??? What Is Gravity ???


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Here are some for my notes on Gravity
??? What Is Gravity ???
  • Does Gravity Push, or does Gravity Pull ?
  • Newton and Einstein didn't Know !
  • They Spoke Out, and Told Us So !
  • So does Gravity Push, or does Gravity Pull ?
*In 1667, Newton mathematically deduced the nature of gravity, demonstrating that the same force that pulls an apple down to earth also keeps the moon in its orbit and accounts for the revolutions of the planets.

... Newton openly stated that he had no idea what gravity actually was. All he knew was that it had to be caused by something.

The idea that a body may act on another through the vacuum of space over huge distances "without the mediation of anything else ... is to me so great an absurdity that I believe no man can ever fall into it Gravity must be caused ... but whether this agent be material or immaterial I have left to the consideration of my reader."
Consider ...

Which Things Push,

and Which Things Pull,

in our Universe.

We know, objects near the earth Experience an Accelerating Force.
The force averages 32 feet per second, per second.
If an analogy works, Use it !

But, when your analogy no longer explains good, repeated observations, it is time to move along.
If a dynamic ether could be shown, could it be the causal force of gravity ?
"This is the 'Space Age' Man ! We Know Better !!!"
  • An Attractive Force! — Who did the experiment that "Proves This"!!!
  • Weightlessness! — If the Space Shuttle Lost Its Weight, it wouldn't stay in orbit ! ===> No Weight; No Inertia ! ===> No Forward Momentum ! ===> Fall Down, Go Boom !!!
  • Zero Gravity / Micro-Gravity — Gravity is ALWAYS THERE !!!
    Just because You Think You Don't Feel It, doesn't mean its not there !!!
The Space Shuttle Stays in Orbit because ...
It is in a Balanced State of "Free Fall".

For every foot it falls toward the earth because of the accelerating force of gravity, Inertia, moving in a straight line, moves the Space Shuttle one foot further away from the earth. That is why it needs to be moving so fast to stay in orbit. And, the faster it travels, the higher the orbit needs to be inorder to maintain stability. {Do The Math — Know the Science }


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"Gravity Dimension"
by Charles A. Yost
Proceedings of the
Denver, Colorado, USA
April 16–18,1993

No one has measured the speed of gravity. Tom Van Flandem, Ph.D., (astronomy), wrote an article "On the Speed of Gravity," that appeared in Galilean Electrodynamics. Dr. Flandem reminds us that in order to satisfy classic orbital mechanics and to assure the stability of the solar system, that the speed of gravity must be at least 10 billion times faster than the speed of light! If the speed of gravity were any slower, the solar system would be unstable. He also cites Eddington (1920), who was of similar mind. Peter Beckmann, in Einstein Plus Two, notes that LaPlace in 1785 calculated that gravity had to be at least 100 million times faster than the speed of light (page 165). In short, gravity is instantaneous. This raises some interesting questions about atoms.

At the atomic level, gravity is minuscule. In the atom, gravity is 40 orders of magnitude smaller than the electrical force. It is impossible to say under this circumstance if gravity exists as a separate entity at the atomic level, or if it is a resulting, innate part caused by charge separation. Classically, gravity is always associated with mass. The subatomic particle has a measure of mass, although it is measured using its own electric and magnetic properties. The gravity factor is assumed to exist with the charges and their mass. This sets up the suspicion of a connection between electricity and gravity.

If gravity has a nearly infinite velocity, and if it is a constituent of every atom, we can hypothesize that every atom has instant communication with every other atom. The communication would be through a dimension in the atom that we can only recognize as, and call, "gravity." If this is so, then gravity needs to be recognized as a fundamental dimension with properties of zero time, and having instant spatial connection with all other atoms in our three-dimensional world. In effect, this is a kind of structural coordinate to any part of the universe. Perhaps someone with the necessary physics and mathematical background can evaluate this hypothesis.

