UFO over Neverland Ranch: More witnesses come forward


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UFO over Neverland Ranch: More witnesses come forward

Michael Jackson's passing appears to even be attracting the attention of extraterrestrials. Last week our resident ufologist Michael Cohen received an email from a man claiming to have seen a luminous green UFO hovering over Neverland Ranch the morning after the day Jackson died.

Since putting out this story we have received about a dozen other emails claiming to have seen UFOs over Neverland in the last week. Some witnesses describe glowing lights while others claim to have seen out and out flying saucers.

One grieving Michael Jackson fan claims to have seen the same glowing green light we originally reported along with another friend. Her (slightly edited for grammatical errors and text message-style abbreviations) email states that:

'Just read your post on the UFO over Neverland after doing a search, I am certain I saw that same UFO. Myself and a devastated friend decided to drive past Neverland Friday morning as a way of paying respects to MJ's achievements when we too saw a glowing green light above the area. The UFO lingered for a few minutes and then seemed to vanish. My friend joked that it might be an alien spaceship that had come to see what's happening and I kind of ignored her until I read the post. The world just lost a precious treasure, perhaps he has now gone to a better place'.

Linda Thomas, LA

We realise some of these emails are wind-ups but others may well be real. One can only guess what role aliens are playing in the whole Michael Jackson saga as well as his passing.

'Perhaps visiting aliens are merely shaking their heads in dismay at the whole circus, realising how little hope humanity has of ever really making it and joining any universal community' noted our resident UFO expert Michael Cohen. Source: allnewsweb.com