball earth phase where the entire surface, from pole to equator, is convered by ice. This process would take millons of years and it is thought that "snowball earths" have occured on several occasions in earths history.

Snowball earth theory is a creation of Prof Paul Hoffman of Harvard university.

check out this bad ass mother's theory

its quite interesting.


Re: The Day After Tomorrow

I was watching the news last night and they were saying something about glasiers or something somewhere and they are placing giant sheets of fleece on top to reflect the sun back. I'm not sure if this is the reason why. I only caught part of it.