It seems that "gravity" may be a legitimate dimension in the same sense as we consider length, time, mass, and charge as dimensions. "Gravity" is at the seat of every atomic mass and thereby exists only in association with electric and magnetic forces. If gravity is one of instant information transfer in another dimension, its relationship to electric charge in our 3-dimensional space-time world is going to be much different than gravity field distortion.


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Experimental Results Dispute Newton's Gravitation Constant

A Russian physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced experimental data that may topple one of science's most cherished dogmas that Newton's constant of gravitation, famously symbolized by a large "G", remains
constant wherever, whenever and however it is measured.

Mikhail Gershteyn, a visiting scientist at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and his colleagues have successfully and experimentally demonstrated that the well-known force of gravitation between two test bodies varies with their orientation in space, relative to a system of distant stars.

The idea that forces on bodies may vary relative to the orientation of distant stars has a powerful historical precedent in "Mach's Principle", a term Einstein coined in 1918 for the theory that eventually led him to his biggest breakthrough general relativity.

Swing a bucket of water at the end of rope and centrifugal forces pull it up and away. These forces result from the combined gravitational pull of all the distant stars and planets, Austrian physicist Ernst Mach wrote.

Any change in the orientation of heavenly bodies would affect forces on matter everywhere, so powerful is their combined effect. The idea that G may change with respect to the way a body is positioned relative to the rest of the universe is simply an example of Mach's adage: matter out there affects forces right here.

Newton's gravitational constant G changes with the orientation of test masses by at least 0.054 per cent, according to Gershteyn's experiments, a remarkable and unprecedented finding that has landed his paper on the subject in the journal Gravitation and Cosmology.

"The existence of such an effect requires simply a radically new theory of gravitation, because the magnitude of this effect dwarfs any of Einstein's corrections to Newtonian gravity." Isaac Newton first described G in 1687 as a fundamental component of his universal law of gravity.

Two masses, Newton said, attract one another with a force proportional to their mass that falls off rapidly as the bodies move farther and farther apart. Albert Einstein later used G in his own field equations that fine–tuned Newton's original laws.

The constant G puts precise limits on gravity's attractive force and appears in equations that describe any gravitational field, whether the field is between planets, stars, galaxies, microscopic particles or rays of light.

Centuries of measurement have firmly fixed the value of G at 6.673 X 10–11 cubic meters per kilogram per square second.

If G varies under any circumstances, scientists would have to rewrite virtually every physical law and a long–accepted feature of the Universe isotropy, or the condition that a body's physical properties are independent of its orientation in space.

Gershteyn and his co–workers lay an extraordinary and very interesting claim which if proven true would change our view of the universe, Lev Tsimring, a research physicist with the Institute for Nonlinear Science at the University of California San Diego, told UPI.

The experiment, he said, would seek to detect gravitational anisotropy — the condition that the attractive force between bodies would vary with respect to their spatial orientation, not their separating distance.


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Volume 7, Issue 22 — March 8,1967
© 1967, American Education Publications
New investigations into gravity throw sizable doubt on Einstein's Theory of Gravity.

Faithful readers of SCIENCE and MATH WEEKLY know a great deal about the big new experimental push against the mysteries of gravity. They also know that there was practically no serious experimentation between Newton and the present day. Results have come sooner than anyone expected. Last January Dr. R.H. Dicke of Princeton rocked the world of physics with experimental evidence that Einstein's theory of gravity (General Relativity) did not correct an effect long observed in the behavior of the orbit of Mercury.

Mercury moves quickly around the sun in an elliptical path, like a horse running around a racetrack. This race track (orbit) is also slowly swinging around in space. It is this slow turning, only about 1,000" of arc per century, that causes all the trouble. We can attribute the swing to the pulls of the planets, but when the homework is all in, we can account for only a part of the 1,000" ' There is a big fat 43.1' not accounted for.

Einstein's gravity theory was hailed and accepted when it exactly accounted for the 43.1". But now Dicke has found that the sun is not spherical It has a slight bulge around the equator. This bulge also helps move the racetrack around. The unexplained error is now about 39 of arc. A small amount, perhaps, but larger than the limits of our observations and computing abilities.

