Unexplained Artifacts


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Unexplained Artifacts

I have been reading on these lately and the more I look, it seems the more of these I keep coming across. Some of these objects can be easily compared to others, like the spark plug one, and don't leave much open for debate. I am going to see if I can find some of the current locations of these objects and get recent pictures if possible. I also seen a possible explanation for these objects which would sound like time travel but am not sure if it is really possible, maybe someone with more knowledge would like to critique it. However I find these objects fascinating and can't think of a good reason why some of them are where they are, unless it's just good ole BS. Anyhoot, here are some of the better links I saved about these things, I hope someone finds the read as interesting as I. I didn't see other topics posted in this sub-section about, so if there are, please let me know and I will remove this thread and post my comments accordingly.

Couple of sites with known artifacts<>

Possible explanation?
Re: Unexplained Artifacts

I remember seeing a show that talked about the ancient battteries a while back. It's intresting to think of all the knowledge that may have been lost through time.