The Necronomicon: Thanks To H.p. Lovecraft

A work containing blasphemous magical incantations ascribed to a wizard called Abdul Alhazred but was actually invented by author H.P. Lovecraft, a renowned American fantasy author. H.P. provided a brief history of thsi imaginary book in an essay titled "History of the Necronomicon" written in 1927. Alhazred is said to have wandered from Bablon through Eypt and thence to the southern desert of Arabia, where he learned the metaphysical secrets of the univerese. Later in Damascus, he composed a work known as "Al Azif"-azif being an Arabic word associated with demons. This book subsequently became known as the "Necronomicon". H.P.'s bizarre vision has inspired several other works bearing the same title, each claiming to be "authentic".("The Watkins Dictionary of Magic". pp.205-206.Nevill Drury)
Yeah, I know about the error in the author's name but I missed it and I'm stuck with jokes about my spelling.

There's actually 2 really tomes of the book of the dead. The Egyptians had a book made of papyrus that had all of their stories of pharaohs and nobles going beyond our life. The second I know of was made of dried human skin and had an ink with a base of blood (yes disturbing). It contained rituals on how to control and raise the dead and was found in Sumeria.Its believed this book was the inspiration for the story of necromancers.

Is it actually possible to make a book out of dried human skin and write on it using an ink made of blood?

I wonder why those people would make such a book containing information about raising the dead and other dark, occult topics. Did they actually know more than we do about death and the afterlife?
You never know what ancient cultures can know what we don't. I'd like to learn more on the topic, but I wouldn't actually raise the dead, that's just actually ask for trouble.