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KiraSjon post Oct 8 2004, 01:57 PM
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Posted: May 30 2004, 11:10 PM

<rolf> so what are some good questions for peragro, since this will be our last chance ot ask him anything
<DadOf5> bbl
<sosuemeto> brb
<rolf> so jonfr, whats your next big plan to do with your sattelites?
<OldEurope> peragro : haven't you a message to give to us, poor mortals ?
<rolf> I think his message right now is "please send this box to texas"
* cerial has joined #TTF
<rolf> hello
<cerial> hey hey
<cerial> its all very quiet .. i thought there'd be much more chatting
<cerial> peragro` u still there mate ?
<rolf> he went to the postoffice to send the pictures
<cerial> ah
<cerial> so any revelations ?
<rolf> only that time was running out before hte post office closed
<cerial> lol
<cerial> any good questions asked/answered ?
<rolf> none yet, hope you have some
<rolf> just mroe questions about the event that hasnt occured yet, the discovery
<cerial> right
<cerial> ead his posting ... make sure he hasn't answered it already !
<cerial> *must re-read
<sosuemeto> * grabs a cold beer and wonders if we can prove he's mailed package to Satan
<OldEurope> Time paradoxes exist in our minds because we suppose that going in the FUTURE is possible.
<cerial> well the proof will come tomorrow
<cerial> could u clarify there pls OldEurope
<rolf> paradoxs hurt my head to think about
<OldEurope> If going in the future is not possible, then no paradox can exist : I can't k*** my father before he generates me, otherwise I couldn't have existed. I exist, so I didn't k*** him.
<sosuemeto> has anyone noticed he's to leave on his b-day?
<cerial> well thats all fiar and good in a UNIverse .. but we live in a MULTIverse .. ergo no paradoxes
<cerial> *fair
<OldEurope> In other words : each present moment does exist, at each instant, whatever actions have been made by actors coming from the future. Because the present moment is the result of all possible actions.
<PyRo99> Sto;; gpme ej?
<PyRo99> still gone eh?
<PyRo99> whoa that was horrible
<cerial> ur basing this of a uni model yeah ?
<cerial> are u jus copying and pasting OldEurope ?
<OldEurope> the question is : are you sure that Peragro or JT or any TT is really succeeding in their back trip ?
<cerial> succeeding
<cerial> i'm not following u ?
<cerial> they don't travel in "TIME"
<cerial> the jump from on paralell world to another
<cerial> well JT anywasy
<cerial> *anyways
<cerial> sorry for the typos !
<rolf> i dont think th multiverse have been proven
<rolf> we still hav ea long ways to go with quantum physics and our understanding of our world
<OldEurope> If they jump from a parallel world to another, they can't relly "succeed" : they jump to ANOTHER world.
<cerial> well some big brains say its very very possible
<cerial> stephen hawking etc
<cerial> and i think they've proved it to an extent
<OldEurope> In their "primary" time line, they HAVEN'T been back.
<rolf> yes, but just a few days ago, our basic understanding of the universe with teh "big bang" theory was called untrue by many physicists
<cerial> indeed
<cerial> brb
<sosuemeto> Wow rolf, are you sure? Maybe that's what peragro was looking for
<sosuemeto> he's a religous historian
<PyRo99> but the big bang theory really isn't religious
<PyRo99> lol
<sosuemeto> Yes it is. The big bang theory proves creationism.
<sosuemeto> Something out of nothing.
<PyRo99> And he is a Buddhist
<sosuemeto> But he believes in God
<sosuemeto> and God created the universe out of nothing.
<PyRo99> But then What Does Buddha Do?
<sosuemeto> I haven't a clue, but he believes in GOD.
<PyRo99> yes.
<PyRo99> He can very well believe in god, but if he belives in God, then he is basically a Christian at the same time
<sosuemeto> Rolf, you need to mention this to him.
* cerial has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
<rolf> um, ok
<sosuemeto> Pyro - the muslims believe in God, the Jews believe in God, the Buddists believe in God.
<rolf> but it wasnt really a discovery, was just some physicists saying something
<sosuemeto> Just a thought to play with rolf.
<PyRo99> God came after Buddhists
* En|gmA_GirL has joined #TTF
<OldEurope> Something is linked between the multiverse and Buddhism : the notion of "Maïa". "All is Illusion"
<rolf> was on most major news sources
<En|gmA_GirL> hello everyone
<PyRo99> HoLa
<sosuemeto> Hello girl
* En|gmA_GirL has quit IRC (Quit )
<PyRo99> :X
<PyRo99> If Christianity Emerged after Buddhism. Might i ask why Buddhists beleive in God
<sosuemeto> rolf, it was? I didn't see it. It was news to me.
<sosuemeto> Christianity emerged after judism and they believe in God.
<sosuemeto> ditto for Islam
<PyRo99> Islam came after Christianity
<DadOf5> hmmm, still no peragro?
<PyRo99> And. How would Siddartha Guartarma travel across asia?
<PyRo99> To learn about Judism
<sosuemeto> Still no peragro. How long does it take to go to the post office!
<PyRo99> Who Knows. Who knows.
<DadOf5> exactly
<PyRo99> Umm..
<PyRo99> Peragro's IP changed.
<PyRo99> i believe..
<sosuemeto> really?
<PyRo99> nvm!
<sosuemeto> !seen peragro
<PyRo99> It looked different though :/
<sosuemeto> guess can't do it.
<PyRo99> nah, its the same
<PyRo99> but i don't believe he is in Missouri.. Unless someone in Missourri can provide us with adequate information, remains a theory
<DadOf5> satan knows
<sosuemeto> jonfr knows
<PyRo99> Does he?
<PyRo99> He knows where Peragro is?
<DadOf5> yep
<PyRo99> I see.
<sosuemeto> hey, if jonfr can tell me what cars I have in my driveway, he knows where peragro is.
<PyRo99> LOL! No doubt
<PyRo99> That was weird
<PyRo99> lol
<sosuemeto> Don't forget my birdhouse in the garden lol
<PyRo99> haha
<PyRo99> true
<sosuemeto> he's been gone 90 minutes now
* OldEurope has left #TTF
* OldEurope has joined #TTF
<PyRo99> i see
<peragro`> I am back and that was horrible.
<sosuemeto> why was it horrible?
<peragro`> First, they closed at 2pm
<sosuemeto> I wondered about that. Closes at noon here.
<sosuemeto> peragro, what happened next?
<peragro`> Second, I took a cab there, so I did not have enough money to by the overnight stamp. I never thought it would be more than ten dollars. So I found a lady who helped me figure out how to do everything myself, and apparently it was sent via 2-3 shipping.
