Time Travel dreams


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Time Travel dreams

I recently had the wierdest dream. I was at someones pool party far away from my house. This place was in a rural area. I was chasing my friends aroun we were having fun and all that stuff. Then, the father of the girl who was having the party told me he had a time machine. It was called the hyper-dimensional resonator. It was on his deck and it looked like a couch. It was red with blue cushions. It had a lever on the left arm rest where i was sitting. Me and this girls dad and for some reason to german shephards sat down on it. I gently eased the lever forward. Forward was future. Back was past. I waited a while and i couldnt really tell if anything was happening. I pulled the lever back to the middle and it stopped making noise. I was back at my house on my deck. I looked across the street at my friends driveway. There was a police chevy impala parked in his driveway. It looked modern and had a large wing. There was also a truck in his driveway. It looked modern as well. I decided to walk inside my house. I walked inside and we had a plasma tv in the kitchen. It was about 12 or 15 inches big. My mom and my grandma were preparing dinner while I am not sure where my dad was at the time. He showed up though. I think he was in the bathroom. I asked my mom what year it was and she said 2007 and asked if I was ok. I said i was from 2 years ago and she laughed and said I was playing the piano in the other room. We were quiet for a moment and then we heard the piano. My mom looked at me and realized I looked quite young. It was then a touching family moment. We cried. I wanted to ask questions but before i could i woke up.

I dont know much about dreams so if anyone can interpret or just say what they think about it i would appreciate it.