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Through The Looking-glass

Well, where should I begin? I suppose the best place to post first would be, naturally, in the introductions forum. Brilliant, huh?

Anyway, I should start this first post with a bit of a disclaimer. I am nothing more than completely skeptical in regards to all of this time-travel business. Now, I'm sure you get that a lot. And I'm not entirely disbelieving, either. I mean, you can't blame me.

Why am I here, then? Why have I decided to join? The truth is, I've been lurking about for quite a while now (back when this was or whatever -- I can't remember everything). It's all a bit intriguing to me.

Oh, and I'm an aspiring writer.

You've all heard this before, but I find the John Titor story to be filled with romance (and when I say romance, I mean adventure...har har). It's very interesting, and very horrible at the same time. You want it to be true, but you hope his predictions never actually occur. Quite the dilemma. And very inspiring, if you ask me.

But I've rambled on too much. You'll see me poking around a bit. I'm not sure if I'll post often -- who knows. Only time will tell. But hello, nonetheless! :)
Through The Looking-glass

Welcome to the board Nightide!

Come to chat sometime!

And, put you're pin on the Membership map!


P.S. I stole Sosue's role MUAHAHAHA. :lol: