Thermoelectric Generators for Wood Stoves

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Found this by accident earlier today, I think it's a pretty cool gadget if you have a cabin with no electricity.

All you have to do is put that thing on top of your hot wood-burning stove, and it'll turn the heat into electricity. As long as it's hot, you're able to generate power. Pretty cool.

For example, the 45w model.


They have several models, the bigger ones even require water cooling, which is kind of impressive.

Here are all the other models:

steven chiverton

Senior Member
sounds interesting num 7 i clicked on a link under it and there all out of stock everyone of them thats the most horrible news you can ever hear when you want to buy things even in store or online and thats where out of stock, they cant keep up with demand so you get this horrible news its enough to put you off i couldn't even get velostat in my country on e bay there out of stock and ive had my name down to be notified when its in stock and ive never herd from them since