A new theory of gravity must now be sought. Readers of SCIENCE and MATH WEEKLY will know that there are many alternate theories available. The problem is to choose the right one.

Dr. Hill of Wesleyan University (Conn.) is now conducting a similar experiment to see how much the sun's mass deflects starlight passing near the solar body. The results (due in a year or two) may also rock our confidence in a part of Einstein's picture of gravity.

Despite statements in almost all books, attempts to measure this gravitational deflection of starlight by photographing stars near the sun during a total eclipse have been failures. The efforts of measurement have been as large as the effect sought. It is improper to say the eclipse pictures provide any proof for Einstein.


Temporal Engineer
So while everyone else is being told theories on what gravity is. I decided to just use facts instead. Actual measurements do show time flows at a slower rate within gravities influence. So controlling the amplitude of gravity would illicit a control on the flow of time. I believe it's these simple little facts that led to a coverup of what gravity is. So if you are not taught the truth, it's unlikely that you would be able use knowledge that you don't have. Only a very inquisitive few would ever discover the truth. And whoever is controlling the knowledge that we are taught just might be behind the murders of those few that do find out for themselves. But I believe that time travel technology will eventually expose the murderous perpetrators. No criminal organization will be safe from a time traveling police force.


Time Travel Professor

I like your comments on gravity. Now expand on time and space - Only a very inquisitive few would ever discover the truth.


Temporal Engineer
I am not a believer in time being connected to space. I haven't' been able to elicit any experimental physical dimensional changes in length. Yet there are locations all over the planet showing length is a modifiable phenomena. Mostly all of them have one thing in common. Objects seem to roll uphill. They are attributed to gravitational anomalies. But no real definitive proof on what is actually causing the phenomena. I live a couple hour drive away from one such location. It's called the Mystery Spot. I took my camera when I went for a visit. I have actual pictures of a visible height change that takes place. You can visit this on the web. But actually visiting the Mystery Spot is an experience you will never forget. Lots of debunkers try to explain this away. I have yet to see an explanation on how my camera was tricked into recording the changes in height that take place.

Around 6 years ago I did elicit a phenomena related to time. In my Tesla coil experiments I discovered a gravity like force was present when I mounted a Bismuth disk to the output electrode of my Tesla coil. It works with other metals too, but with more visible action when using Bismuth. You may have seen the small video I posted of wooden objects attracting each other when exposed to the gravity like field coming from the Bismuth disk on my Tesla coil. So naturally I was curious to see if a gravity field changing in intensity would elicit a change in the flow of time. So I built a low voltage triangle wave generator with a variable frequency output. I connected the voltage output to a transformer which boosted the voltage to around 100 volts. The output of that transformer was connected to a large coil of wire. I experimented with the coil size and finally settled on a 16 inch diameter coil. I used an accelerometer sensor to detect the presence of the gravity field. I varied the frequency of my triangle wave generator till I detected the presence of a gravity field. Around 40 kilohertz. I think that is one of the magic frequencies. But now that I had a low voltage gravity field generator I was ready to see if I could experimentally alter the flow of time. All I had to do was vary the amplitude of the gravity field in repeating cycles. So I actually did it. I fed the triangle wave generator output into one leg of an opamp. And a ramp wave into the other leg of an opamp. The ramp wave was run at a very low frequency. You could actually count the ramp cycles as they occurred. So anyway I'm watching the output of what was happening on my scope using my accelerometer sensor. Something was happening on the scope that was not expected. As the amplitude of the gravity field increased, the frequency of the triangle wave increased. Time was being sped up in repetitive cycles with each ramp wave pulse. Everything was working according to plan. At least I thought so. I decided to turn off the ramp wave part of the circuit. But that didn't stop the rhythmic pulses of time speeding up and slowing down of the triangle wave. I could definitely see on the scope that the amplitude of the gravity field was no longer increasing in amplitude. But the frequency of the triangle wave continued to oscillate up and down. Now I was beginning to become a little alarmed. I tried turning off all my equipment to see if I could turn off this time wave phenomena that I had initiated. But when I turned my equipment back on, the time wave was still present. I was starting to become a little scared of what I had done. I turned off all equipment and left my lab hoping the phenomena would dissipate on its own. I was relieved to find out the next day that the time wave had stopped. Unfortunately I didn't write down the exact frequencies the triangle wave generator and ramp wave generator were set to. And subsequently I was unable to duplicate the effect after that. But I can still get the generator to change its frequency by using the ramp wave generator. So I am accessing the time direction connected to gravity. But at the time I had no real direction to pursue as to how to incorporate the ability to access time into a working time machine.

