The music box


Aug 14, 2014
Good day everyone.

Now needless to say where i live people still believe in a lot of things. Many can be true many more are just stories.

Yet at our old family home where we lived from 1976 to 1990 things was a bit out of wack. Sadly we grew up between really strange people with scary beliefs and a lot of that was overheard and practiced.

Kind of like calling up spirits and playing with creepy boards and ghost that can spell better then google and android spell check combined. But then you get the really scary stuff like knifes flying around and creepy toilet sounds...

But what got me each and every year was the music box.That lovable mechanical sound that is made by nice people that is used for nearly every scary horror movie i can remember. That said this was in a time where TV was still new in my country and horror movies was still just seen by a drive-in. Also it was heavily edited due to censorship.

A time where big spiders was still a thing! And apparently is still a thing...

But I digress... the creepy music box sounds came at the end of each and every year. Like clock work it would start to play at midnight and stopped exactly two minutes past midnight.

The next day people would wake up and find that nothing changed. That nothing was missing or anything scary. But how on earth a music box was able to make enough noise that people could hear it over singing and dancing was beyond me.

Remember this was a time when sound amplifiers and microphones was scary expensive and big and bulky.

But one year a man noticed that the music box didn't play and That year the power station was closed due to structural failures. Children got sick... People started to move away. Today it is a virtual ghost town housing many people inexpensively so...

Still the music box was never heard again.... To this day that little sleepy town is slowly fading away into memory.

thank you for reading :)