<sosuemeto> Priority mail, yes
<DadOf5> eh close enough
<peragro`> Last, I had to ask the lady for a ride back because I did not have enough for the cab to bring me back.
<DadOf5> wow, nice lady
<PyRo99> jeez. helluva day
<sosuemeto> wow, trusting lady. I probably wouldn't have.
<sosuemeto> If they closed at 2pm, how did you send it?
* carmath has joined #TTF
<sosuemeto> Or was the cutoff for next day at 2pm?
<carmath> hello
<DadOf5> hello carmath
<peragro`> It was a drop box. I was not able to give it to an employee.
<sosuemeto> ic
* TTF_Satan has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are you up for some questions one last time?
<peragro`> Sure.
<PyRo99> What day is it?
<peragro`> What day is what?
<carmath> I hope I did not cause the room to go silent
<peragro`> It seems that everyone has gone.
<OldEurope> I'm here !
<carmath> i have been reading the forums, but never participated posting
<DadOf5> people are probably just away from the keyboard
<rolf> did you see about the big bang theory a few days ago? anything relatedto that?
<DadOf5> I was too for a while
<PyRo99> not I. Im just on Aol instant messanger
<Anoah2> Im here
<peragro`> No, what about the Big Bang?
<carmath> good! everyone is here!
<rolf> A group of scientists thinks that the big bang is wrong
<peragro`> How so?
<rolf> They think its more of an ever-evolving universe that wasnt just instantly created, but changed over time, continously
<DadOf5> that still begs the question, when did it start?
<rolf> And thanks for mailing those pictures! Thanks to whatever kind lady helped you as well
<peragro`> That is basically the idea in my time. However the Big Bang is still a part of it. The universe it thought to be constantly expanding and then contracting again. The Big Bang has happened many times.
<DadOf5> that's my concept of it as well
<peragro`> I meant to say "is thought", not "it".
<rolf> Yes, thats the standard big bang theory i believe, multiple big bangs
<rolf> This was just an opposing theory put forward recently
<peragro`> What happened to Satan?
<rolf> So Peragro, what besides the phone grid is exciting back in your time???
<DadOf5> I think he had a ping timeout, peragro
<peragro`> What is that?
<carmath> he got disconnected
<DadOf5> yes
<sosuemeto> Satan is trying to decorate a nursery and keep up with chat
<DadOf5> I hope he'll be able to get reconnected
<peragro`> Well, actually the discovery that should have happened this week is big news in my time.
<OldEurope> peragro : the "rock" you have to bring back isn'it a piece of meteorit ?
<rolf> But why wouldnt it be big news here?
<DadOf5> hmmm, satan's not on the forum right now either
<sosuemeto> Peragro, what will happen to Chicago in the next 10 years.
<peragro`> Nope, just a rock.
<DadOf5> but smaller news here, peragro?
<rolf> Whats you rimpression been of the internet, is it everything you thought it might be?
<peragro`> Chicago is the same. And yes Dadof5, small news for now.
<carmath> did the discovery happen?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are the US's nuclear power plants safe for the next 10 years.
<peragro`> I think the internet is a great thing, but I also find it to be lazy.
<peragro`> Sosuemeto, yes.
<rolf> How lazy?
<rolf> I think its pretty cool to be able to talk to people from iceland, italy, etc
<peragro`> I prefer face to face conversation.
<peragro`> But the long distance ability makes it worth it.
<carmath> interaction in chat channels is slow at times, you are right peragro
<OldEurope> peragro : is the world you are going back identical to the world you left ?
<peragro`> Yes, as far as I know it will be.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, could you tell us three of the most things that will happen in the next 10 years.
<sosuemeto> edit "most important things"
<peragro`> Draft, energy crisis is realized, and the discovery that should have happened this week.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, three important things until 12/2004?
<rolf> I'd vote for 3 most important things from 54 - 74
<carmath> Peragro: If the energy crisis is related to Oil, what alternatives do we pursue/find?
<peragro`> We do nothing for the most part. I personally use solar power.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I noticed you will be leaving on your birthday. Happy Birthday
<peragro`> Thank you.
<rolf> Have the forests suffered from people cutting down more trees for fuel?
<peragro`> I see more trees in my time than I have seen here.
<DadOf5> peragro, I think you've been asked this before but, what is the most important thing that you've learned about this time by being here
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I'm not sure if you're allowed to answer...Next well known/important person to pass away?
<peragro`> I change my mind about that daily, but as of right now I would say that I learned just how ignorant and selfish we are.
<DadOf5> gee, thanks
<DadOf5> you're probably right, though
<peragro`> The Pope dies around 2006 (at least I think it was 2006).
<Anoah2> surprise!
<sosuemeto> Since everyone is not here, and this is your last time, I'm taking some question off the sincere questions roster. If you don't want to answer that's okay.
<peragro`> No problem.
<sosuemeto> Smuda asks did Atlantis exist?
<peragro`> There is no proof of Atlantis.
<sosuemeto> phojeff asks: Does the international community still have a way of communicating in your time.
<OldEurope> peragro : haven't you in your time, had had any contact with extra-terrestrial beeings ?
<sosuemeto> Phojeff asks: What happens to the countries like Australia, New Zealand, the Fijian Islands, etc
* TTF_Satan has joined #TTF
<sosuemeto> Peragro, LOL, My hubby wants to know if the CUB's EVER win the world series
<DadOf5> wb Satan
<peragro`> The governments still communicate. It is just harder for the public... I have never met an alien.
<Anoah2> Who will be Kerry's running mate?
<Anoah2> sorry if asked already
<sosuemeto> Satan! How do I PM on chat?
<peragro`> Australia and Kerry answers are in the forum.
<TTF_Satan> sosuemeto select a members name right click and choose query
<sosuemeto> may I PM you Satan?
<TTF_Satan> yeah
<TTF_Satan> keeps telling me unable to connect Dcc session closed
<sosuemeto> Mine says waiting for acknowledgement
<sosuemeto> oh well, check your e-mail in a sec.
<DadOf5> easier to PM on the forum
<sosuemeto> Sorry everyone, carry on
<OldEurope> peragro : sorry to insist. IF we are not alone in this universe (who thinks we are ?), and IF Earth has been visited since a long time (who thinks we aren't ?) then "they" are aware of the technology you used to be here at this moment.
<TTF_Satan> who said we have been visited by aliens?
<DadOf5> peragro, do you know what questions you'll be asked upon your return?
<sosuemeto> Question from hardcash: What sports are popular in your time and are there any new ones?
<TTF_Satan> OldEurope are you saying that you believe that aliens have visited us?
<OldEurope> satan : try this link : Archéologie
<peragro`> I am not sure what exact questions will be asked... and people like soccer and baseball (basically the same sports as today. I do not play sports).