Last year I started to rework what I had found out about gravity into something usable that everyone could understand. Gravity produces weight. The direction of that weight is inward or towards the center. Centrifugal force produces weight too. But the direction of that weight is outwards, or away from the center. Centrifugal force is the only force capable of nullifying the gravity force. When both forces are in balance with each other, a weightless condition prevails. So centrifugal force actually appears to be anti gravity. So there must be a way to make an anti gravity field generator as well. Yup, I did make one of those too. I call it a Lorentz force field generator. It makes a repulsive field that causes objects to repel each other. But the Lorentz force field generator works with magnetic fields that continuously change in amplitude. But basically it makes a negative weight field. I got to thinking about that. A negative weight object has outward vectors and a positive weight field has inward vectors. Placing these two fields next to each other would cancel between the objects, but the force vectors on the opposite sides of the objects would add together. The objects together would be in a weightless state that would want to accelerate through space. Once I understood this by visualizing what was happening to the weight fields, I realized this was the fabled UFO propulsion drive. Or what the scientific community refers to as the Alcubeirre drive. But I'm using electric and magnetic fields to create the positive and negative weight fields. Podkletnov is credited with producing a gravity pulse generator. He published the experimental setup he used. He has the relative motion needed between the electric and magnetic fields to produce the gravity pulse. But looking at Bob Lazar's description of back engineered gravity amplifiers, he calls it gravity and anti gravity fields. I call it weight and negative weight fields. The propulsion effect occurs when the two fields are either moved toward or away from each other along the direction of time.

Understanding that gave me an idea for a real time machine. Since I want to elicit a motion through time instead of space, I need to move these two weight fields either toward of away from each other along the direction of their amplitudes. I already know I can change the flow of time using just one weight field. And other experimenters have encountered the altering of the flow of time with experiments in torsion fields. But no one even suspects that there are positive and negative time fields that can be accessed using the two weight fields. I don't even know if this is true at present. But I will soon. I have a very low powered device on my work bench to test out my idea. It's almost complete. I'm still working out a few assembly glitches. I don't think I'm the first person to make one of these machines. And this is just an experimental prototype to see if the idea is sound.


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Theory of Gravity and Super Space

If we view the true nature of gravity waves as being faster-than-light speed waves and being interconnected to three dimensions of space and time. In Newton's constant: gravity and mass could be independent from one another. Though gravity waves cannot be shielded by any known substance or dimensional mass, it acts on and against all substances and dimensional masses including bending light waves and drawing planets to stars.

“The fact that the nucleons possess both inherent and orbital components of angular force. Such force fields, in fact, account for a significant movement within the atom itself, or it’s many sub-structures and components are the binding force found in all of nature." In other words, how strange it is that gravity waves passes right through us, yet, at the same time, pulls on our very human substance.

Dewey Larson work states: Each unit of space there is a unit of time and that space and time constitute motion and that motion is the primary causation of creation. His second concept is that space and time uniformly progresses outward from each physical atom; thus, light waves in the form of photons is a simple oscillation, being carried outward by the natural scalar waves in a expanding space and time continuum. Space and time interact to create all known and unknown particles and waves, but that space is but a singularity of which in turn creates a three-dimensional time and space.

The reason we have three dimensions of space and time lie in how Gravity works. Einstein explained gravity in space-time: time speeds up in the presence of large three-dimensional super masses (black holds). Based on this effect of three-dimensional mass traveling through super space at the speed of light, and that the time reference of an object can be determined by the volume of it’s space the object takes up and by its over all large mass.

