The Disaster In Japan Was Predicted Upon Playing Cards.....


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hello folks, long time no see......allow me to get right to the point if you don't mind, for i have just stumbled upon something possibly earth shattering that must not and cannot be ignored...... now, i have known about the 'illuminati playing cards' for almost a year now, renowned they for their apparent ability to forecast the future.....this first was noticed with the cards extremely accurate portrayal of 9/11. now as you will witness IT HAS ALSO FORWARNED OF THE DISASTER IN JAPAN WITH THE DEPICTION OF THE WAKO TOWER FALLING TO THE GROUND, ALSO WITH THE MENTION OF 'COMBINED DISASTERS' BROUGHT FORTH ALONG WITH THE ARTISTIC RENDERING OF VERY JAPANESE LOOKING PEOPLE SEEN RUNNING AWAY UPON THE CARD. now i don't think the wako tower has been destroyed......but the fact remains if you play close attention to the artistic rendition on the card, previous groups before thought it was big ben in london that was crashing to the ground, but you can clearly see as proposed by a topic on above top secret .com, it is most assuredly the wako tower.....therefore clearly illustrating the fact that the disaster scene upon the card is SUPPOSED TO BE LINKED with the one occuring right now in japan (footnote : i don't know what your policy is numenorean, concerning linkage to other conspiracy websites, forgive me if i am in the wrong here, but this topic simply must be seen) :


if you all would like to study these 'playing cards' further.......traverse onward to this link, only for starters though.....

this so called 'board game' is getting a bit too real, i should say.......
Yeah, I've seen a few threads talking about these combined disasters on many sites recently. Notice what time it is on the clock. It's 11/3. I wonder if there's any way to make a smart guess with these cards and predict some stuff.

I own a copy of this game, BTW. I wonder what's gonna be the next card.


well no one can say what will happen! its only a prediction
Life is not full of excitement if they will tell 100% accurate what will happen next..
so lets make our life full of challenges and explore something fun that will lead to your happiness!

Good luck to all!!
have a wonderful life and wonderful world