Time travel in one direction (Theory)

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Time travel in one direction (Theory)

Yes this is a much easier way instead of breaking a hole in space/time. A device where you can not go into the past only to the future. Such as one where you sit in the middle of a device with magnets etc spinning around you super fast which will distort time speed in the middle so if your in the middle it feels normal to you and 5 minutes pass while when you stop after 5 min 2 hours actually passed in our current time speed. So you were actually stuck in a slowed time rate. Someone looking in at you, you would appear to be moving very very slowly to them, see what i mean? So to make a device that creates a slowed time field in the middle would be awsome and much easier to pull off. A few different ways to do this. Movement speed which makes gravity is a way of thinking about it. Movement of matter at certain rates changes gravity and time speed. If you travel away from our galaxy at a high speed then come back to you it will only be few days while on earth it has been 50 years, see time speed is slower away from our solar system/galaxy. Spinning around the sun with a certain amount of mass size and certain speed result in our current time speed. Get it guys? its simple. So another thing if you go ar away from any galaxies and solar systems time will start ceasing to exist and i guess maybe you will get stuck/frozen their until a galaxy grows enough near that position to create a time field.


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Time travel in one direction (Theory)

Could you provide some evidence for your claims please? Some good scientific backing.


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Of course this is hypothetically speaking.

But say that the world decided to collaborate and make a train track going around the entire world for a higher purpose of science.
The train could pick up enough speed to be going near the speed required to bend time and space.
Now say there is a little boy standing in the center of the moving train with a soccer ball at his feet.
If he were to kick the ball, as hard as he could, to one end of the train, would that pick up the extra bit of speed needed to literally be moved through time?
Most would logically say, Yes.. But theoretically, No. Because the train is bending time already and anything on the train is moving at the same speed. Thus making it no different to kick a soccer ball on a stationary train.
So in a technicality being on the moving train in general would be time travel. What would feel like 50 years in normal life would feel around approximately 2 or 3 years on the train due to time being slowed to the fraction of seconds.

That would be traveling in "One Direction" because as far as we know there would be no way back to the original time era the boy came from.