Time Traveller's Wife

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Time Traveller's Wife

Recently finished The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (thanks to Audible dot com, my new best friend!). It's a great love story entwined with an interesting TT twist. In this case TT is accidental, caused by a genetic problem. It's a great view into a world that I can't recall seeing from any other author. Highly recommended!


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Time Traveller's Wife

It does sound like an interesting book.


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I hated that movie, lol. Haven't read the book. But if time travelling can be facilitated by a seizure, that would explain some of the discrepancies in the way I remember things differently than other people and why I lost so much memory after having them. "Accidental" time travel where you don't have any control over your life doesn't sound like much fun. Nor does a love story where your wife doesn't know who you are half the time.


But you guys are entitled to your opinions. Everyone has different tastes. If it encourages people to read more, I'm all for it! :)