The rearranging of Newton’s Law of Gravitation and Newton’s Second Law of Motion can be used to determine the gravitational acceleration at any given distance from a gravitational source such as a planet or star. The acceleration of gravity is comparable to the gravitational field established by the mass of that planets and stars.

Next, we can also analyze and understand gravitational and Super Space in motion, using a piece of heavy string or wire placed out in three dimensional space and time. Black holes are solutions to the Einstein equation; therefore string theories that contain gravity also predict the existence of black holes. But string theories give rise to more interesting symmetries and types of matter than are commonly assumed in ordinary Einstein relativity. So black holes and Gravity are more interesting to study in the context of string theory, because there are more kinds to study. Like the Kerr black holes that spin on a horizon shaped rings.

The mass of the Black Hole is about three times the Sun’s mass and its whole mass is then squeezed together into a sphere the size of a baseball. The gravitational field and the warping of Space and Time associated with a Black Hole very well may approach infinity. In other words, if antigravity was possible and that black holes could really be holes torn in the fabric of the time and space continuum containing no matter whatsoever (Steven Hawkins).

"Since the dynamic interaction field arising through gravitational coupling is a function of both the mass and proximity of two relatively fast moving bodies, then the resultant force field is predictably maximized within the nucleus of an atom due to the relatively high densities of the nucleons (photon and neutrons). Under a new modified Super String Theory of strings does not predict that the Einstein equations are obeyed exactly. String theory adds an infinite series of corrections to the theory of gravity. Under normal circumstances, if we only look at distance scales much larger than a string, then these corrections are not measurable. In fact, when these corrections become larger until the Einstein equation no longer adequately describes the space and time super geometry or describe the larger results of Super Space in motion. The equations for determining the fabric of three-dimensional time and space geometry become impossible to solve except under very strict symmetry conditions, such as unbroken super symmetry, where the large correction terms can be made to vanish or cancel each other out. This is a hint that perhaps the fabric of large three-dimensional time and space is a fundamental part of the Gravity and Super Space Theory.

Then came the reality that gravity was not a function of three-dimensional large mass only, but of three-dimensional mass traveling through expanding space and time itself at twice the speed of light. On the atomic and sub-nuclear scale, Bonsons and Fermions and Anti-Bonsons and Anti-Fermions exit in spinning pairs, each member of which has the same mass and interactions. When we look that super gravity we see an extension of Einstein’s general theory of relativity in which the different kinds of elementary particle are related to one another by one or more super symmetries.

In physics, the graviton is defined as a hypothetical elementary particle that transmits the force of gravity in most quantum gravity systems. In order to do this gravitons have to be always-attractive (gravity never pushes), work over any distance (gravity is universal) and come in unlimited numbers (to provide high strengths near large spining masses). Gravitons are postulated simply because quantum has been so successful in other fields.

For instance, electrodynamics can be very well explained by the application of quantization to photons. In this case photons are being continually created and destroyed by all charged particles, and the interactions between these photons produce the sub-atomic forces we are familiar with, like magnetism.

The particles that are canceling each other out are also creating gravitational forces; these powerful neutral particles or energy waves are called neutral gravitons. When powerful charges of matter and anti-matter traveling at the speed of light collide with each other, this collision releases energy and accelerates the newly created neutral graviton to twice the speed of light instantly. The neutral gravitons are a unique case in that it is only stable within an expanding space and time, where its neutral binding field is safe from destruction because it is traveling twice the speed of light in its own safe gravitational fields.

This new modified Super String Theory with 22-dimensionals and potentially more within Super Space and gravitons traveling twice the speed of light in a three-dimensional time and space. The particles found in atoms and it’s sub-particle material structures are neutral, positive, and negative charged matter with equal number of anti-matter which make up the spectrum of 54 components of the fabric of three-dimensional Time and Super Space.

