Tron: Legacy


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Did you guys enjoy Tron: Legacy ?

I guess those who saw the first one enjoyed this new one much more. Most of my friends didn't understand why I enjoyed Legacy so much. I told them it was the nostalgia factor, but they didn't seem to understand what I meant.

What do you think ? :)
I really want to see this, but I don'tknow if the new little one will allow me anytime......I think I may have to wait until it comes to Redbox.


It was a hell of a pinball game, waaay back then.

I'll probably see the new one on DVD, eventually.


It's a good and entertaining movie, but a bit too stereotyped. Let's just say you don't need to be "gifted" to predict most of the movie's scenes, and so the finale! I haven't seen the first one though, so I suppose it must be a lot cooler with the nostalgia factor! I'll try to rent the first, I might like better the second one ;) !
I haven't seen either Tron film, should I see the old one before seeing the new one, or would it not matter? I was sort of waiting for it to come out on Blu Ray, does anyone know when the release date for that is? Or is it already out?
It should be out around April, that's what I found. I think you'd be better to rent the first one before seeing the second one!! Definitely! ;)
Can't wait to see it, am even going to buy the DVD rather than download it, not that I would download any media of any sort from anywhere, at any time.. ever

good to see this place still going after all this time Numenorean7, even got all of the old posts, n1..