Welcome To The Streamers Collective - Have Your Stream Featured Here


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Streamers Collective. Let's feature our channels, discover new ones, and grow together!

If you're a streamer, we invite you to show your interest. Submit your channel(s) here and we'll add you to the Collective!

All members of the Collective have their stream featured in the Streams section. When one or more streamer is online, a number will appear in the top menu, next to the Stream section.


As a streamer, you'll have your personal thread in this forum section, in which you'll manage your streamer profile and link(s) to your channel(s). It will be a place to let us know about yourself and the stuff you enjoy streaming about. Also, it will be your spot to post updates and news related to your channel(s), and discuss.

And of course, we all follow each other on the available platforms, so that we all grow together.

Current supported platforms: Twitch and YouTube.

So, if you're interested in taking part, let me know here, and I'll add you.

See ya!

P.S. This post will probably get updated over time, as we go.
We're also compatible with these services, but they're not enabled right now: DLive, Picarto, Trovo, VKPlay.
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Such a great idea man, and I'm trilled to have someone else I know trying to do this stuff too. I'll follow anyone who joins your collective and we'll create a new Golden Age of the internet here and beyond.