<TTF_Satan> ok but I am asking do you think that aliens have visited earth?
<TTF_Satan> brb
<rolf> the mexican govt thinks aliens are visiting
<sosuemeto> Peragro, thank you...all questions on the list asked and answered.
<OldEurope> satan : YES.
<OldEurope> satan : they still ARE and WILL BE.
<peragro`> If aliens visit the earth, why do they not make it known?
<DadOf5> OldEurope, you should talk to jonfr
<OldEurope> peragro: why don't you tell us everything about future ?
<peragro`> (Some people believe that aliens are actually an evolved species of humans, and their 'space ships' are time machines.)
<DadOf5> yes, that's a popular theory
<OldEurope> peragro : that's what I meant when asking you my last question
<sosuemeto> Peragro, just your personal opinion, if you were to stay in this time, what three things would you fear the most in the next 12 months.
<peragro`> They also believe that the evolved species of human went back in time to create the Bible. The Bible is 'code' on how to survive this stage of our evolution.
<peragro`> Sosuemeto, I would not really fear anything.
<OldEurope> peragro : there we are. What is your connection with "them" ?
<DadOf5> peragro, have you read the book "The Davinci Code"?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, is there anything you fear as you travel back on Monday?
<peragro`> Nope.
<rolf> Whats the title of a famous book from the future? Or at least a book you really like
<peragro`> Sosuemeto, I fear not getting back. That is about it.
<peragro`> I just read the book 'Finale Ruse' (actually taken from a band name around this time). It was good, by a man named M. Brewer.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I wondered about that. I just wanted to let you know that there are those on the board that would help you if you needed it. We are your friends
<peragro`> Thank you.
<DadOf5> yes, sosueme, that's true. Peragro, it sounds like you experienced a lot of the bad here. What was the best thing to happen?
<peragro`> The internet was a good thing, and I met two people face to face whom I liked.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, that's good. So you know you have a "safety net" should you not get back to your time.
<DadOf5> has anything or anyone in this time made you laugh?
<peragro`> I have a plan B of sorts. However, I highly doubt I will need it.
<peragro`> Sure, a lot of things on the internet that I saw were funny. As well as a few things on the television.
<OldEurope> Bye every body and specially peragro : I'm in 30/05/2004 since two hours... See the log in few hours.
<TTF_Satan> later oldeurope
* OldEurope has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client )
<peragro`> Satan, the package had to be sent via 2-3 day shipping.
<TTF_Satan> np, should get here by thursday, friday at the latest
<TTF_Satan> np = no problem
<peragro`> Yes.
<rolf> did you see, "All your base"?
<rolf> its a funny internet thing
<peragro`> Nope.
<sosuemeto> We may have a problem....logging. cerial is gone and Satan has been off and on. They were logging, as far as I know.
<peragro`> Does not everyone have the option to log this?
<TTF_Satan> jonfr prolly has the total log, he always logs
<sosuemeto> jonfr entered right after peragro returned from the p.o. We might be okay
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I don't know how to log. I'm a noobie.
* Anoah2 has quit IRC (Quit )
<sosuemeto> Although according to this, I have an @ next to my name and no one else does. Guess that makes me special.
<peragro`> My chat browser just has a 'log chat' button on the top. Maybe I should have logged things for people.
<rolf> dont worry about it, we've got it covered
<rolf> the only thing missing wil be private chats between you and people, but i think thats ok
<sosuemeto> The only thing I'm pming Satan about what he missed while he was gone. no secrets.
<DadOf5> I've been logging since Satan got booted
<peragro`> Satan, I have some bad news. Well not really bad, but I just noticed I forgot to add the map to the package. I can find the place via an internet map site for you.
<jonfr> hello
<rolf> I have to get to work, so if I dont talk to you again, its been fun.
<peragro`> It was nice talking with you.
<rolf> Hope you enjoyed your stay, safe journeys to you, and thanks for all the fishes
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are there there things you would like to tell us, that we haven't covered, before you leave. Anything you'd like to ask us?
<peragro`> I could be here for weeks asking questions, but I honestly have decided against it.
<carmath> what made you decide that ?
<jonfr> peragro`: is there an 5 cars in front of your model/hotel ?
<jonfr> the main door
<peragro`> I have interfered enough. I am only here because I made a promise.
<peragro`> 5 cars?
* cerial has joined #TTF
<jonfr> peragro`: i'm checking pictures from your area
<cerial> heya folks
<jonfr> hi cerial
<peragro`> There are a lot of cars out there.
<cerial> jon .. can u check my house again ?
<jonfr> peragro`: ok
<cerial> heya peragro
<peragro`> Hello.
<cerial> how are you ?
<cerial> you get all ur business done ?
<peragro`> Indeed I did.
<cerial> good good
<cerial> mind if i ask you some questions ?
<jonfr> peragro`: i've been looking for the spears that you told us about, i haven't found any of them.
<jonfr> sphears *
<peragro`> Ask away... and jonfr, there are only two in this time. The original and mine.
<peragro`> That I know of.
<jonfr> peragro`: does your pod edmitt fast moving particals ?
<peragro`> It does nothing really.
<cerial> right .. first up .. how much do u know about the theory of ur type of TT ?
<cerial> oh and if i'm repeating questions already asked jus let me know
<peragro`> Actually I did answer that a while back.
<jonfr> peragro`: humm...i don't understan how it can't do nothing
<cerial> what i'm wondering is .. how much difference between our present and ur past is there ?
<cerial> the "divergence" factor so to speak !
<peragro`> There is nothing I have noticed which is different, besides a discovery that should have been made this week.
<cerial> ic
<cerial> how hard have u looked for differences ?
<peragro`> Pretty hard.
<cerial> cool beans
<sosuemeto> Must have been pretty disappointing, the one thing you were here waiting for and it didn't happen.
<cerial> so because this didn;t happen .. we can assume that ur past is slightly diff to ours ?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, just don't worry about it...let your "superiors" worry about it after you return.
<peragro`> I assume that I caused this discovery to be looked over. And no, it is not disappointing.
<cerial> u think ?
<jonfr> peragro`: if anything changes here, it changes in your time also.
<cerial> was it something that u could have averted ?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I wouldn't assume YOU are the cause...maybe the mere fact of timetravel caused it.
<jonfr> also, when my time scan unit is ready i'm going to scan this time
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are you worried about "what" you'll come back to since this event didn't happen.
<peragro`> jonfr, not true.
<cerial> peragro .. do u have a joke from ur time ?
<DadOf5> Peragro, interesting thought, what if you were sent back to prompt this discovery
<peragro`> No, I am not worried.
<sosuemeto> Dad, I never thought of that, Maybe he was!
<peragro`> I am not in the right place to discover it.
