What are your belief systems?


Jul 25, 2013
He also didn't do crap to prevent or stop the holocaust.
How many planets are out there with life? How many humans are on this one alone? God isn't human. What does he (it?) actually see? How does he think? It would take one hell of a management system, you know? Thousands of planets....billions of people (creatures).

Spirits...saints...whatever you want to call them, intervene sometimes when asked. I feel that they help "manage" all these people.

If they stopped all bad things, this would be heaven on earth, would it not? Christianity states that Jesus will come and do just that --- later. We have to learn our lesson. Jesus could have saved himself from the cross, but because of our evil ways, we lost him. We lost a good thing. So, he sacrificed himself to show us what life is like without him. And when we finally destroy ourselves, by our own faults, he's going to come and change it all back.