Titor, The Election, and Hurricanes


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Titor, The Election, and Hurricanes

I find references everywhere, but I can't help but think of Titor when reading CNN.com on the devastation in Florida.

According to the story, Titor should be about six years old by now and the events there are coloring "his" perceptions and "history" like nothing else:

from CNN recently...

"Four hurricanes in six weeks have upended millions of lives, causing billions of dollars worth of damage that could take months, if not years to repair."

"By and large, people are not paying a lot of attention to the presidential race," said Craig. "There's not a lot of motivation to watch if your home has been damaged and your life has been turned upside down. ... And it's hard to watch TV if you don't have power."

"With the hurricanes, there is a sense of gloom and almost fatality -- there's not a lot of optimism," adds Dehaven-Smith. "But I don't know how that plays out politically."

Just to be "a devout" for a moment: If you read these quotes in light of the Titor event, they are a little freaky, no?

I am curious what the rest of us think about this.

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Titor, The Election, and Hurricanes

My first reaction to the idea is that you are, like me, closely examining current events for the slightest evidence that Titor may have been telling the truth.

I think, though, that the disasters in Florida are playing hell with the polls, and putting the State in the "undecided" column-- the exact politics of the situation are arcane-- and thus perhaps proving to Bush, who believes that God directs his actions, that he is no longer favored by heaven. This cannot be good for the coming civil war scenario, which calls for a fascist Bush to crack down on liberty.

A similar situation happened in California in recent years when we were hit by a series of natural disasters; if anyone in the State still believed that he enjoyed the grace of providence, he was disabused of the belief, and everyone now expects the trees to fall and the grasses burn, and the freeways to be tied up while the souls are weighed. Soon after, the "democratic" governor was thrown out of office in favor of an "action star" who had appeared in films kicking terrorist and Satanic butt.

The fear is that a terrorist attack will spook the American people into voting against Bush the way that the Spanish attack was supposed to have evicted their leadership. Cornelia says that this is a lie, though, and we know that Bush would not be deterred from telling it just because it's a lie; in fact, it may encourage him to tell it. An attack would actually help him; so would the situation in which we are not attacked at all, since he can say that it's because of his good leadership.

So we have a two-faced president who cannot lose whether we are attacked or not running against a challenger who is running against himself with every word he speaks. These four will debate tonight. The winds will howl around the stadium and the press will try to photograph sweatbeads on the gods' cheeks. The people will continue to murder for bread in the streets.