<cerial> ah
<jonfr> peragro`: time is hard to explain, but i know that changes @ one point can change the rest of the time line
<cerial> does string theory hold up ?
<DadOf5> that's not what I meant. I mean what if you were sent back to have this particular discussion with us and it leads to this dicovery
<peragro`> I know Hawkings laws are central to time travel.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, just a joke here, but perhaps you should call the person that was supposed to discover something and tell him to hurry up and discover so you can go home!
<cerial> hawkings laws ?
<cerial> know this is something interesting ..
<jonfr> DadOf5: that's paradox, when you create something when you are not ment to
<cerial> *now
<jonfr> cerial: you in ireland right ?
<peragro`> Not too sure what they are, just that string theory and Hawkings are in the same boat.
<cerial> i am jonfr
<cerial> cool
<sosuemeto> jon, I disagree. I think Dad has a good point. Perhaps we were all meant to be here in this time in this room to help.
<jonfr> cerial: i've have pictures of some of ireland and uk tomorrow
<sosuemeto> Peragro, Can We Help?
<jonfr> i did put the sattellite on other orbit
<cerial> so can u tell me how many cars are outside my house ?
<peragro`> There is nothing you guys can do, it will not affect you even if you find out. It only affects me.
<jonfr> sosuemeto: time it selfs is...complex and hard to explain
<jonfr> cerial: if i get an picture of it, but it won't be until after 1h35m
<sosuemeto> Peragro, but if there is something we can do for you, I'm sure we'd like to do it. Because it effects you.
<peragro`> This may be a bad time, but I promise I will return as soon as a can. Does anyone object to me going to get some food? I have had nothing to eat all day and I cannot take it anymore.
<cerial> not at all
<sosuemeto> cerial: be sure to wave from your bbq at 1h35m!
<cerial> go eat mate !
<jonfr> peragro`: go get something to eat, it clears your head
<cerial> wave from my bbq ?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, go eat!
<peragro`> Great. I am sorry, I will be back as soon as I can and I will stay for the rest of the night if possible.
<cerial> cool
<peragro`> I am going to leave this chat browser open.
<jonfr> sosuemeto: 1h32m from now....
<jonfr> also, if there are clouds there, it takes more effort
<cerial> there are clouds
<cerial> not mant tho !
<cerial> many even !
<jonfr> i picture the no cloud areas first
<cerial> so if i stand outside in 1h30m u should get a good shot of me ?
<jonfr> is dark there now
<sosuemeto> sure to wave
<cerial> it is
<jonfr> i problay won't take picture now
<jonfr> only daylight
<cerial> ah right
<cerial> well u let me know and i'l be outside
<cerial> then u can tell me what colour t-shirt i'm wearing and then i'll take ur word as truth
<jonfr> it's next over ireland @ 10h32m and 12h23 and 14h52 etc...
<cerial> ok
<cerial> well i'm sure we'll chat sometime before the next overpass
<jonfr> the sattellite is 2h going over all of earth
<jonfr> well, you are only +1h ahead of me
<sosuemeto> Jon, I have to admit you really freaked me out yesterday
<jonfr> sosuemeto: i'm sorry for that.
<sosuemeto> But then I realized you were a long time poster, you've explained how you do it. I trust you won't show up on my doorstep and cause harm to me and my loved ones
<sosuemeto> I think you are way cool (as my son would say)
<jonfr> sosuemeto: if there is one thing i'm going to use this is to protect the human race, i think that is the big issue in this
<jonfr> i was tested, i'm sure of it
<jonfr> the alien ship i did help last week, did just wanish in space
<jonfr> no trace of it :-/
<sosuemeto> You really prove to me that "big brother" is watching.
<sosuemeto> But some "big brothers" are nice
<jonfr> why do think i'm messing up the nsa sattellites
<sosuemeto> I'll bet the nsa loves you for that!
<jonfr> over iceland only tugh
<sosuemeto> I'd love it if you can sometime send me a copy of the picture you took over the whitehouse.
<jonfr> hehe, i hope i can connect my system to my own computer one day
<cerial> heh
<sosuemeto> cerial, you're in ireland?
<jonfr> 4 days in the big gun test
<sosuemeto> My great grandfather came from ireland during the potato famine. I've heard it is beautiful.
<jonfr> sosuemeto: one thing that bothers me about the white house, is that they have 5 rahter small sattllite recivers on the roof
<cerial> yeah it is !!!
<sosuemeto> Jon, I believe it. The president uses satillite communication, not telephone.
<cerial> u should come over
<DWOMT> TFF_Sata, sorry I am late on saying this. But yes Aliens have been to earth
<sosuemeto> cerial, I wish I could.
<DWOMT> TTF_Satan I mean
<jonfr> DWOMT: indeed they have....
<cerial> i thinks hes away mate
<sosuemeto> Listen all, since I'm the only one with an @ next to my name. What will happen if I leave? Will this room close down?
<DWOMT> 3 species of aliens have been to earth, that's all I will
<cerial> and hello my drugless friend !
<cerial> lol
<cerial> oh u tease !
<jonfr> DWOMT: if you can name them, your good
<cerial> i thought i'd run out of skins ... but found some thanks god !!!
<sosuemeto> I just don't want to do anything wrong here, can I leave?
<jonfr> sosuemeto: it will become an op less channel
<jonfr> no control
<sosuemeto> huh?
<jonfr> no one to give op and voice
<jonfr> and kicks etc..
<cerial> type this sosuemeto ... !op cerial
<sosuemeto> Okay, so will everyone be good if I leave?
<sosuemeto> !op cerial
<jonfr> sosuemeto: the channel will go opless
<cerial> op me and i'll lokk after em !
<jonfr> and you won't gain your op agen
<cerial> right click on my name ...
<cerial> look for the op line
* sosuemeto sets mode: +o jonfr
<cerial> there ya go
* jonfr sets mode: +o cerial
* sosuemeto has left #TTF
<cerial> nice one
* jonfr sets mode: +o TTF_Satan
<cerial> heh
* sosuemeto has joined #TTF
* jonfr sets mode: +o sosuemeto
<cerial> was jus about to do that !
<jonfr> cerial: i thin faster
<sosuemeto> k, looks like it worked.
<jonfr> think *
<jonfr> sosuemeto: i did just give you op
<cerial> well u've got a bio computer embedded in u ... so i'd hope u would !!!
* jonfr sets mode: +vvvvvv carmath DadOf5 DWOMT Ghoztface Payton123456 peragro`
* jonfr sets mode: +vv PyRo99 rolf
<sosuemeto> good evening. good morning. nice chatting with you all. Bye peragro. good jon
<cerial> cya sosuemeto
<jonfr> sosuemeto: bye
* sosuemeto has left #TTF
<cerial> brb
<carmath> brb as well
<carmath> getting hungry
<jonfr> so am i...
