Video: ‘Grey Alien’ Shows Up Outside Man’s Bathroom, Makes Bubble Sounds


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Apr 20, 2011
Oxnard, Calif. — A man on Monday released footage of what he thinks could be a “grey alien” peeking through the bathroom’s window of his home in Southern California.

Oxnard Transit Center portal in Ventura County. Credit: Fettlemap CC BY-SA 3.0

The Oxnard resident, whose name wasn’t made public, said he was washing his face after shaving when he noticed the alleged entity.

“I noticed through the mirror something was looking at me. Every time I turned around to see it directly, it would lower the head,” he reports.

The man, who reported the incident to the Mutual UFO Network, said he knew the being wasn’t human and was afraid to go outside to investigate.

“So every time I turned my back away from the window right the mirror the image would appear. I tried to turn fast enough to catch it, but it would move. So I got an idea and had to face my back against the window and the camera off the mirror, and pretend like I was finishing up my face cleaning. And it reappeared… I was able to get the reflection off the mirror.”

The 15-second-long video shows a shirtless man holding an older iPhone 4 as he videotapes what appears to be a white ghostly humanoid shape moving outside the restroom’s window. The purported peeping “alien” can be seen hiding and reappearing multiple times.

The “entity” turns its round, white head as the man captures it on camera. Credit: MUFON

The Californian claims he didn’t think of the anomaly being a grey alien until recently, when he reviewed this video purported to be taken in 2013.

“Maybe I’m wrong and it’s something else. I hope the video is good enough for the world to see,” he explains, adding that he has come face to face with these creatures before and that they communicated with him using a language that sounded like “popping bubbles”.

“One day the world will hear my story and see my videos,” he said.

The city of Oxnard, located in Ventura County, has a population of 204,000 and is part of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Last June, a newspaper deliveryman in Sarasota, Florida, released similar footage he had captured at a cemetery.

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