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Last night i went to bed and was eager to Astral travel - This is my Story

I have been reading your posts on how to astral travel and figured that i should try it for myself. I was really excited and eager to try it. As I lay down flat on my back I got totally relaxed and focused my attention on my ceiling. As I got calm and relaxed I closed my eyes and chanted a mantra of LA RA SS.

As I chanted I got a cold feeling (but not too cold) and tried to move my astral body out of the physical one. As I did this my heart started to beat uncontrollably fast (It felt as if I saw a Werewolf!) and I got scared because it felt as if I was lifting up, even though I stayed on my Bed. I then got scared and left the whole process.

Was this normal or was it just my imagination?

Please reply!!!!