<cerial> heh
<cerial> i'm on spliffs and beer
<jonfr> humm..ok
<cerial> hehe
<cerial> well i feel it expands my mind
<jonfr> i don't drink beer..
<cerial> i don't really either
<jonfr> eh...
<cerial> but relations were over from scotland so i had to have a few drinks !!
<jonfr> ok...
<jonfr> pictures of sahara desert taken early today are now coming in
<jonfr> and iraq and other countryes there
<cerial> anything deep ?
<jonfr> just sand there, for the most part
<jonfr> they are just coming in, analying them haven't started yet
<cerial> do u do deep scans ?
<jonfr> deep scans ?
<cerial> ocean floor ?
<jonfr> ah, i can do it
<jonfr> i may do that
<cerial> u should do some over india
<jonfr> why?
<cerial> top left side
<jonfr> anything intresting there?
<cerial> citys over 10000 years old there
<cerial> same between malta and sciliy
<jonfr> ah, ok
<jonfr> i haven't pictured that area yet. Going to happen soon
<cerial> good good
<cerial> they reakon there was civilisation 12000 years ago
<cerial> before anyone thought there was
<jonfr> that's not hard to belive
<cerial> during the last ice age
<jonfr> ah, that's when everyone suppose to be living in the caves
<cerial> indeed
<cerial> they've found evidnece .. solid as well that there were citys at least 9000bc
<cerial> and citys take time to grow
<cerial> for the building tech to advance
<jonfr> yes, cityes take long time to grow
<cerial> indeed
<cerial> and these were big citys
<cerial> of florida
<cerial> *off
<cerial> cambodia
<cerial> malta and india
<jonfr> i think too many things are lost in human race history already. I find it too "off" to make sence
<cerial> ice age ended .. sea level rises by 100 or so feet .. citys lost !
<cerial> off florida = off the coast of florida
<jonfr> yup, it happens and is going to happen agen
<cerial> heh
<cerial> probably
<cerial> nature has a habit of sorting herself out !
<Ghoztface> cerial - i agree with you 100 percent
<jonfr> i know that here are maps of anartica that show an area whit just sea wather and that was before human ever did go there
<jonfr> i don't rember the word over it in english right now
<jonfr> they can't explain it
<cerial> we think we know so much .. and this makes us arrognet
<cerial> the thing thats wrong with ppl is that they don't like admitting they might be wrong
<cerial> "u mean my theory might be false ??? HOW DARE YOU !!!"
<cerial> "the war is wrong ?? COMMIE !!!2 ;P
<cerial> how many here are from the states ? and awake btw ?
<cerial> PyRo .. u there ??
<carmath> iwas away from keyboard , from the wash dc area here
<cerial> ah right
<cerial> and right/left kinda guy ?
* cerial changes topic to 'TTF ... just for tonight WANNA READ SOMIT >> '
* cerial has quit IRC (Quit: server hop )
<carmath> how did you guys get interested in TTF?
* cerial has joined #TTF
<cerial> can u op me again pls jon ?
* jonfr sets mode: +o cerial
<cerial> ta mate
<jonfr> np
* Payton123456 has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
<peragro`> I am back and I am full.
<jonfr> peragro`: good
<cerial> hey hey
<cerial> i'm full too . but not with food
<carmath> <-- is not full
<peragro`> I had some good Mexican food.
<carmath> yo quiero taco bell!
<carmath> hee hee coul;d not resist!
<peragro`> I went to a place called Acambaro.
<jonfr> ahh...just around the corner where you are
<jonfr> so to speak
<peragro`> Not really, I had to walk quite a while.
<jonfr> i know, it's 2.7km away from you if you are where i think you are
<carmath> now, thats freaky!
<peragro`> And where do you think I am?
<TTF_Satan> peragro, I am still busy with fixing the nursery so If I don't get to tell you later, be well in your future endeavors
<peragro`> Thank you. I will be off and on here all night.
<cerial> are u up for a bit of chat now then peragro ?
<cerial> cya ina bit satan
<peragro`> Sure.
<cerial> well acaully .. give me 5 mins to get a spliff together if u don;t mind
* sosuemeto has joined #TTF
<carmath> i will be back like in 5-10 myself
<cerial> wb sosuemeto
<sosuemeto> Thanks cerial, hi Peragro.
<jonfr> peragro`: humm....have you changed about internet host ?
<sosuemeto> Cerial, is it morning there?
<peragro`> Nope.
* jonfr sets mode: +o sosuemeto
<cerial> nope
<sosuemeto> Thank you jon
<cerial> its 2.23am
<sosuemeto> cerial, so you're up all night!
<cerial> yeah
<cerial> i don;t usually sleep till mate
<cerial> late
<cerial> i do my best work at night
<jonfr> peragro`: well, you are in springfield
<jonfr> i think...
<sosuemeto> cerial, you sound like me Do you live off a few hours of sleep, too?
<peragro`> Yes, I am.
<cerial> god yeah
<sosuemeto> cerial, we're "two peas in a pod"
<cerial> hehe
<cerial> what age are u if u don;t mind me askin ?
<sosuemeto> so jon, how many birdfeeders does peragro have in his backyard, LOL
<sosuemeto> Cerial, I'm am turning 40 in a few months.
<jonfr> sosuemeto: 3, but there is an tree blocking my view if i have the right place
<cerial> sweet
<cerial> 28 here
<cerial> surprise i made it this long !
<sosuemeto> Cerial, I started doing this in my mid 20's. No cure, just go with it!
<cerial> roger and wilco !
<peragro`> What is a good internet site for finding a map? I need to let Satan know where the cave is.
<sosuemeto> Jon, you continue to astound me You never told me how many trees in my backyard.
<sosuemeto> Peragro,
<peragro`> Thank you.
<cerial> sp peragro .. any thing u want to know about ireland and this side of the pond ?
<jonfr> sosuemeto: 2 big ones, and just 1 mid size
<jonfr> along whit some bushes and stuff
<sosuemeto> Jon, yes, and what's next door to the north. If you've got this question right, you win a trip around the world.
<jonfr> the mean where the flowers are ?
<sosuemeto> Jon, yes
<jonfr> the house roof blocks part of that view there tugh
<jonfr> the umberella thinig?
<sosuemeto> jon, you win half a trip around the world. You're good
<cerial> i want him to do me !!!!
<cerial> ME !!
<sosuemeto> Jon, yes, that would be my deck with the lawn furniture, umbrella included.
<peragro`> Can anyone see this or does it lead nowhere? Official MapQuest - Maps, Driving Directions, Live Traffic
<peragro`> Nevermind. I cannot make it show the correct place.
