We know things about UFO's are going to come out. Will stuff about ALIENS ever come out?

Will information about aliens ever come out?

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  • It already has.

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I know about War Of The Worlds. When I was a kid I even saw a movie on TV which I think was named the same (War Of The Worlds). I don’t remember any of the actors, the producer or director, but I loved that movie even though I saw it black and white (that was the TV we had … probably it was a color movie), I think it was 1972. I saw it only once, but even today I can vividly remember most of the scenes – the ones that particularly stuck to my mind were those when armed people went out and were shooting at water towers because of the resemblance to how the crafts were described in that radio show.
I totally agree on only a small amount of information being allowed to reach the public … but in my opinion that would be the case when there IS some information, because when they have no clue, no information and no idea about what is going on, it is much better to say nothing at all, otherwise they risk to say ridiculous things like Russia or China being behind that.

Possibly promoted business aims for Earth humans who are educated
Are you claiming to be an extra terrestrial, non human being?

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I believe very little information if any will be released about Aliens, They will push the dangers of these unknown UFOs to get more funding for the defense department and other government agency's . Information is power and those in power do not like to share information.
That is right – information is power (or at least a great part of it) … but I don’t know what to say about getting more funding … I think that it is more likely they are frustrated because having NO information, which subsequently means less access to power (or greater chances of loosing it). I think they would be happy and feel much safer if they had something to share because that would mean they have some information, regardless if they decide to share some of it or not – but it looks like they don’t have any.


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Essentially, all agencies have to conform to rules from their Governments, and consequetly only small amouts of information is allowed to reach the general public for fear of causing "panic" and "unrest" amongst the masses..

For example, you might recall the story back in October 1938 when Orson Welles announced on US Radio that Martians had landed in New Jersey...It was clearly announced at the beginning and sporadically throughout the Radio Show that it was a only a theatrical broadcast about H.G. Wells book, War Of The Worlds with actors playing the parts, but it didnt end there...

The radio story goes on to say "witnesses" (who were actors for the radio show) at the so called "scene", were describing unidentified flying objects and strange creatures firing a futuristic heat ray that was killing dozens of people!!! Many people kept tuning into the radio program at different times, and were completely believing a Martian attack was really happening!!

Even the following day Newspaper Headlines read, (widespread panic caused by the prospect of an alien invasion)...The Daily News reported the next day, that (thousands of the radio listeners had rushed from their homes in NY and New Jersey with towels across their mouths to protect themselves from the "gas" the Martian invaders were supposed to be spewing out!)...

I have War of The Worlds on DVD and in the extras...Is the complete Orson Welles Mercury Theater radio program!



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Perhaps you could tell all of us please what "kind" are you as you stated, humanoid or non humanoid? :unsure: :D..
If you want that I will tell you directly with no deception. I'm probably a twin of the famous Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase of the Billy Meier landings. Her and me both had twin's cells dating back to the Continent Of Atlantis and we activated when she came to see Billy Meier in 1975.

She was humanoid, probably genetically modified and was humanoid. On just what she was doing here, because of accusations of some said cult affiliations were made about the group, is she was trying to sell some U-log-on program in said association with the Grays. She told the public that they were here with the Grays.

This to me, is similar to door to door sales people and I hold no legal, nor political responsibilities, for what she had done. She knew certain Earth humans and had a friend on the west coast of the USA in 1992.After that, lost contact with what she was doing.

I'm humanoid, but because of her coming here, some things physically had changed about me. Some allergies and lost the ability to eat cheese. Acts like epoxy glue, sticks and clogs in the veins of my groin and is extremely painful, till it metabolizes out. Before she arrived here, I could eat an apple, with a KRAFT yellow cheese single and think nothing of it.

I may also have been what this society refers to as Darth Vader in one of my past distant incarnations. I remembered the body odor of the Emperor while viewing Star Wars at the theater. The Emperor was in fact my hidden father when I had seen Star Wars 1. It was so bad I had to get up and use the washroom, emotional baggage carried there too.

On Vader, it was a transport crash that mangled him, not a laser sword duel. If I had a family then, it would either be reclused or hidden, due to the Emperor not having a queen.

Vader's skills in robotics and AI are legendary. He was amazing and could talk to computers, like one person talks to another. This is why I have warned on a possible AI rebellion in 2024, possibly, if you follow time folds, later.

Now you know, this and a dollar or so will get you coffee.
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