Time Travel News!


Time Travel News!

Scientists 'prove' time travel

From correspondents in London
July 12, 2005

THE conundrum posed by Einstein's Theory of Relativity that allows space-time to loop back on itself, theoretically allowing time-travel to the past, has been resolved, according to two physicists writing in New Scientist.

Quantum theory, which describes small particles as both waves and matter, yields probabilities on the location of these particles, the particles appearing - in layman's terms - where the waves interfere with each other constructively.

Daniel Greenberger, of New York, and Karl Svozil, of Vienna, solved the equations for waves going backwards in time and found they always interfered destructively.

This means the particles do not appear and the conundrum does not arise. "If you go back quantum mechanically, you would only see alternatives consistent with the world you left behind," Greenberger said.

this is a real news item I saw from the news today on the internet well I just wanted to let you guys know about it!
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Can I nag a bit? It would be cool if you added a link to the source of the article. Without one it doesn't have much value. ;)

Odd that this "news" item keeps coming every week or so. The "news" is about a month or so old.

The original scientific paper can be found at arXiv.org:

We introduce a quantum mechanical model of time travel which includes two figurative beam splitters in order to induce feedback to earlier times. This leads to a unique solution to the paradox where one could kill one's grandfather in that once the future has unfolded, it cannot change the past, and so the past becomes deterministic. On the other hand, looking forwards towards the future is completely probabilistic. This resolves the classical paradox in a philosophically satisfying manner.
Quantum Theory Looks at Time Travel by Daniel M. Greenberger and Karl Svozil.

For some reason the above paper made it to the "frontpages". However, another paper which disagrees with Greenberger and Svozil didn't make the "headlines":

It is claimed in [Quantum Theory Looks at Time Travel by Daniel M. Greenberger and Karl Svozil] that, if time travel were possible, quantum propagation would prevent classic time travel paradoxes by establishing consistent loops; an example circuit is used to demonstrate such a loop. It is argued here that established loops are not the framework in which the classic paradoxes arise; rather they arise via the establishment of a concrete initial history in which no disturbing time travel is allowed and then disturbing that history via the launch of the time traveller. It is shown that, operated in this two-pass fashion, if the first forward evolution of their circuit produces a definite triggering of a backwards time travelling state, the re-evolution thereby engendered may be organised so as to prohibit the triggering of this state, thereby creating a classic time travel paradox.
Comment on "Quantum Theory Looks at Time Travel" by John S. Wykes.

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If I understand this right .You go back in time does not change where you left, the timeline you left? Tring to make sense of this ? Let me know if I am way off.

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No. You are not off, but John Wykes explains that this cannot be true. According to him the usual paradoxes would arise.
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According to the laws of quantum mechanics you can go back in time but you cant inferfere with the events which in fact has already occured.

Thats how I got it together anyways.
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U can interfere with the events u can go back and change your life u can change your past there was a women who lives in Hawaii who used the hdr and wiped out her whole timeline in order to change her past but if u were to interfere u should interfere with your life events and not world events but it would be cool to go back and prevent 9/11 from happening