<jonfr> cerial: on next clear sky i will take pictures
<jonfr> sosuemeto: the roof blocks part of my view there, since that sattellite goes from north to south
<jonfr> peragro`: most of those map webpages good
<sosuemeto> jon, usa Defense would hire you in a second. Yes jon that because there is a vacant lot next to me with "woods".
<cerial> peragro . are u free now ?
<peragro`> Yes.
<jonfr> sosuemeto: usa defense don't like me already
<cerial> cool beans
<DadOf5> peragro, can you give satan the gps coordinates?
<cerial> was the gospel of thomas ever accepted by mainstream christian faith ?
<DWOMT> peragro, quick question. You mentioned other countries attacking the USA in 2016-2018. You said there were most air raids on the big cities. How bad were the air raids? Were they quick hit and runs? Sophisticated bombing missions? And what countries launched these air raids? i'm curious as to what countries have the range to strike us like that (besides our current allies)
<sosuemeto> Jon, that's too bad. It seems like you use your abilities for good, not evil.
<peragro`> Cerial, no.
<cerial> really ?
<jonfr> sosuemeto: yes, but home defnce...are something i don't like
<cerial> any more evidence against it appear ?
<carmath> jon, what do you need to get pics?
<jonfr> peragro`: i'm checking my map to locate you
<jonfr> carmath: i let my sattellite take the pictures
<sosuemeto> cerial, are you cerial on anomolies?
<carmath> what do you need, and address? coordinates?
<carmath> an*
<cerial> yeah
<jonfr> carmath: for location, address is always nice
<peragro`> Odd. Everyones messages just all popped up at once. It was like they were all stuck.
<sosuemeto> Cerial, FYI, I'm Susan on Anolmolies. Dainbrameged is going nuts on Alter-vus against Pam.
<jonfr> peragro`: lag problay
<cerial> DB is a fool !
<cerial> but a funny fool
<sosuemeto> Cerial, yes he is. He's illogical.
<sosuemeto> I'm the one that posted the percentages of alter-vus compared to those in contact with Titor
<cerial> yeah .. i enjoyed ur posts
<sosuemeto> I figured the flameware when I stated because of the alter-vus, Titor is real.
<sosuemeto> Thank's cerial.
<sosuemeto> It's too bad Peragro can't go back to 2000, send our e-mails so we can see if something happens.
<sosuemeto> It would have been nice if Pamela could be here tonight
<cerial> the alter vu's are the one thing that got me into JT
<sosuemeto> I have a lot of respect for Pamela. I feel she would have known what to ask on Peragro's last night. I'm at a loss.
<peragro`> Good news. The lady at the front desk is going to let me stay until 5pm tomorrow. I was supposed to leave by 11am. I can come back here one more time tomorrow.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, cool!
<carmath> when are you leaving peragro?
<peragro`> She is the other person I have actually had conversations with face to face.
<peragro`> May 31

Posted: May 30 2004, 11:14 PM (dadof5 chat log)
<sosuemeto> Is undernet #ttf okay? I just don't know if dalnet will work.
<cerial> and she was nice ?
<carmath> and yo said you needed 12 hrs right?
<peragro`> Yes, very nice.
<peragro`> Correct.
<carmath> what are you going to do tomorrow night?
<DWOMT> peragro, quick question. You mentioned other countries attacking the USA in 2016-2018. You said there were most air raids on the big cities. How bad were the air raids? Were they quick hit and runs? Sophisticated bombing missions? And what countries launched these air raids? i'm curious as to what countries have the range to strike us like that (besides our current allies)
<peragro`> 12pm on the 31st.
<jonfr> peragro`: humm...nothing but trees blocking my view
<carmath> ahhh ok
<TTF_Satan> peragro, since you are going to be here tommorrow then do you want to tell everyone what we spoke of in PM or do you want me to delay until monday?
<peragro`> Mostly hit and runs. Mostly the middle east / countries who believe we were wrong.
<carmath> peragro, did you run out of cash by any chance?
<Ghoztface> how does the middle east get planes to america?
<DWOMT> thats what I was about to ask
<peragro`> Satan, you can tell everyone the truth as of right now. Just leave out my current location.
<Ghoztface> the middle east is pretty much the furthes distance from american going either way
<DWOMT> their aircraft shouldn't have the range
<Ghoztface> or the fuel?
<Ghoztface> hehe
<DWOMT> yup
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are you sure you want Satan to tell everything?
<peragro`> Brazil.
<DWOMT> Brazil?
<cerial> shussss sosuemeto
<jonfr> peragro`: brazil ?
<peragro`> He can tell everything, I am sure. Just leave out my location.
<sosuemeto> Someone is logging? Had to ask this question before we start?
<TTF_Satan> ok
<cerial> i'm loggin
<Ghoztface> brazil.. ?
<jonfr> i'm also logging
<jonfr> even
<peragro`> We make enemies of Brazil and they become a host for many of our other enemies.
<carmath> dang, i love brazil !
<jonfr> peragro`: errr...i did know that long before you did come
<DWOMT> lol nah I don't think that happens
<Ghoztface> ... how do we anger brazil?
<jonfr> south america wars, yes they do... :-/
<peragro`> However, they do it for money and oil as well.
<DWOMT> so Brazil is like "Come one and come all! Bring your military aircraft here and get a shot at the nuclear capable USA!"
<DWOMT> doesn't sound realistic to me
<cerial> ok .. so brazil becomes an ememy .. how does this happen .. what discovery is made ?
<DWOMT> we'd flatten Brazil, they'd never dare do that
<peragro`> No, Brazil is like, "The United States is out of control, we will allow you to try and control them by using our land. In return we want money and oil."
<Ghoztface> DWOMT, seems like we would blow that jungle up if they did that
<Ghoztface> hehe.
<DWOMT> try and control us?..with quick hit and run air raids?..LOL
<sosuemeto> cerial, you and I won't sleep for a week after tonight
<peragro`> It only lasts for about 6 months.
<cerial> ah
<DWOMT> I'd believe a story about Mexico doing that more so than Brazil
<sosuemeto> Satan, are you posting the info here or on the board?
<cerial> who makes the discovery ... or is it moe an anouncement ?
<cerial> *more
<jonfr> i think the board is better, less flood of text there then here
<DadOf5> true
<DWOMT> and besides, our air force would rip any incoming hostile aircraft to pieces
<cerial> we can highlight peragro's text
<peragro`> Brazil was actually a good tactical position for them to hold. Much better than Mexico.
