Thenumbersix Dream w/ 05.05.05


Thenumbersix Dream w/ 05.05.05

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I had a dream where, I think, I crashed my car on Chimney corner, Were you driving, passanger, or looking at it from a distance? Do you know the Chimney? Or someplace you've never seen before?

?then I was carrying my own leg, whilst walking to throw it through the bathroom window of an old school friend who was running a bath ! Did this friend ever hurt you in anyway, that would make you want to shock or upset them? (This is kinda weird.)

Oh yeh, and it had a big scar on the knee, and it had been in the garden for 2 days. (No idea?)

I wanted to put it on ice so the doctors could sew it back on again but my Mum kept telling me to put it in really hot water for some reason that I couldn't work out. Do you normal feel you're mum's advice isn't really helpful towards you. (Strong connection with water in this dream.)

Dunno what relevance and if any dream people could tell me what the hell that means I'd be grateful, (k!)

just your mention of May 5th made me remember it, think I might not drive my car that day :D (if May 5th made the connection for you, i'd becareful of the direct links in the dream. Your Legs, Your best Friends, Mum's advice, but i'd also watch for water. maybe in the form of rain or something.) Drive carefully in the rain on May 5, don't drink alot, and becareful what advice you take from family members. That's what I see.[/b]


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Re: Thenumbersix Dream w/ 05.05.05

heheh, thanks. To answer a few I guess It was me driving, had an impression that it was my car. Chimney Corner is a place, has a train bridge over a corner on a main road, where I drive a fair bit. I'm sure I started to be holding the leg there but the next itme I looked up was in my garden..

My Mum's advice is usually spot on, I kinda got the impression she was having a laugh with me in some way, in a jokey kinda nice way though...

Just was very bizarre, never have had a dream where I was walking and carrying my own leg, I even remember thinking how is this possible. Was very vivid also, have already been avoiding the area, definitely will next time it rains :D