What Did Stephen Hawking Mean When He Said Trump Could Turn Earth Into Venus?


THE member
Mar 29, 2018
He was scare mongering like many leftists do. I do not believe man is the cause of global warming*.

*I do however believe man is responsible for many harmful things earth has to cope with. For example, smog / plastics / nuclear waste / waste in general / general pollution. (I mean we raised the earth's natural radiation levels during nuclear testing during the 50's and 60's.)

I do believe global warming is happening, but it's something we haven't contributed to. For example there are other planets within our solar system that exhibit the same warming Earth is going through, or how many scientists who dare go against the norm and claim something that goes against the narrative are ostracized from scientific circles or even threatened to be quiet. Or how about Al Gore and people like him to are so quick to jump on the Global Warming wagon but are some of the worst offenders? (I.e., Al Gore the "father" of Global Warming claims to take public transportation to save the environment, but then has a fleet of Mercedes driving behind the buss with his luggage!)