<jonfr> true, not too close to the usa
<DWOMT> but we also have an air base in Panama, we'd intercept any bogies coming northward
<Ghoztface> but still within bomber range
<Ghoztface> heck, i think we would put a nuke on brazil if they harbored foreign nationalists who were obmbing us
<Ghoztface> america just doesnt let bombs fall on us
<DWOMT> no kidding
<Ghoztface> why do they not use nuclear weapons on brazil peragro
<Ghoztface> america would sooner drop 50 of them and start/end ww3 in one day then be bombed
<DWOMT> yeah if we drop one on iraq, why not some jungle?
<cerial> ok .., ur thinking to large guys
<sosuemeto> DWOMT, stupid side note, but did you notice the sound of F-16's flying over DC today while Bush splike
<cerial> think truck bombs
<Ghoztface> well, peragro is saying air raids
<peragro`> You have to realize that this was near the end of everything. We probably would have destroyed them (and the rest of the world for that matter), if it were not for the fact that we could not afford to be in a war.
<sosuemeto> edit splike to spoke
<cerial> think smuggling arms across
<DWOMT> why were there F-16s?..the WW2 vets pose no
<Ghoztface> peragro, what about the numerous nuclear submarines we hae patrolling the depths at all times
<sosuemeto> DWOMT - grew up on Airforce bases...those were F-16's
<Ghoztface> they are ready to drop nukes on the whole world if need be
<sosuemeto> DWOMT - DC is a "no fly zone" since 9/11
<Ghoztface> there was a policy developed in the last 40 years.. i think it is M.A.D. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION
<jonfr> Ghoztface: only used if the other country has nukes too
<cerial> u know the roman empire exerted military power while forgetting the economia
<cerial> look what happened to them
<DWOMT> think about it, several countries are together in Brazil wanting to take a pop shot at the USA. America could wipe them all out in one spot. It would be perfect
<sosuemeto> Satan, are you with us?
<peragro`> Within 6 months of the U.S.A dropping the bomb they pull out of all foreign countries.
<Ghoztface> jonfr: very true, but what im saying is that we will ALWAYS have the ability to drop hundreds of nukes
<carmath> what happened to the posts that Satan was getting ready to make?
<jonfr> Ghoztface: and..k*** them selfs in the progress
<Ghoztface> jonfr: regardless of whats happening in the states, we have submarines out there
<Ghoztface> jonfr: the govt. would do it i think. -shrugs-
<sosuemeto> car, I'm not sure, Satan is not on TTF right now. Don't know where he will post.
<DWOMT> they pull out of all foreign countries peragro?..I think after the losses the USA would suffer from WW3, the public would be outraged
<TTF_Satan> I will make the posts tommorow, or do you want me to post them tonight peragro?
<peragro`> The public is outraged. They are outraged at the usage of the bomb.
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I'm still trying to understand why we bomb Tikrit. Did you answer this? What is in Tikrit
<cerial> of course
<peragro`> That is up to you.
<cerial> tikrit is the sunni sronghold in Iraq
* kittyintheou has joined #TTF
<TTF_Satan> ok I will make the post and then I will get back to work work working
<Ghoztface> more symbolic?
<kittyintheou> oh dear god.
<kittyintheou> it worked
<jonfr> that makes no sence using nuke on that :-/
<sosuemeto> Satan, not because I'm impatient, but because we're all here, I'd vote for tonight. You "may" have things to do tomorrow
<Ghoztface> could it be JK?
* kittyintheou is now known as Jovial_Kitte
<Ghoztface> it tis! it tis!
<Jovial_Kitte> well. it'll do.
* jonfr sets mode: +v Jovial_Kitte
<peragro`> It was symbolic. It was small and it was no longer a real city.
<cerial> hey hey kitten !
<Jovial_Kitte> hi!
* cerial sets mode: +o Jovial_Kitte
<Jovial_Kitte> thanks jonfr
<cerial> up u get
<sosuemeto> kitten is here, maybe you should post Satan.
<cerial> good kitty
<Jovial_Kitte> what have i missed?
<sosuemeto> Purr, kitty.
<cerial> lots !
<carmath> Hola Kitty!
<Ghoztface> lol kitty...
* Jovial_Kitte purrs and meows
<sosuemeto> kitten, a decision to post what Satan knows. It's up to Peragro, he says he doesn't care.
<peragro`> It may not make sense, but sometimes things happen in history that nobody saw coming. Sometimes history makes no sense.
* Ghoztface pulls out a bag of hydroponic cat-nip
<jonfr> peragro`: "we show you!" issue ?
<sosuemeto> How do you post in purple, just wondering
<Jovial_Kitte> go *DadOf5 and then put an action or whatever
<jonfr> sosuemeto: not an clue how to do that
* sosuemeto pets kitten and gives her treats along with my 3 cats
<Jovial_Kitte> yay!
<carmath> thats right peragro, mainly because decisions are made at levels to which we have little or no visibility, its not until these decisions become history, that the rest of us receive a version/interpretation of what happened
<sosuemeto> Satan, what says you?
<sosuemeto> Satan, please Opine LOL
<rolf> Back breifly... So we nuked Tikrit because it was small and symbolic of something? Was is HQ to some sort of resistance or anything?
<DWOMT> so is Tikrit a radioactive wastezone in your time Peragro?
<sosuemeto> It would be nice to have Phoenix in here for this? Any one know how to get his attention?
<Jovial_Kitte> well i've already posted the only short skirt I own. that's all the tricks I have up my sleeve:p
<Jovial_Kitte> but i did query him
<Jovial_Kitte> just now
<peragro`> No, it was close to our hold on the oil fields. Far enough not to harm us, yet close enough to keep others away.
* sosuemeto in shock that kitty would own a short skirt
<rolf> Apparently tikrit is the northern end of an oil triangle
<Jovial_Kitte> haha. yeah I am too:p i bought it for my husband sort of.
<peragro`> And the northern air raids were not '2004 style' air raids. They would be considered weak to you right now.
<Jovial_Kitte> let me work on getting phoenix here
<rolf> Why raid at all then?
* cerial is now known as JohnCena
<sosuemeto> Kitty, I have one too for my hubby...but I don't think Phoenix would approve.
<DWOMT> did the US Air Force fight back during these air raids peragro?
<peragro`> Out of fear.
<Jovial_Kitte> haha..well. he likes mine:)
* JohnCena is now known as cerial
<Ghoztface> how much weaker then blowing up specific buildings can we get?
<Ghoztface> did we destroy their city well?
<jonfr> peragro`: when is the nuke dropped (sorry if this has been asked before) ?
<peragro`> Yes, the majority of the time they were suicide missions.
<DWOMT> 2015
<cerial> in 2015 jon
<TTF_Satan> the post is up
<jonfr> ok..
<cerial> sweet
<rolf> What targets were so important to hit with suicide air attacks?
<cerial> thanks satan
<TTF_Satan> I have to get back to work now. It is on the thread
<Jovial_Kitte> how many cigarettes have you had tonight?
