The possible truth behind UFOs


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The possible truth behind UFOs

After researching this topic before, and seeing the thousands of pictures, that all UFOs are actually part of a very old and new government technology. That technology is called "anti-gravity" and is very amazing. It DOES work, and you can build your own antigravity machine if you want.

A very interesting thing to note is that while in an AG machine, the effects of G-force are subsequently divided by the speed at which you are going. For example, a pilot is moving the ship so fast, 4gs in a normal fighter jet would in turn only equate to 1g in an AG machine. Now, think of how many times youve heard or seen pictures, videos, witnesses who say the UFO is going very fast, and than instantly either dissapear, or change directions in-humanly fast.

Other things could include the fact that this technology is so guarded at the volume the government uses it (hints why antigravity sites with guides on the technology exist), that even the own air force or navy get confused when they see one.

This is just something ive recently discovered, and have thought about for awhile. Anyone know anything else that might add to this?