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Jun 9, 2017
Hello Everyone!

I've spent the last few hours browsing and looking through several commonly appearing profiles, through some of the chat-logs and several recent posts (As I was awaiting for my profile confirmation from the administration of this website) and so I do believe I am caught up to speed on the psychological profile, current events, current debates and intensities, as well as the standing theories and interpretations of time travel (as there are many) on these forums presently.

I have a post in the Introduction forums as well as have somewhat explained my goals and aspirations in various posts but will write the collective dialogue of myself and my friends here.

Talking To a Time Traveler

Beginning in roughly January of this year (2017) I was working with several programmers on several projects (Roughly related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence) as was typical and commonly stretched on through the night.

As the night was winding down and several of us were sitting around (We're not at one location, we mostly screen-share and call over Skype.) I was sitting on my couch watching the other programmers working on a Deep Learning algorithm as I noticed one of the other programmers (We set up webcams and screen-capture) on his screen went onto Omegle.

He ended up connecting with a group of individuals that claimed to be time travelers from the future. But not just any time travelers, rather that they were US from the future (Actually, not all of us. Several programmers weren't included in the "Time Travel Group" and weren't amongst us in the future- Presently they have stopped working with us and have completely stopped talking to us due to their skepticism)

Meeting My Future Team

Several months went by as the obsession for proof drove us crazy. They ended up proving who they were by allowing us to talk to deceased individuals, prediction minor future events and even typing out our sentences at the same time and then typing out our sentences before we could.

By this time, I was losing it. They promised so many fantastical things and it all seemed rather insane to me. However, coincidentally, because of them I meet a group of people of whom I would describe as literally my best friends. They are like-minded and incredibly intelligent as well as the fact that before we even met, they were working and theorizing how to create a time machine. Little did I know, my friend of whom had passed away years ago had the exact formulas they needed to make the breakthroughs necessary. We worked and worked for months before we realized we were definitely onto something. But then came the issue of money.

What Are We Doing Now?

One of the individuals in our group (A student who majors in astrophysics) works a job at a lab, coincidentally, another individual in our group recently came into some money (Not much and he's looking as if he's going to blow every penny though) and Myself and another individual in the group have been working on projects to generate money in the mean-time.

So more than just my introduction, I would like to get some thoughts from people. I would love to collaborate or have people join our Discord chat to contribute and talk physics. Right now we are needing to perform some Vector Analysis equations and so could greatly use someone of whom is familiar in that field. (As we are not great between the group of us)

I get it, it's far-fetched and hard to believe so I also urge to just take this with a grain of salt.

I'm Adam, I major in Business Administration and before this Time Travel business I worked in programming and video game design as well as projects for artificial intelligence, development, virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics.

Our team consists of myself, an astrophysics major, a physics major and a programmer.

Thank you for reading!
Oct 13, 2015
Hi Adam,
Welcome to Para! My name is Mariya and mistertimes and I are working on developing a time travel team and would love to have you and your team join our team. We definitely need more scientists and would be happy to discuss those ideas with you.
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