* sosuemeto wonders if TTF will crash because we're all looking at the post.
<Jovial_Kitte> satan that is.
* Ghoztface rushes to go look at the post too
<Ghoztface> lol.
<sosuemeto> Satan, keep safe, take care of your wife, if I don't see you good luck on your new addition. POST PICS!
<rolf> So theres teh discovery. Hrm..
<rolf> Whats the name of the rock?
<Jovial_Kitte> Oh my goodness.
<TTF_Satan> I will post them just as soon as I get them I have had a few tonight...setting up this nursery is stressing me.
<Jovial_Kitte> aww.
<Jovial_Kitte> don't hit your fingers with a hammer.
<carmath> good luck w the nursery bro!
<Jovial_Kitte> who is carmath?
<peragro`> It is called "Gallegos", named after the man who found it.
<carmath> no one you know kitty
<sosuemeto> peragro?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, are you still there.
<peragro`> Yes.
<Jovial_Kitte> aww:(
<carmath> so he discovers it in USA? or span?
<carmath> spain*
<sosuemeto> go to The info you need will be there.
<rolf> He discover, but it doesnt hit for a hundred years?
<rolf> When the impact date?
<peragro`> It was first sighted in Alaska.
<sosuemeto> peragro, YES...I'll search for the link, but it's there.
<DWOMT> oooh an asteroid. I'll just fly out into space and move it
<Jovial_Kitte> hasn't someone else already done the astroid in june story?
<Ghoztface> so this asteroid was supposed to be discovered within the past few days by a man named gallegos in alaska?
<sosuemeto> JK, yes...but I think the one that he is looking for is on ATS. Anyone else here a member that can help me out.
<Ghoztface> am i close?
<rolf> I've read the thread on ATS, it talks about different ones
<peragro`> 2112.
<peragro`> Believed to be a 100% chance. 15,000 feet across.
<rolf> How could he know now that it would impact? Our models dont really track that far currently I thought
<peragro`> When it was found it was only believed to be a 10% chance.
<jonfr> hum, i know of the news of that one
<sosuemeto> Peragro, there are "weird" people on ATS, and there are smart people. You have to discern. But yes, I know I read the thread. There was also another thread on their Paranormal site (psychics) predicting the same thing.
<Jovial_Kitte> people have been on coast to coast talking about that.
<cerial> hmmmm
<peragro`> I am confused, does this website have information on an asteroid that was found this week?
<sosuemeto> Peragro, I hope I have helped you. You seemed to have a mission. There's info out there, it just isn't reported on mainstream news. They don't want to "freak" people out. Yes about this week.
<Ghoztface> see peragro, sharing with everyone is a good thing
<Jovial_Kitte> the govt. probably already knows about it. or has for months.
<Ghoztface> you may have left and never known....
<jonfr> if they know it, i already knew it
<Ghoztface> just a thought
<DWOMT> the thing is peragro, maybe in our time it's not big news. but in your time it is
<rolf> Was several weeks ago, was predicting asteroids, "Itokawa" on June 20-26th and another one
<sosuemeto> rolf, yes that was the one they thought would come close, there was another one last month, remember?
<jonfr> peragro`: the astroid you speak about will not hit earth...
<cerial> indeed .. but do we know to what degree .. or was it theorised in ur time peragro .. ur world is different to ours ?
<carmath> so Peragro, as you said, maybe someone from this time, or earlier can do something about it, like expediting technological advances, etc
<peragro`> IIn my time it was found by a man named 'Gallegos' during this month. NASA (as well as other amature astronomers) verify the find. It was in the news and very much talked about.
<Jovial_Kitte> well if it does. do i get to make love to ben afleck?
<cerial> hehe
<Ghoztface> you have to settle foe matt damon
<Ghoztface> sorry
<rolf> the ATS thread was also concerned about some cosmic debris cloud that the solar system would drift into
<Ghoztface> i cant find the ATS thread.. can anyone help this newbie?
<sosuemeto> Everyone, I believe if Peragro is a TT, and is telling the truth, our media has not reported it because it doesnt want to scare us.
<Jovial_Kitte> i'll become celibate.
<carmath> if this is true, i will go to Brazil more often, before they become our enemies
<DWOMT> eh I'*** in peragro's time, so the asteroid doesn't bother me none
<sosuemeto> rolf...that's why I said you have to discern between the weird ones and the ones who tell the truth.
<Jovial_Kitte> of course sosueme,they keep tons of stuff from us though on a daily basis. doesn't surprise me
<Jovial_Kitte> i thought it was in this time?
<jonfr> sosuemeto: that is locical assumution
<DWOMT> peragro said the asteroid is due to hit earth in 2112
<DWOMT> that people in his time believe their end is coming
<DWOMT> thank god i'll be six feet under by then
<sosuemeto> Understand, we are in a war on t**r right now. We're "freaked" out enough. Does the media really want to tell us about an astroid to hit us years from now. We live in the here and now!
<Jovial_Kitte> haha yeah.
<cerial> anyone got a link on the ATS info ?
<Ghoztface> but just think of all the fun you get to have untill then, DWOMT!!!
<Ghoztface> yay!
<Ghoztface> yes, i to need a link
* Ghoztface is a newbie
<DWOMT> yes lots of fun. All the StarCraft I want
<rolf> Is Earth In Imminent Danger From Inbound Meteors?, page 1
<Ghoztface> or military drafting and sweating in iraq
<Ghoztface> whichever
<Ghoztface> thank you rolf
<rolf> thats one of several asteroid threads
<DWOMT> screw the draft. I'm not gonna go fight for some greedy morons
<Ghoztface> that or prison
<Ghoztface> enjoy
<DWOMT> when they call the draft. I'll politely decline their offer
<Ghoztface> yea sure. they will make you an offer you can't refuse.
<sosuemeto> peragro, what year is the astroid to hit? I need that year.
<Ghoztface> 2112?
<DWOMT> they can come find me in 50 or 60 years, maybe by then I'll be ready to keel over
<jonfr> sosuemeto: he told 2112
<Jovial_Kitte> i really prefer the frank story so much more.
<sosuemeto> k, hold on.
<Ghoztface> frank, JK?
<rolf> lol
<cerial> heh ... u know something .. and this will sound a bit mad ...
<Jovial_Kitte> yes,frank was a time travel k***er that was after alexander.
<Jovial_Kitte> he came up with it when his story was getting old.
<cerial> 2112 .. is jus 100years off the 2012 end of mayan calender !
<Ghoztface> i missed him... :|
<Ghoztface> good thinking cerial
<cerial> bit of a sketchy link ?
<Ghoztface> hey peragro, does anything interesting happen in late december of 2012?
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