The Sphinx


The Sphinx

The Sphinx

Due to relatively recent discoveries the Sphinx has become the object of some considerable fascination for those who accept the new evidence.

According to Egyptologists the Pharaoh Chepheron built the Sphinx 4,500 years ago. There seems to be some violent opposition to the implications of the new evidence by Egyptologists. Particularly by Egyptian Egyptologists who seem to consider it almost sacrilege to contemplate the possibility of a different origin. In their view the accomplishment is a tribute to Egyptian culture, a testament to the greatness of ancient Egyptians, and that's the name of that tune.

Recently a man named John A. West came upon an observation in text made by a French author and mathematician by the name of Schwaller De Lubice. He remarked that the erosion on the body of the Sphinx seemed to have been caused by water. This is of some considerable importance since there has been no rain at Giza for at least 9,000 years. West examined the weathering and concluded it was vertical not horizontal as sand blown winds would cause.

On the same note I feel it important to point out that there is no recorded history in Egypt of anyone building the Sphinx, and the Egyptians were funny about doing just that.

West had no credentials before his name, and could have been ignored, but for Dr. Robert Schoch, Geologist, and professor at Boston University. It's a big step to make an earth shaking proclamation. Careers can be ruined for swimming against the mainstream of accepted truth. Dr. Schoch reviewed the evidence for a few months, and then went public with his findings - that it was indeed weathering caused by rainfall.

As evidence of the friction between the factions let me site an instance. In 1993 Dr. Zahi Hawass the Egyptian Governments chief inspector of antiquities for the Pyramids had West and his team physically removed from the site. Since the Egyptian government controls who can dig around the Sphinx some questions can only be touched upon by other means.

It's strange how alliances are formed by parties who have common interests. At this point I should bring you up to speed on another group. Some members of the Edgar Cayce foundation have been backing seismic research to determine if there are any underground pockets (possible vaults) around the Sphinx. The reason is that Edgar Cayce in one of his sessions had indicated that the Sphinx was a time marker built by peoples from Atlantis. Cayce - referred to as the sleeping prophet had the ability to go into a trance like state. During his sessions he found ancient cures for incurable diseases through access to what he referred to an astral library with a separate book on each person, and their past lives. According to Cayce, a vault was placed underground between the paws of the Sphinx containing knowledge that would herald a golden age of man. Several pockets have been discovered, but permission to dig has been withheld. Meanwhile water filled tunnels under the Sphinx have been discovered. The contents however seem to date to the Egyptian period.

Dr. Robert Schoch through research done by the team he belonged to has stated that the age of the Sphinx might indeed date back 12,000+ years. Back to the date of the last ice age. The weathering has been preserved so well due to the fact that for an untold portion of the Sphinx's existence the body has been covered with sand.