Time Travellers Brew (Henry's coffee restorative)

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This brew apparently offsets some of the negative effects of ageing. It doesn't extend life by a great deal, but extends health and fitness into advanced old age. It certainly leaded my pencil and I gained lean muscle mass without exercise.
I dont believe you have much of a pencil to put lead into(n) :fp:..


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I just now learned about Adult Repair Stem Cells. A little off topic but yet still in the realm lol. But this seriously needs researched by people. They are focusing it on eye repair but I see soooo much more potential than eradicating blindness... Check this out. Look up the zebra fish and how it's eyes are forever self healing. The secret of how this fish accomplishes this is simply the diet! But do take note, lab made synthetic forms of these nutrients do not work, you will need the ones from the sea. Focus on what has high concentrations of Spirulina. Astaxanthin improves the potency of these adult repair stem cells. Check out carotenoid, L. Carnetine-increases production. Luetine, zeaxanthin. Mainly just look at what that zebra fish is eating and research what nutrients and minerals it's getting from that food such as in that algae from Asia. Forgive my spelling, the video had no pause or rewind so I was taking notes frantically lol. These stem cells are amazing guys... They have the ability to form into any type of cell in your body and begin repair work if I remember correctly...