Debunking the 'vampire murders' of ursuline convent, NOLA 1978


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hi there,
i was wondering if someone on the forum had any information that would be able to substantiate whether this is based in fact or legend...
when i was on a tour in new orleans in 2003 i remember hearing a story about 2 tourists down for a paranormal investigation in 1978 setting up a video camera outside the ursuline convent to try and catch a glimpse of the vampires rumored to be nailed in on the 3rd floor of the ursuline convent. the tourists who in most recounts of the tale are women, are abducted, and then later found outside st. mary's church drained of 80% of their blood. their footage found on the camera at the scene of the abduction is indicated as non eventful until someone knocks the camera over around 4am. what happened between 4am and 7am is unknown according to legend...

now a couple of things about this strike me as odd..

the only websites that mention the unsolved murder are ghost and vampire sites...there are no online 'reputable' sources to validate this

also, in some instances, the tourists are interns for a paranormal investigation others, they're another version i heard, they were down for mardi gras and decided to test the lore as a, given that most lore and legend is based in some semblance of fact, what actually happened and is there anyone who knows if there are actual police or coroner reports available to substantiate these claims that are available to the public? i'll be going back to new orleans in february and i'd like to compile a video travel blog segment on strange and haunted history of new orleans...right now, i'm trying to compile some facts.

if you aren't sure but can point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate that too:)



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Sadly i have never heard of this before, and that's the problem with storys specially old ones is finding a Reputable source, alot of it is just hear say and old ghost storys will Zero proof , i will do a little digging around and see if i can come up with something, If you are truly curious i mite suggest to contact some ghost Hunting groups down there, alot of them will answer your questions the best they can and usually know the local lore specially with New orleans their is so many storys and ghosts in that city.