Published by: Schultz “Theory of Gravity and Super Space”, all readers will react in one of three ways, because the information is not intended for everyone. When 85% of the people reading this new “Theory of Time” will not understand the new scientific information contained within, and will say: “not interested” or “Ok”. Another 3% will try to rip the new theory apart, because this is what they do when there's a paradigm shift required in their re-thinking processes. Another 12% will take the new scientific information and create new Antigravity Machines, Time Travel Machines, and make this a better planet for the almost 7 Billion that live here.


Time Travel Professor
New Theory of Gravity

A Brief Introduction
by David W. Allan

New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel, gravitational-field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory.

One of the biggest questions that has puzzled mankind throughout the ages is how gravity works. This new gravitational theory not only explains how gravity works, but shows how errors can arise in determining the positions of space probes, in determining the mass of the earth and other planets and in determining the value of G, the universal gravitational constant. This new theory of gravity is part of a more general Unified Field Theory (UFT) that shows how all of the known force fields work together. Once understood, this new UFT explains several heretofore unexplained phenomena in nature. In this brief write up, we will only deal with the gravitational part of the UFT.

John Anderson and colleagues of NASA JPL, experts in the determination of spacecraft positioning, have published discrepancies observed in the locations of Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11 and of the Ulysses solar probe. (Anderson, 1998, Katz, 1999, Murphy, 1999) To date these discrepancies have not been fully explained. Anderson has raised the question as to whether there is a fundamental problem in our understanding of gravity or in the timing provided by the atomic clocks as part of the Deep Space Network (DSN), which tracks the space probes. The space vehicles exhibit a pull toward the sun greater than current theory would predict by about 2e-8 cm/s2.

The general model now being used to describe the gravitational field proposes that gravitational waves run transverse to the direction of propagation of the gravitational energy. As predicted by Einstein, gravitational energy would travel at the velocity of light. To date, no experiments have been able to directly measure gravitational waves or even detect them, but from the interaction of the gravitational forces between a binary pulsar pair, Professor Joseph Taylor (Princeton U.) was able to deduce Einstein's prediction that the gravitational energy travels at the velocity of light. (Taylor, 1994--Nobel prize 1993)

Currently, many hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent , and hundreds of millions are now being sought, by an international university and investigative consortium in order to continue their research into gravity waves and to unravel the mysteries of gravity. It is our hope and belief that our work will bring further enlightenment to this challenge and provide the necessary, but different, perspective needed to understand gravity. The most significant aspect of this new theory is the discovery of diallel, gravitational-field lines. These diallel lines open up a whole new paradigm and help to explain several, heretofore, unexplainable problems in physics. With a new perspective we need some new physics. Papers are in preparation for publication to explain some of this new physics, and some information is available on our web site [www.allanstime.com]

In this new theory, two things are required for gravity to work. First, two bodies of some energy density to interact with each other, and second, connecting diallel lines which provide not only particle flow between the bodies, but also the flow of photon and gravitational information as well.

In chemistry and molecular spectroscopy we take for granted the seven electron shells that describe the energy states of electrons in their various atomic and molecular configurations. These seven shells along with the number of protons, neutrons and electrons give us all of our elements and isotopes of which we are aware. As these seven shells include all the electrons’ configurations around an atom or molecule, similarly, there are seven channels or states of conductivity for the diallel lines included in the new theory of gravity and in the UFT. These diallel lines are made of the same matter, and can serve as a conduit for any and all of the fundamental particles, as well as for photons.

The diallel lines are the conduits for the gravity information as well — bringing about the interaction between the two bodies. Just as a magnetic field requires no particles to make the field, so there is no graviton required to make a gravity field. In the same way that a moving charge sets up a condition for the generation of a magnetic field, a certain set of conditions will generate a gravitational field. The minimum conditions require two bodies, each with some level of energy density, together with a flow of charged particles along the diallel lines connecting these two bodies. The moving charges and particles in the diallel lines set up the necessary condition for the gravitational information to flow between the two bodies providing the gravitational interaction. The velocity of the gravitational information is a function of the conditions – typically at or faster than the velocity of light.

