Travelled to an parallel universe from my dream


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May 27, 2019
Hey guys, I’m new to this site.

In my dream I was already in a parallel universe where they sent me to another parallel universe. Basically, I was a guinea pig and there was no going back.

I don’t remember much of the beginning part of the dream, the first parallel universe. All I remember was a white room, which looked like a laboratory. In the room was a huge, circular machine with giant, human-sized tubes coming out of the top. It reminded me of the machine in the Fantastic Four reboot that was also used to get to another parallel universe. All I remember is seeing it, acknowledging that once I got to the other universe that there was no going back. unless the other universe had a machine that functioned the same as theirs. Then there was a flash.

I was in a parallel universe, but it looked completely different. I remember waking up in a room that looked like a hotel room, in a bed. I walked out of the room to see what looked like a giant lounge. There were tables in the back, and behind them was what looked like a bar. In front of the tables were rows of recliner chairs, like a movie theater, with a giant screen. I don’t think there was a projector, I think it was an LCD panel, but it looked like a movie theater lounge. I don’t remember exactly what was playing, but I had the feeling of arousal, so I would assume it was some sort of pornography. The whole vibe of the room seemed sexual, but I didn’t pay attention to anyone in the room. Along the walls of this lounge we’re doors leading to other hotel rooms, I went into a few. That was the first environment I saw.

This parts a little fuzzy. Somebody had spoken to me after I had left the room. I had gotten the understanding that the place I was in was like a group home in a sense. It was for entertainers (like Youtubers) to live and collaborate. I kind of ignored the person talking and started looking into other rooms.

After I left this main entertainment lounge, I went outside. The city reminded me of the city in The Fifth Element. There were stairs leading down to stores. A marketplace. Me and someone else (I don’t remember who I was with) went to go get something to eat. We went to this restaurant that looked like a donut shop. There was a counter to pay, a glass display right next to the counter, a dispenser that looked like a soda machine but it dispensed food, and then there were tables and chairs. It was a small area. The place was littered in what looked like an alien language, but was probably just the language they spoke. It was a futuristic looking language, reminded me of a language from Star Wars. I went to grab what looked like a cup from a froyo shop and dispensed the food. The person I was with called it rice. It was a bunch of colorful rice-shaped gelatin. I didn’t get to taste it because I dropped it. The floor was covered in the stuff. The person I was with apologized to whoever was behind the counter and rushed me out of the store. After that I woke up.

This dream has stuck with me. I still think about it. It’s been a week since I’ve had this dream. I’m really starting to believe that dreams are just glimpses into alternate realities.