Walking Sign of the Times


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Walking Sign of the Times

I wanted to share my experiences with you all and thought it would do me good to write it again. My UFO experiences started after I was healed from cancer and my fathers death and a divorce. During my treatment in my high school years I found God and was on the verge of death. I use to watch the news and weep about kids being murdered and was deeply into comic books. I remember praying to God to be a superhero to help take the pain off the Earth after seeing a little girl named Haley on the news who was stomped to death by her father and buried in the backyard. Puking and losing hair and salivating in a bucket it was definitely a shamanistic death. What I call a chemical crucification. I had dreams of a shaman visiting me during treatment and later entered remission and have been healed for over 13 years now. Shortly after my father passed away and I went through a divorce with an Italian woman whose family was in the mafia. They tried to kidnap her from my home the day of the wedding. They forced us to divorce. Between this and losing my father and my stint with cancer. I started to experiment with the Occult and went into heavy metal party mode living on the edge like the trickster fool.

During this time I began to see UFOs with friends and family. One time a policeman even came to my neighborhood and told us to go inside that we weren't allowed to look at the stars. During this time I was messing with all sorts of Occult books and doing spells and never hurt anyone or sacrificed puppies or anything but read anything I could get my hands on like Dr. Frankenstein. Trying to figure why I had this calamity in my life. Why my father died. I was a quiet young meek boy and didn't really become an asshole until after all the calamity in my life. Doing better on that now in my middle thirties. I attracted a lot of bullies in high school and my dad was physically and mentally abusive as well. Life was already hard and throwing in UFO sightings and seeing weird beings sent me further over the edge.

Many of the sightings luckily I saw with witnesses. Which certainly helped me not think I was completely loony. Friends said for some reason I was attracting these events. I can recall seeing many different types of UFOs from Black Pyramids coming out of a green orange vortex with Helicopters chasing them. To strange energetic orbs in the night sky of different colors. I saw a black sphere once floating over a vehicle I was in and also an orange rusty type sphere floating over an intersection I was walking down. From some craft I would see a golden ball of light come down towards us to examine us on some level. At one point some type of government agency monitored me and my home. I saw a helicopter with a man in a soldier's outfit in a vehicle that appeared to be a helicopter without blades that made no sound. He was in the cockpit and waved at me and a friend. For years I did not come out of my house. I became a hermit and read all I could on the subject and then made my website to try to find out more and which certainly helped talking to others to realize I wasn't completely insane. If it weren't for the other people seeing these things with me I would probably be in the asylum locked up forever to be honest. If it weren't for the host of books and documentaries and people I have met. I probably would not have made it this far down the road keeping my sanity.

Now to get into the being sightings. I have seen beings of light that looked like angels. Beings that were very serpent like that must have been the reptilians. The reptilian ones are the ones I have the most trouble forgetting about and shook me up the most. At the time I thought they were fallen angels and maybe that is what they were. They kept telling me in my head to write and to sing and that they loved me. Sometimes I feel like if I just think about them they know it. Even to this day some sort of connection still exists. They reminded me in appearance of the Mayan Gods you see on Mayan cave wall paintings. Strange and terrifying and beautiful all at the same time. I also saw small beings in black robes standing around a black box in the woods. Once at night when I looked out my window I saw beings standing by a telephone pole. One had the head of a dragon or a mask on and one was a beautiful blonde haired lady and the other was a man playing a flute sitting indian style levitating. I will never forget these beings it scared the hell out of me so much I didn't appreciate them like I do now. Now I wish I could see them again and again. But I have not only in whispers of memories and sometimes in dreams or visions. I still see a UFO occasionally but nothing like those from days of old.

I do not understand why it happened to me. But I do think when I prayed the prayer to be a super hero to be more than I was to end the pain in the world during my chemotherapy that God opened my eyes and showed me around a little bit. I got more than I bargained for. Here I am now running my site, struggling to write a book about it all and thanks to Jeremy Vaeni interviewing others who are well known about these subjects at my website. Which is a dream come true! I could use an editor if you haven't noticed. lol. Going to college for that now in hopes of sprucing up my skills. I have a great woman in my life now and have a child on the way which just surprised the heaven out of me cause I thought I could not have children. Hoping for an indigo child. This is my tale. I am a walking sign of the times as we all are. Specially those who have witnessed similar strange events. I believe we all hold a piece of the puzzle and together we can make the mystery become whole through sharing and discussing these tales.