The frequency of this gravitational information is located in a band just above that of the cosmic rays that are associated with particle annihilation and generation. Like light, the velocity of gravity information is dependent on local circumstances. In the same manner that photons are associated with quantum transitions and all particles exist (interactively) in quantum states, the diallel lines have quantum states in which both particles and gravitational information travel. As particles and photons can be absorbed, refracted, or reflected, so can diallel lines when given the right local circumstances. A classic illustration of the refraction or bending of these diallel lines was determined by a team from the University of Alaska, who observed the bending of electron flow above extremely energetic thunderstorm activities. As will be seen below, the equations of state describing the fields for diallel lines contain the possibility for sign reversal, i.e. anti gravity or gravitational shielding.

Some additional perspectives are useful to appreciate aspects of the new physics needed for this new theory. We have long established in quantum physics the dual nature of matter: a particle can behave like a wave. Similarly, a photon, which is basically an electromagnetic bundle of energy oscillating at a particular frequency, can also behave as a particle. The electromagnetic field associated with a photon has no charge, and its energy is proportional to its frequency. The gravitational information cannot be considered as a particle or a bundle of energy per se. Operating above the cosmic frequency band, this gravitational information is communicated in a way not heretofore appreciated. We cannot write E = hv to describe its energy, and we need a new set of equations associated with this flow of information.

In summary then, the conditions needed for the gravitational field are two objects with some energy density (not just mass) and with diallel lines running between these two energy-density objects, which diallel lines are conducting particles, i.e. electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. These diallel lines then provide a conduit for the gravitational band of frequencies to communicate and generate a gravitational interaction between the two objects. Much like our circulatory and respiratory systems breath and pulse to sustain life, so these diallel lines are the communication channels to provide (pulse and breath in analogy) a balance, harmony and the function of nature.

The traditional gravitational equation is:

The product of the masses is divided by the distance between theme squared, and "G" is the well known constant of proportionality — the universal gravitational constant. According to this equation. The acceleration of gravity that we feel on the earth is given by Gm1/r122 (= 9.8 m/s2 nominally at the surface of the earth) if m1 is the mass of the earth and m2 is mass of the person feeling the acceleration. What we feel when standing is nominally this force since we are constrained to walk about on the earth. If the material surface of the earth were not constraining us, we would then free-fall, accelerating toward the center of mass of the earth.

Given the new theory, the attraction is a function of the energy-density, which, of course, includes the mass. The above traditional equation is a subset of the new. The new equation for gravitational force replaces the masses by the integral over the density and is as follows:

It is fascinating that at C.U. where they have created new matter called Bose-Einstein condensate, the velocity of light in this condensate can be almost as slow as the velocity of sound. It would be instructive to perform diallel line experiments in conjunction with B-E condensate matter. This high-density material could lead to some interesting validations of this new UFT due to the higher energy densities present.

The work of Dr. Ning Li at the University of Alabama at Huntsville is particularly fascinating also, as she is doing high frequency work with super conductors and investigating the quantum states associated with the gravity fields. She has not yet published her full theory, and her work appears to be among the most promising. (See references below)

As the electrons travel along diallel lines, they spin clockwise in a variety of quantum states. Anti-gravity comes as a result of spinning the electrons in the opposite direction. This is like and in conjunction with the creation of anti-matter. By so doing, one gets a negative sign from the A2 term in the above equation, for example, creating an upward rather than a downward force. This is somewhat analogous to a magnetic field being used to suspend objects.

Papers are available on the UFT, and both validating experiments and theory for the above gravitational interaction are available. These papers may be obtained by request. Several experiments are planned and some now are being prepared.


Temporal Engineer

The whole house of cards falls down when it becomes apparent that mass is a fictional theory planted into our knowledge base. I don't believe in theories. Not when real facts are available to describe how our reality is put together. Just remember Kepler didn't need the concept of mass to describe planetary motion. He used real facts. And I seriously doubt Newton actually initiated using the concept of mass. But he is portrayed as doing so. Remember F = MA? I'm going to tear that equation apart with real factual observations. Tommorrow. I'm off to bed.